Different Approach to Remove a Watermark From GIF on Web & Offline

May 26, 2022Ashley Mae

Animated GIF produces a playful and dynamic visual that creates the best animation you can get on an image format. At times, not all of the built-in GIF generators we have on our device do have the GIF we want, and because of that, we use a tool to download the GIF we need. Though it is free to save GIFs on your drive, there is still some problem with doing it, and it leaves a watermark with the exported GIF. We know watermarks can be unpleasant in the eyes of the viewers and even you, but there are ways to remove them. So, to remove a watermark from GIF, you must keep the ball rolling and read this article to grasp the whole idea.

Remove Watermark from GIF

Part 1. Remove Watermark From GIF Using the Ultimate Software on Desktop [Recommended]

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is the ultimate desktop with an interactive interface that gives beginners and expert users a good impression. It includes the best watermark removing features you can get on a video editor on the market. Suppose you have an unwanted watermark on the GIF you have. In that case, you must pick this software to remove it immediately without losing the quality of the GIF. It is the best tool for everyone and those who want an immediate output without any question.

But what makes this software better than others? It supports a high-speed process, removing the watermark without any trace, adding a watermark, professional output, etc. It is an all-in-one video editor you must have on your desktop. To help you remove the watermark from the GIF with this tool, you can follow the steps we add below to remove the annoying watermark on the GIF you have.

Step 1:
Press the download button below, choose the right download button and choose between the two available OS. Then install the tool you download, follow the WinRaR set-up process, and click Start Now to launch.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Free DownloadFor macOS

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Step 2:
Go to the Toolbox and look for the Video Watermark Remover; click it to open.
Open Watermark Remover
Step 3:
You can upload the GIF here by pressing the + icon that will show on your screen, selecting the GIF file with a watermark, and pressing Open.
Add GIF with Watermark
Step 4:
Press the Add Watermark Removing Area to remove the watermark in your GIF.
Add Selection Box
Step 5:
To remove the watermark in your GIF, hold and drag the selection box to cover the watermark in your GIF. You can change the size of the selection box by dragging the dots.
Hold and Drag
Step 6:
After you cover up the watermark with the selection box, click the Export button, and the process will start soon. Voila! You can check the GIF on the folder that will show on your screen.
Press Export GIF


  • It is the ultimate tool for everyone who wants to remove the watermark on videos and GIFs.
  • Top-notch editing features and functions are available to make the GIF better.
  • A multipurpose tool that provides high-intensive features everyone can use.
  • Versions of it are available on Windows and Mac.


  • Downloading is necessary.
  • It is purchasable, but it is cheaper than the other watermark remover.

Part 2. Remove Watermark From GIF Using Adobe Photoshop Image Editor

Adobe Photoshop is a heavy image editing software you can use on your desktop. This tool provides image editing features you will like to use on image layering, typography, drawing, and other effects you will need to make a fantastic output. The tool isn't free to use, so if you want to try using the software, you will need to avail of its subscription fee; you can choose whether to avail on a monthly or yearly basis. It is not that cheap for its price, but if we discuss its performance at its price, it is worth it. To assist you in removing the watermark from GIF using Photoshop, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Download the official Adobe Photoshop on its website, then launch it. To open the GIF that contains a watermark, click the File on the upper section, press Open, locate the GIF file and upload it.
Add GIF Watermark
Step 2:
Once you are done uploading the GIF, go to the Lasso tool on your left side of the interface, and click it. Carefully trace the watermark that is in your GIF to remove it.
Open Lasso and Trace
Step 3:
After that, click the Edit in the upper section and find the Fill under the available options.
Edit Fill and Save
Step 4:
On the Fill settings, change the Contents into Content-Aware and ensure to un-check the Color Adaptation. Change the mode into Normal and the Opacity into 100% on the Blending mode. Click OK to save the changes if you've done what is said.
Step 5:
To save the GIF without the watermark, you can go to the File and click Save.


  • Best image editor you can get with a multitude of features and functions.
  • It can work on multiple tasks at the same time.
  • It is supported on Windows and Mac operating systems.


  • Need a high-specs and updated os version to use the software.
  • It doesn't support one-time payments.
  • The Photoshop version isn't that cheap compared to the ultimate watermark remover.

Part 3. Remove Watermark From GIF Using a Free Web Service

If you don't want to download a watermark remover on your device, you must try using the Watermark Remover Online.com. You won't need to do an extra step on downloading and installing. This web tool produces and does the same functions as the other watermark remover you can use on a desktop; other than that, it does nothing else. Performance-wise, this tool does great in removing the watermark on the GIF, but it is not the best. Even though the online tool is free to use, it supports limited image formats. If you want to remove the watermark from another image format, ensure that this tool supports it.

Nonetheless, it is free and great to use; want to know how to remove a watermark from GIF online? Then the steps will teach you how to do it in this tool.

Step 1:
Open the web tool by searching its website on your browser, then click the cloud button or you can drag and drop the GIF file here.
Open Watermark Remover
Step 2:
Click Remove watermark and wait for the converting process to take in.
Remove Watermark
Step 3:
Click Fast Download to save the GIF file with no watermark.
Download GIF without Watermark


  • Free to use, and downloading is not needed.
  • Easy and it is safe to use.
  • It automatically removes the watermark on the GIF you've uploaded.


  • It needs an internet connection to use.
  • Sometimes it fails to remove the watermark on the GIF.

Part 4. FAQs on How to Remove GIF Watermark

How to make a GIF without a watermark?

This task is relatively simple than complicated; downloading a GIF without a watermark is possible with the help of several tools. So, to make your GIF without a watermark, you can read this article that will tackle the top 10 best GIF makers you can use to create amazing GIFs easily.

Why did my GIF become lower in quality after I removed the watermark?

After removing the watermark on GIF, you should not have a degrading quality on your GIF because removing the watermark does not reduce the quality. So, if you encounter this problem, it could be hard to know how to fix it, so before you remove the watermark on the GIF, you must pick the best tool we include in this article. Choose which fits you the best that exports the GIF without losing quality.

Which is the best GIF to video converter with no watermark?

Converting a GIF format can be troublesome for many because of the low fps and quality it provides to us. You can click this link as we gathered the ten best video to GIF converters you can use to convert video to GIF or vice-versa. It will not include a watermark after you export it.


Removing a watermark from GIF is a simple task that anyone can perform with the help of the tool we mention in this article. With the three options you use, removing it will be a piece of cake task for you. So, what do you think about this article? Did it help you? If you have other queries regarding this problem, you can leave a comment below so that we can help you.

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