Complete Review on Best Photo Resizers Available on Your Platforms [2024]

June 17, 2022Ashley Mae

The usage of images started to boom when digital cameras became more accessible to everyone. You wouldn't need to do a set-up or go to a studio to take an image. With your phone or camera, you can capture anything beautiful in your sight, and many of those are selfies. Even in industries like advertisements, images add a visual representation that creates more impact than the use of pure texts.

With a high-quality image, it is a pain for everyone that the image's file size is extended. Sometimes, we wish to resize it to make it smaller and save some space without decreasing its original quality. Do not panic because we've got you covered! In this blog, we will introduce to you the 5 of the best photo resizers you can use, and we've reviewed them for you, keep on reading to know what are these tools you must know.

Photo Resizer

Part 1. Top 5 Photo Resizers You Must Use on Windows, Mac, and Online

The list below is the top 5 picture resizers you can use on your device to change the aspect ratio and the file size of your image or capture. Suppose you haven't any idea about their strengths and weaknesses. In that case, this comparison chart will help you determine which tool is the best to use to resize your visual media. After you read the features of these tools, you must proceed to the detailed review we indicated in part 2 to discuss each tool further.

Feature/s Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online Microsoft Image Resizer Resize Sense Sizerox
Resize Image with High-Quality Output Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supports AI-Technology Yes Yes No No No
Malware Fre Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resize Image in Batch No YES No Yes No
Needs Internet Connection Yes Yes No No No
Supports Drag and Drop Feature Yes Yes No No Yes
Free to Use Yes Yes YES No Yes

Part 2. Top 5 Photo Resizer Tools: A Factual Review of the Photo Resizers

1. Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online

Aiseesoft Image Upscaler

Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online is the online photo resizer you can use to upscale the quality of your images to 800%. With the help of this software, you can upgrade the visual quality of the image you upload here with a single click. This software is free and web-based, so you wouldn't need to download an installer. You can use it right away on any search engine once you access the software. So, if you need to resize the aspect ratio of the image you have on your device, then this is the go-to online software that gives you a helping hand.

As we said before, the software is an online supported tool, which means you will need an internet connection to access this tool. If you haven't any connection and want to use this, you wouldn't even be able to load this tool. That is the only drawback of this software; need to change the image's aspect ratio? Then you must click the link above to access this software, upload the image, and voila, you have the upscaled version on your device as easy as that.

2. Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online

Aiseesoft Image Compressor

Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online is a dependable free image resizer you can use to compress your image without limitations. Though the software can lower the size of the image, it doesn't decrease the quality. It is safe to say that it retains the original quality of your image after decreasing its file size. What is amazing about this tool is that it supports AI technology; not every online or offline tool supports AI technology. With its unique style of image compressing, millions of users have already used this tool to compress the file size of their images, and this tool doesn't fail them.

Moreover, this tool can be your friendly batch photo resizer, for it can compress 40+ files simultaneously. However, it has the same drawback as the image upscaler; you will need an internet connection to use this software; if you don't have it, you can't use it. And the file size of the image you upload here must be less than 5 MB each. This tool does its job best, far from other image compressors you can use. You can visit the tool's official website by clicking the link above.

3. Microsoft Image Resizer

Image Resizer Windows

The best photo resizer for PC you can download is the Microsoft Image Resizer. This tool has unique features for changing the image's aspect ratio, like locking and unlocking the aspect ratio. Unlike other tools with a fixed percentage on upscaling, if you use this, you can manipulate the size of the image according to your preference. You can use the slider to get the exact aspect ratio you want to achieve into the image you upload here. Download the tool on your Windows for free if you want to use this software.

However, there is a system requirement even though this photo resizer software is free to download. If you are using Windows 8 or lower, you can't download the software on your desktop because you will need to have a Windows 10 or higher if you want to use it. Also, some ads will show on the screen while you are using it, but it won't bother you because they aren't that big on the screen. Nonetheless, this tool does provide a great way to change the frame of the image you have to your needs.

