Can’t Remember iPhone Passcode: How to Reset the Device in 3 Ultimate Ways

September 20, 2023Andrew Miller

Any Apple user will recommend putting a passcode on your smartphone to prevent others from accessing your information. And with the advantage of Touch ID and Face ID, a possible occurrence is that you can forget the iPhone passcode. Without this passcode, it will be challenging to change almost anything on your phone, including Apple Pay, uninstallation of apps, and more. Of course, if you did not set Face ID or Touch ID, unlocking the phone will also be a problem. To solve this, see the given solutions in this article.

Forget iPhone Passcode

Part 1. What to Do If You Forget Your iPhone Passcode

Knowing Apple devices, unlocking an iPhone is not easy. And it becomes more difficult when there are too many attempts. The device will stay unlocked after ten attempts, which will require you to ask for help from Apple Support. This is too much work and probably costs you money, but here are some solutions to try.

Unlock iPhone with Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker

While a passcode can protect your privacy, it can hinder accessing your own device without it. But with Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker, it will be a quick process to unlock your phone. It is a cross-platform program that enables breaking 4-digit or 6-digit passcode and even removes screen time, Face ID, and Touch ID. Within a few minutes, the user will gain full control of the iPhone without any limitations. Moreover, the iPhone Unlocker provides more options to break the passcode. Indeed, it is the top solution when you forget the iPhone passcode.

iPhone Unlocker


iPhone Unlocker

  • Unlock iPhone, iPad, and iPod to access Apple features and settings.
  • Suitable for damaged screen, second-hand iPhone, and several failed attempts.
  • The device will be untraceable and undisturbed by the old Apple ID.
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Step 1:
Download the iPhone Unlocker on your computer. After following and completing the installation, launch it and click the Wipe Passcode button on the main interface. Click the Start button, and then connect the iOS device with a compatible USB cable.
Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Wipe Passcode
Step 2:
Aiseesoft will read the iPhone’s information. Confirm the device category, type, model, and iOS version. Once done, click the Start button to process wiping the passcode. The software will need to download the firmware package. Wait patiently.
Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Connect Start
Step 3:
After successfully downloading the package, click the Unlock button. Enter the provided pin, which is 0000, to confirm the action. Make sure the iPhone stays connected to the computer during unlocking. Note this process will erase all data of the device.
Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Download Firmware Package
Step 4:
Another way to unlock your iPhone once you forget the passcode is to use the Remove Apple ID option. After you click the option from the main menu, press the Start button and connect the iPhone.
Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Remove Apple ID
Step 5:
If the Find My iPhone feature is turned off, the software will remove the Apple ID directly. But if otherwise, you will need to reset the device settings and enter the passcode to confirm. Follow the prompts until everything is set. Click the Start button, and the Apple ID will be removed automatically.
Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Start Unlocked

Reset Your iPhone Passcode

What if you did not back up the iPhone to iCloud? Is there a way to recover your passcode? Definitely, yes, and as a matter of fact, it is your only option. The method is called Recovery Mode. It helps to erase data for good and make the device brand new. It requires a PC or Mac and will vary in steps for every model. See the demonstration below and look for your iPhone’s model unit.

For iPhone SE and earlier (work too for iPad and iPod Touch):

Step 1:
Turn off the device by pressing the Side button until the slider appears. Wait for a minute until the iPhone is turned off completely.
Step 2:
Place your finger on the Home button. Keep on pressing it while connecting the device to your computer.
iPhone SE Recovery Mode
Step 3:
Don’t let go of the button until the Recovery Mode is on the screen. Then, go to iTunes on the computer and choose the Restore option. It will start downloading the software.
Step 4:
Once the download is done, restart the iOS device again. Disconnect it from the computer and set up the new iPhone.

For iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6:

Step 1:
Keep pressing the side button to reveal the Power Off slider. Turn off the device.
Step 2:
Press the Volume Down button, and while doing that, connect the iOS with a USB cable to the computer.
iPhone Seven Plus Recovery Mode
Step 3:
When the Recovery Mode appears, let go of the button. Open the iTunes on the computer and click the Restore button.
Step 4:
Downloading might take 15 minutes; wait patiently. Then, turn off the iPhone again and unplug it from the computer. Restart it and set up the device.

