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How to Fix A Scratched DVD

CD/DVD is a plastic molded disc that complies various digital data. When you get a game Blu-ray disc, you don't need to worry too much about the scratch problem. But if you collect a lot of old CDs and DVDs, you should pay more attention to this issue. DVD is more likely to get wear and tear after a few years of use. A scratched DVD usually shows bad image quality. Moreover, some scratched DVDs may turn to unusable. Besides taking good care of your DVDs, you also need to know how to fix scratched DVD.

How to Fix A Scratched DVD

How to Fix A Scratched DVD

Solutions to fix DVD scratches

As soon as you notice some small scratches on the surface of your DVDs, you should try cleaning, polishing and waxing them. You can take the following ways to fix scratched DVDs.

Clean the DVD

Step 1You can use a soft cloth and some very clean water to clean the DVD. You can also use alcohol to wipe it, but most other solvents are not recommended to fix the scratches on DVD.

Step 2Find a jewelry cloth or the cloth specialized for eyeglasses.

Step 3Hold the disk from the sides with your non-dominant hand. Then, use the jewelry cloth to gently wipe the disk from the center to the edges, across the radius. Continue wiping around the DVD disk, from inside to outside, until the entire disk has been cleaned.

Step 4Insert the scratched DVD disk into your DVD player to check if the DVD has been fixed. Try playing it, to evaluate if cleaning the DVD solved the problem. If it is not repaired, more operations are required.

How to scratched DVD with Vaseline

The first method can only fix small scratched DVD. If it can't solve your problem, you can try fixing scratches on DVD with Vaseline.

Step 1After cleaning the scratched DVD with jewelry cloth and water, you need to rub Vaseline on the surface of DVD. You should cover the whole surface, but don't rub it on too thick.

Step 2Use the similar clean way to remove the Vaseline on scratched DVD. You can use alcohol to break up the Vaseline.

Step 3Insert the scratched DVD disk into your DVD player to check if the DVD has been fixed.

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How to burn video to DVD

If you are interested in how to burn videos to DVD, you can find the best answer in this part. To do that, you need to rely on the professional Burnova. First, you can free download and install it on your computer.

Step 1Launch Burnova

8mm to DVD Converter

Download, install and run this powerful DVD creating software on your computer.

Step 2Load video file(s)

Add Media Files

Click "Add Media File(s)" on the top list to import the video(s) to this DVD creator. You can also directly drag your videos to it.

Step 3Edit output DVD

Edit DVD Menu

Click "Edit" button in the interface to edit output DVD. You are allowed to rotate/clip/crop video, adjust video effects, add your personal watermark and more. Then click "Next" to edit DVD menu. After you choose a DVD menu you really like, you can click "Next" to start to burn video to DVD.

Step 4Burn video to DVD

Convert 8mm to DVD

You need to insert a DVD disc for burning video to DVD. What's more, you can choose to burn video to DVD folder and ISO file. Choose your preferred burn settings and then click "Start" button to convert video to DVD.

In this post, we mainly talk about how to fix scratched DVD. We show you two basic ways to fix scratches on DVD. If you have some better methods, please tell us in the comments.

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