Best Guide on How to Get Rid of the Alamy Watermark on Images like a Professional

You can find suitable photographic material on several web suppliers of stocks such as Alamy, whether you need it on a presentation, webpage, wallpaper, etc. Since you can download your needed material on this website, we still can't hide that it adds a watermark on the material we need. Pretty irritating, right? Who wants to have a visual media that has a watermark on it? No one does. In this type of case, you will need a dependable image watermark remover on your hand to eliminate Alamy's watermark. This article will discuss the methods you can use to make the visual media you download here clean. Follow the guide below to get the image of Alamy without a watermark within a few minutes.

Alamy Without Watermark

Part 1. Can I Use Alamy's Photos with a Watermark & How to Do it

Absolutely, yes. You can use the image with an Alamys watermark if you don't mind. So, if you don't want to go into much trouble removing it and are contented to use the image with a watermark, you must download the tool on the website right now. However, it is much better to present the chosen image as clean as possible for professional use. To teach how to get rid of the Alamy watermark, you must proceed by reading parts 2 and 3. But if you want to download an image with an Alamy watermark, you can proceed by copying the steps below.

Step 1.
Search the main website by opening your favorite web browser.
Step 2.
Type the image keyword you are looking for on the search box.
Add Keywords to Search
Step 3.
Select the image you want on the result shown on this website.
Select Image on Result
Step 4.
Click the Preview button to save the image on your device.
Download Image on Alamy

Part 2. How to Get Rid of Alamy Watermark on Images Using an Online Tool

Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online is an essential but complete watermark remover you can use to remove the Alamy watermark online. Other than the watermark, you can also remove stamps, time, date, logos, and other objects on the image to make it look better. Even though you don't have enough knowledge about removing the watermark, with this tool, you wouldn't need to have. You have full control over this watermark remover, and you can't take advantage of its AI tech detector to remove the watermark. Its performance is superior to the other watermark remover you can use on your images online.

Advantages of using the Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online:

Do you need a step-by-step tutorial to remove the watermark with this tool? You can depend on the guide below we included for you.

Step 1.
Click this Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online to open the main web remover.
Step 2.
Press the Upload Image button on the main website, search over the image file on the folder that will show, and press Open to upload it here.
Upload Alamy Image
Step 3.
Use the highlighter you want above, then trace the watermark using the brush tool.
Trace Watermark with Brush
Step 4.
After tracing the watermark with the preferred tool, click Remove. You will see that the watermark on the image is removed after the process.
Remove Alamy Watermark
Step 5.
To save the image without the watermark, click the Download button, and it will be saved on your local drive.
Download Image No Alamy Watermark

This online watermark removal feature has been integrated into the desktop software, AI Photo Editor. Now, have a free yet safe download here to access this tool to remove any image watermark.

Free DownloadFor Windows

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Part 3. How to Download Alamy Photos without Watermark

To download the Alamy photo without a watermark, you must purchase it. There is no other way to download the Alamy image without the watermark. So, to teach you the other way to have the Alamys image without a watermark, you can follow the step below. Ensure to copy them thoroughly to know how to download Alamy's photos without a watermark.

Step 1.
Please open the website by searching it over on your browser.
Step 2.
Type the image's keyword you are looking for on the search box, and then press Enter on your keyboard.
Add Keywords
Step 3.
Choose the image on the result on this site; many results will show on the website.
Choose Image
Step 4.
On the right side of the website, click what type of Standard License you want; there are different prices for each purpose, then click Buy Now.
Choose License Type
Step 5.
Add the Payment Information needed, then click Place Order and Pay. Open your e-mail account on your device and find the image you purchase on Alamy.
Add Payment Info

Part 4. FAQs on How to Remove Alamys Watermark

1. Why are Royalty-Free Licenses expensive on Alamy?

Suppose you bought an image in the Royal-free license on Alamy. In that case, you could now use it on different projects without purchasing an additional license key. On a standard license, the supports it brings on the image you purchase aren't as comprehensive as the Royalty-free.

2. Why is there a watermark on the image you download on Alamy?

The posted visual media have a watermark because the website wants to protect them, and they aren't patent-free. So if you don't like the image with a watermark, it is ideal to purchase them here and export them rather than export them for free. The cost isn't budget-friendly, but if you have enough money to purchase one, you can visit its official website and buy the image you want here.

3. Is it safe to add my card number to Alamy to purchase the image?

Yes, it is. Once you add your card information here, the website won't leak any information about your card. There is no need to worry about adding the payment method of your choice.

4. Can I refund the payment to Alamy?

No, you can't. The website doesn't allow a refund after purchasing in here. So, it is better to think of if that is the visual media you want because there is no turning back once you purchase it. You can read the terms and agreements to see the other agreements before purchasing the image.


We add that you can have the image on Alamy without a watermark with the ways. So, whatever ways you want to follow, you can successfully have the image without any marks. Suppose you don't want to get into much trouble and have money to purchase it, then you can follow the steps we add above for you. It will cost you, but you will still have the image you want without a watermark. But if you want a free way to have the image without a watermark, you must use the tool we introduce above and follow the steps. If this article helps you, kindly give us 5-stars below; we appreciate it if you do.

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