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[Guide] How to Delete Apple ID Permanently from iPhone/iPad/Mac/Computer

It doesn't occur to many iOS users when they need to delete Apple ID, but if it is in a manner to protect your privacy, we encourage you to do this. Specifically, whether you are going to sell old iPhone or give it to other friends, shift from Apple to another Android brand, replace hacked account, etc. you need to delete old Apple ID in case other people take advantage of it.

Then, how to delete apple ID? Since deleting Apple ID is not so common, many people find it strange to deal with. I've seen many people asked questions like "how do I delete Apple ID" in forums.

In this article, I have listed all methods to delete Apple ID account permanently. You can delete Apple ID from iPhone, iPad or Mac according to your needs.

How to Delete Apple ID

Part 1. How to delete Apple ID from iPhone/iPad (Permanently)

Method 1. How to delete an Apple ID from iPhone/iPad directly

It is possible to remove Apple ID on your iOS device directly. This method doesn't require computer connection, iTunes, extra applications or even complicated steps. Check out this easy tutorial below.

Delete Apple ID from iPhone Directly

1On your iPhone, go to "Settings", tap on your Apple ID, and then click "Sign Out" in the pop-up option to remove Apple ID.

2Now go to "Settings" > "iCloud", scroll down to the bottom, and sign out.

Note: You may use your Apple ID in several places, so make sure that you have signed out or deactivated your Apple ID account for the iCloud, iMessages, FaceTime, Game Center and other services, too. You can also delete the personal information that is associated with your account by signing into the My Apple ID portal.

Method 2. How to delete Apple ID from iPad/iPhone permanently

The fist method can disable Apple ID from iOS device.

It is more of a temporary response. If you switch to a new Apple account and will still use your iPhone, this method works best.

However if you are looking for a permanent solution to erase your Apple ID account, you will need a premium iOS data cleaner to successfully delete Apple ID account from iPhone.


Permanently delete Apple ID from iPhone/iPad with FoneEraser

You can follow the steps below to delete Apple ID account permanently. But be aware that FoneEraser will erase your iPhone completely, so we suggest you to back up iOS data before deleting Apple ID.

1After you download the program, launch FoneEraser and plug your iPhone to computer via USB cable. Soon it will detect your device.

iPhone USB driver is not detected? Fix iPhone SUB driver disabled.


2Select erasing level (Low, Medium and High) to wipe iPhone data and settings according to your personal needs. If you intend to delete Apple ID and wipe iPhone completely, "High level" is recommended.

Select Erasing Level

3After selecting device and the erasing level, click the Start button in the right side of the interface to delete Apple ID.

Start Erasing

Maybe you can watch below video to learn the steps:

Part 2. How to delete Apple ID from computer/Mac

Your Apple ID is associated, most likely, with all the iOS devices you signed in with this Apple ID. With iTunes and the computer. It's generally safe to delete Apple ID from computer or Mac to remove these associations, more like a clean slate.

How to delete Apple ID from PC/Mac via iTunes

1Open iTunes on your PC/Mac and click on "Account" > "View my account".

View My Account

2Under "Account Information", click on "Deauthorize All" to remove all computer authorizations associated with the Apple ID. In the pop-up, click on "Deauthorize All Computers".

Get the detailed steps here to deauthorize computer on iTunes.

Deauthorize All

3Under "iTunes in the Cloud", click on "Manage Devices" and Remove each of the device that's listed.

Note: For Mac users, it would also take another one method to delete Apple ID on Mac more thoroughly.

4On your Mac, click on the Apple icon in the "Menu Bar" and open "System Preferences".

5Click on iCloud and then Sign Out.

Sign Out of iCloud

Part 3. Delete your Apple ID Account permanently through Apple Support

Even though we have talked so much about how to delete an Apple ID account, that's some methods to erase most traces of your old Apple ID from all your devices and computers. Till now, there is actually no official, recommended route to delete an Apple ID, unless you contact Apple' support page about Privacy.

Specially, you can go to Privacy Policy page, select I have a question about "Privacy issues" option, and then fill all the detail there and indentify that you want to delete your Apple ID. Apple will typically ask you to confirm this request, keep an eye on your email inbox for further instructions.

Delete Apple ID through Apple Support

In this article, we have mainly provided you three methods on how to delete Apple ID. By comparsion, we recommend you to use FoneEraser tool, it's by far the best way to delete an Apple ID account from iPhone permanently.

If you just forgot Apple ID, you do not need to deleted the Apple ID, but reset Apple ID.

Still have more questions on how to delete Apple ID? Feel free to leave your comments down below.

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