4 Effective Methods to Make the Image Bigger Without Affecting the Original Quality

Pixelation is a top problem for most users who tend to resize their images. When you are about to change the image size, you must protect the pixels of your image to avoid being blurry. Most of us don't know that once we resize the image, its pixels will be stretched out and seen once you export, which leads to degraded quality. With a photo editor, you can easily maneuver the size of your photos. Sad to say, not all do perform well on resizing the photos. To safely make the image bigger without degrading the quality, you must read the following methods we add to this article.

Make Image Bigger

Part 1. Use the Best Image Resizer on the Web for Free – Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online [1st Method]

Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online is a premium image resizer you can access online for free. This tool can make the image bigger with the support of AI technology that could help you change the image size without losing quality. If you are about to use this software to resize the image, then you can expect that it will preserve the image's quality once you export it here. With this tool, you can turn your photo bigger up to 800% if you want to. So, do you want to try and use this software to resize an image? Then you can follow the succeeding details below to change the image size successfully.

Step 1:
Press this link to open the official website of the image resizer - no need to worry because this link is safe to access.
Step 2:
Click Upload Image to insert the image that you want to resize. Search over the image file on the folder that will show on your display, then click Open.
Upload Image To Resize
Step 3:
Choose the Magnification option you want to achieve. Four options are available; you can try all of them to see how big you want to achieve.
Select Magnification
Step 4:
On the lower left side, click Save to download the image you resize here.
Export Resized Image

Part 2. Use the Professional Image Editor to Resize Image – Photoshop [2nd Method]

Need a professional image resizer? Then worry no more because Photoshop is here to help you. It is the most professional image resizer you can use on your desktop to change the photo's dimension without pixelation. You can use this software and take advantage of the features and functions available to make your image the best. However, you will need to purchase the software if you are about to use it. You can try to use the free trial if you haven't used it. Follow the steps below to thoroughly teach you how to make an image bigger in Photoshop.

Step 1:
Download and install the software, then launch it. Click File, then Open to upload the image you want to resize here.
Upload Image on Photoshop
Step 2:
Go to the upper section, click Image, and Image Size to change the size of the image you upload here.
Image Size
Step 3:
Change the measurement of the Width and Height of it, and click OK to apply the changes.
Adjust and Save

Part 3. Use the Default Image Editor to Resize on Mac – Preview [3rd Method]

For Mac users, you wouldn't need to download an app to resize your image; instead, use the built-in image editor on iOS, the Preview. This built-in app is a photo viewer you can have access to if you are a Mac user. You can use its cropping feature to resize your image and other editing features this tool has. Want to know how to make an image bigger on Mac with this tool? If so, the information we add below will teach you step-by-step.

Step 1:
Open the image you want to resize on the Preview, click the Tools on the upper section, and press Adjust Size.
Step 2:
Then there will be a dialogue box on your screen where you can adjust the height and width of the image manually.

Optional: To make the resizing proportional, you must tick the box for Scale Proportionally. So that when you adjust the height, the width will automatically adjust, or vice versa.

Step 3:
Click OK to apply the changes and save the image you resize here.

Part 4. Use the Multipurpose Photo Editor on Android – Resize Me! [4th Method]

Resize me Android

Resize Me! - Photo Resizer can easily maneuver the image size you have on your Android for free. With this tool, you can make a fine-tune on resizing your images into a particular size you want to achieve. If you haven't decided to choose the size you want to achieve, then you can use this tool's available size. Manually or automatically resize, you can use this app. So, read the steps we add if you want to know how to make an image bigger without losing quality with this app.

Step 1:
Download the app on the Playstore, then open the app to start using it.
Step 2:
Click the Photo Album and press the image you want to resize.
Step 3:
Choose the resize icon, then choose the size you want to achieve.
Step 4:
Then click the save icon to download the image you resized with this app.

Part 5. FAQs on Making Image Bigger

Does making the image bigger lose its quality?

It does lose the image quality. Because you add a new pixel to the image once you make it bigger, resizing the image smaller is safer than making it bigger. Still, if you use a dependable tool, you can lower or won't have a low-quality image once you export it.

Is it important to resize the image?

Resizing an image is an easy task, but it is a must to do. Every platform or website does require a specific image height and width of an image. So, resizing an image is essential to pass the requirement of a platform or site.

Does resizing the image lower the file size?

It does change the image file size but doesn't downsize or upsize the file. But you wouldn't notice a drastic change in the file size once you export it after resizing the photo.


Now or never, choosing an image is needed if you want to make the image bigger without degrading its quality. With the tools and tutorials we include here, you can do it. We can assure you that the performance of each tool we include here is phenomenally better than the tools you might read in other articles. So, which tool or app do you prefer the most? You can share your thoughts about the tools in the comment section below.

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