4. Resize Sense

Resize Sense

For a precise photo pixel resizer on Mac, you might like to have Resize Sense. This tool brags about its flexibility in resizing the image, and they are right about it. With this software on Mac, you can change the image's aspect ratio to fit the requirements of most web and graphic design, or you can for personal use. Other than changing the image's aspect ratio, this tool can change the image format, crop, rotate, flip, and change metadata. That is why it became knowingly flexible in doing basic editing on images.

Before you can have this flexible tool, you will need to offer a bit of sacrifice, and that is you will need to purchase it. If you are wondering how much it costs, the price of the software will cost you $19.99. Also, some reviews from the users regarding this tool aren't impressive, but not all. So, if you decide to use this software, you can visit your Mac App Store and download the app from there.

5. Sizerox


Last on our list is Sizerox; it is a mini photo resizer you might want to try on your Mac. We call it mini because its interface uses a floating toolbar, and the tool is on-point. It means it does its purpose of resizing the photos you will upload here. The tool has other features you can use: the change file name, rotation, and watermark. You can upload images in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and PSD format, but the exported version of the image will be JPG. Though the software is mini, it supports drag-and-drop features to help you not locate the file on your drive. Drag it and drop it in here to upload it.

We can't say that this software is the best choice for Mac, not because of the interface but because of its performance. Some Mac users do have trouble using this software, and it takes a lot of time to export the file. With the interface it provides, there are times that it is hard to navigate the functions and buttons. But if you don't mind waiting and the interface it has, this is free to download on its official website on your Mac devices.

Part 3. How to Choose a Photo Resizer You Must Use to Resize the Images

Regarding choosing which you should use, we prefer that you go with your specifications because not all users have the same requirements for a resizer. But if you don't know how to choose, you must read the standard we list below.

1st Standard: Image Resizer Must be Easy to Use

It is better to use a beginner's tool than a complicated or professional for a beginner who doesn't know about resizing. Even though you use a beginner's tool like the locket photo resizer and the Aiseesoft products in this article, you will still achieve the best output but easier.

2nd Standard: Image Resizer Must be Accessible & Available

Even though the resizer you choose is the best, if it is not available or accessible on your device, it will be non-sense to choose them. Also, there are times when the software you will choose demands you to follow a certain standard on the OS version, RAM, and ROM. So, suppose you don't want to follow the standards like that. In that case, you must use the Aiseesoft online products we list in this article because it doesn't require following a standard.

3rd Standard: Doesn't Lower the Quality of the Image After Resizing

It should not lower the image quality of the imported once you resize the image and then export it. Some tools don't support resizing the 4k or high image quality. If you use the tool to resize, the chance of lowering the quality is great. It is essential to read articles related to the tool to know if it does reduce the quality of the image, like what we did with the software in this article.

4th Standard: Don't Leave Watermark on the Image You Resize

Many free tools leave a watermark on the exported images after you resize them. As much as we hate the watermark on the image, it is unavoidable on some tools. But you can use the Kapwing photo resizer to change the dimension of the image without the watermark. Like it, Aiseesoft products online and the software in this article won't leave a watermark on your image.

Part 4. FAQs on Photo Resizers

How to resize JPG/JPEG images?

You can click this link to see the best tools you can use with a tutorial on easily resizing JPG/JPEG on your device.

Can I resize images on iPhone and Android?

Yes, you can. But the app that can resize your images is too broad, and testing them all out is not an effective way to figure out which you should use. Click this link if you are looking for tools that can help you resize images on iPhone and Android.

Can I use my native image editor on mobile devices to resize images?

Yes, if you don't want to download an app on your device to resize the image, you can use the default image editor. Every image editor does have a resizer; you can check it out on your device and go to crop, then adjust it.


These photo resizers don't leave a watermark on your image once you export them after resizing. So, do you think this article helps you figure out which tool is the best? We hope that this blog helps you. If you have other questions regarding this topic, you can leave a comment below and mention them, then let's discuss it!

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