PDF Splitter

PDF Splitter is the best software to extract pages from PDF by specific pages or bookmarks with keeping original content and format on Windows 10/8/7 easily.

Split PDF file by every or selected range pages

Aiseesoft PDF Splitter is capable of splitting any multi-page PDF file into multiple PDF files by pages. It enables you to split the PDF file by every n page (n is the customized number as you like) to give you an average arrangement for per cutted PDF file. Also, you can define specific range page like 1, 3, 4-6, 8, etc. to split PDF to multiple PDF files at one time to meet your demands respectively.

Extract PDF pages by bookmarks

When you mark PDF document with different bookmarks for distinguishing, then you can use this PDF splitter to split PDF by bookmarks. It lets you flexibly choose the split level and customize the settings to split PDF files more efficiently, so that you can read PDF files marked bookmarks, not all PDF files to save your time greatly.

Extract PDF pages by bookmarks

Separate PDF into files averagely or specifically

If you are tired of separating pages in PDF, then you can try this mode to split PDF into files not pages with this PDF file divider. You are allowed to split all PDF pages into half to 2 files or divide PDF file averagely to several PDF files with equal page numbers. Alternatively, you are able to divide target PDF file into multiple PDF files by specific page ranges chosen. In Custom Settings window, you can click "New" to add any page of the multi-page PDF file in sequence.

Divide PDF into pages or files losslessly and safely

This PDF document splitter is powerful enough to recognize graphics, text and layout in your PDF file. So it can keep all divided PDF pages as its original layout and quality. Compared with online PDF splitter, this program guarantees you safely to split PDF on your own computer without any release of private or encrypted information.

Split Safe and Lossless
  • Mason


    I really love this PDF Splitter. It cuts my PDF with 200 pages into 5 files about 1 minute. Now I think I should get its registration to split piles of PDF files, b/c its free trial version only lets you split PDF 5 times one day.

  • Ailsa


    After I have twice tried, I succeed in splitting my 38 pages' PDF file into 3 PDF files. I download your free trial, and it also does a good job. Thanks a lot.

  • Patrick


    Hey. I make a comparison with your PDF splitter and online PDF splitter. Yours are better for high extracting speed than online. And yours can let me select pages freely, that is really useful for me. Appreciate it.

  • Timoth


    I have been using its products for years. And this PDF cutter is also very helpful for my job. I know you always take in gotd, hope you can also put this product on gotd, then I can get a PDF splitter freeware. Just waiting…

  • Blanche


    I tried many online PDF dividers to split up a PDF, but they often buffer. Just now, I download your product, and it does a great work for me. Many many many thanks.

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