For iPhone 8/ X and later:

Step 1:
Press and hold the Volume Down and Side buttons on your phone. When the Power Off appears, slide it to the right to turn it off.
Step 2:
Position your finger on the side button and keep pressing it while connecting the iPhone to the computer. If the passcode screen appears, turn off the device again until the Recovery Mode is on the screen.
iPhone 8 and Later Recovery Mode
Step 3:
From your computer, open the iTunes app. Select the Restore button to download the software.
Step 4:
Once down, shut down the phone and restart it. The first thing to appear should be the setup menu.

Use Find My to Erase Your iPhone

Alternatively, you can use the Find My iPhone service to reset the device when you forget the iPhone passcode. It is a simple method but requires the device to enable the Find My iPhone. This will not work if, in the first place, the device is already locked and you cannot turn on the feature. Furthermore, your phone must be synced with iCloud and connected to a stable WiFi network; then, you can use the method. But if you are unsure, at least try the following steps and see if it can solve the issue:

Step 1:
Visit on a browser and enter your Apple ID and Password. Select the Find iPhone option when you are logged in to iCloud. If you are asked for Apple ID credentials, enter and click the Sign In button.
iCloud Find My iPhone
Step 2:
From the top part of the interface, click the All Devices button, and a dropdown menu will show all the devices with the same account. Choose the device with the forgotten passcode.
Step 3:
Click the Erase iPhone button. A prompt will show up, asking for a confirmation. Choose the Erase option. Again, you must enter your Apple ID credentials and the verification code that is sent to you.
iCloud Find My iPhone Erase iPhone
Step 4:
Input your phone number, then click the Next button. Finally, you will see the message "Erase Started". Your iPhone will start showing the logo with the parameter showing the process. The device will restart automatically, and then you can start setting it up.

Part 2. How to Prevent Forgetting the iPhone Passcode

Even if you are confident with your memory, you can forget things once in a while, especially when it is only a passcode you don’t always use after Face ID and Touch ID. But smaller things matter, and you can easily erase them from your mind. So, what to do if you forget your iPhone password, and how to prevent it from happening again?

First, you will need to back up the device, and if you haven’t done it yet, do it right now. Suppose you worry about the security of the cloud, and you don’t want to store confidential files on iCloud. Then, it is suggested to use iTunes. It is more than a music app or a library of movies for binge-watching, and this is because it can back up data with encryption. It offers the service to secure any file you don’t want to be seen, including browsing history or saved passwords. But, you will need to remember the iPhone backup password. So, backing up your device will allow you to reset the passcode using Recovery Mode or Find My without worrying about deleting data.

The second thing you must do is manage all your passwords or passcodes. It can be with the Notes app or a physical note you can hide in your home. If you frequently change the passcode, prepare a paper and pen and quickly take notes. If possible, stick to one familiar set of numbers to make it easier to remember. With this, you avoid getting a headache for forgetting the iPhone passcode.

Part 3. FAQs about Forgotten iPhone Passcode

How to reset the iPhone passcode without erasing data?

The possible way to reset the iPhone passcode is to restore it with the Recovery Mode. This is one of the official ways to unlock an iPhone, and it will not erase data unless you haven’t backed it up. Follow the steps prepared by this article.

What happens to the iPhone after 10 failed attempts?

After entering ten wrong passcodes, your phone will do a factory reset and delete all data. This is automatic, so anyone with the device will not access your information. The good thing is if you already backed up the device, you can recover the data on iCloud or iTunes.

Is it possible to unlock an iPhone without a passcode or computer?

Yes. There is a Reset option from your iPhone’s settings. It will help you reset the device with only the requirement of the Apple password. It will erase everything, and you must set up the iPhone again.

What is the best alternative for iPhone passcode?

Use Touch ID or Face ID as alternatives to locking your device. But remember, a passcode is still the most important thing for an iPhone user, as it will be asked when changing almost anything on your device.

How do you unlock the iPhone when you forget the password?

Use any of the methods mentioned in this article. Note that any solution will permanently erase data, and you can’t recover any files unless you back them up on iCloud or iTunes. Surprisingly, you can reset the iPhone passcode so you can lock the device again.


Right now, there are solutions you can try when you forget your iPhone passcode. Still, it will always be advisable to use any means to back up your data so as not to lose it even after resetting the device. For an easier way to unlock a phone, Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker will be the best tool to offer. Try it for free by clicking the Free Download button.

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