iFunny Watermark | Review on the Website and Guide on How to Erase It

The funniest and best memes you could ever find are already on the iFunny. Most GIFs, videos, and images exported or downloaded on iFunny leave a watermark so that other users can know where did it originate. Withal, not everyone does feel funny with the watermark cause audience tends to focus on the watermark rather than the visual. So, today we will introduce ways to remove the iFunny watermark on videos, images, and GIFs so that you can share them with others without watermark.

iFunny Watermark

Part 1. What Is iFunny

iFunny is a collective meme generator you can use to have the best and the funniest video, GIF, and image you will need. This website developed by FunCorp focuses on giving you the memes catalog on choosing what genre or type of memes you will need. Whether in animals, nature, anime, manga, movies, politics, etc. And when you export them, it will add the iFunny logo so that audience will know where it is generated.

Though iFunny is accessible to anyone, there are times that it produces a meme that is unappropriated for those under 18. And a lot of times, users do have a problem with the adult memes it provides to the audience but no need to worry; these are avoidable. Nevertheless, if your meme generator isn't effective, then you must use the iFunny and try it if you can find the meme you will need. Also, you are allowed to share your personalized memes here if you have one.

Part 2. Why There Is an iFunny Watermark

On videos, photos, and GIFs on the iFunny website, the iFunny co watermark is not being applied. But when you try to export them, it will add a watermark on them. Though you can download thousands of memes here, watermarks are always part of that meme you export. Many solutions have already been on the web, like the watermark remover. So, suppose you want to share or post an iFunny meme without its logo. In that case, you must continue reading the part below as we explain the different ways and tools you might use to remove it at ease.

Part 3. Best iFunny Watermark Remover on Videos, Photos, and GIFs to Use

Before using them, make sure that you've already exported the iFunny video, photo, or GIF you want on your desktop. Please read them carefully to know which software you should use on a specific watermark removing task you will need.

1. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate [Recommended for Videos & GIFs]

The best solution to remove the video and GIF iFunny watermark meme is the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. It is known for being the best watermark remover you can find on the market because it doesn't leave a mark on the place where the watermark once you remove it. Thousands of users already experience a high-quality output with this tool. It became a hit to remove any type's watermark on videos and GIFs. So, suppose you want to remove the logo, date stamp, name, or whatsoever on your videos or GIFs. In that case, this is our top pick for you because it works best and it lives up to anyone's expectations.

However, the software can't automatically remove the iFunny watermark, so you will need to exert a few efforts to remove it. Is it hard to do? Of course not! Suppose you don't believe what we are saying that this software is easy to use. In that case, you must try following the steps below to help you remove any watermark on your videos and GIFs completely.

Step 1:
Kindly press the download button so that you can download it on your desktop and choose the appropriate version. If you are a Windows user, click the Windows download button, but if you are a Mac, click the version it provides on Mac. After that, install the software by clicking the file and launch it to proceed.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Free DownloadFor macOS

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Step 2:
Now that you've launched the software, click Toolbox and go to the Video Watermark Remover on the list below.
Open Video Watermark Remover
Step 3:
Upload the video or GIF you export on iFunny; by clicking the plus icon that will show on your display, locate the file on the file folder, and press Open to upload it.
Upload Video to Remove Watermark
Step 4:
After uploading the video or GIF, click Add Watermark Removing Area to remove the watermark.
Remove Watermark Area
Step 5:
Place the watermark remover on the watermark to cover it up. You can also adjust its aspect ratio if it is small or too big.
Cover iFunny Watermark
Step 6:
Now that you covered the watermark, you can export the file you uploaded here by clicking the Export button.
Save Video Without Wtermark

2. Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online [Recommended for Images]

On removing iFunny watermark generator images, you can't use the ultimate software because it isn't supported. Still, you can use the Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online as a substitute. Their performance in removing watermarks is the same as the other professional watermark remover you can use on the market. This tool is free to use, and you wouldn't need to download the software on your desktop to use it. Also, it supports many image formats; uploading images here is not a problem because it supports many but not all. So, to help you remove the watermark on the image you export on the iFunny website, you can follow the indicated steps below to do it quickly.

Step 1:
You can click this link to access its official website and open the image watermark remover.
Step 2:
Press Upload Image, search the image file you download on the iFunny, and press Open to insert it.
Upload iFunny Image
Step 3:
Highlight the area with the iFunny logo on the image, and you can choose different tools available here.
Trace iFunny Watermark
Step 4:
Click Remove, then press Download to have the image without any watermark on your desktop.
Remove Watermark And Save

Good news for you. You can also access this online watermark remover offline now with its feature integrated into AI Photo Editor. Besides, the desktop tool is even better and more stable when there is no internet connection. Have a try below.

Free DownloadFor Windows

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Free DownloadFor macOS

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Part 4. FAQs on iFunny Watermark

Can I download a meme on iFunny without a watermark?

Downloading the iFunny meme will always leave a watermark on it, so you will need a watermark remover app if you want to remove it. To know what software to use you will need to read the above information.

Can I upload my memes on iFunny?

iFunny is not only a meme-generator, but you can also use this website to upload your memes here if you want to. Collection of watermarks and sharing your watermark here is what iFunny is all about.

Why is there a watermark on the meme I export on iFunny?

To help the other audience know where is, the originating of that meme is. Also, adding a watermark on the meme helps the iFunny to become more widely known. Because of a simple watermark, many users enjoy and visit the iFunny website more often than before.


Without a doubt, the iFunny watermark can be a bit annoying on some, but thanks to the website because we have the best memes we will need. So, if you want to add emotion to the message you want to send, you must try to add a meme, and you can find the best on iFunny. If you don't like the watermark included on the meme you get, then you can read part 3 as we give you ways to remove it permanently at ease. Do you have any questions? You can leave a comment below if you want to discuss it.

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