How to Make a Picture Clearer on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & Online with Tutorials

There are millions of reasons why do you need to take pictures frequently. With the frequently capturing we do every day, the number one enemy we face is the blurry image after it is produced. It is a head-scratching situation when dealing with uncleared images. Maybe you are considering using a photo editing program and hoping it will turn the blurry image into a clearer one. Instead of hoping, why don't we do it in a precise manner? We've rounded up the software you can use on all platforms to teach you how to make a picture clearer so that you will have the image in a picture ready.

Make a Picture Clearer

Part 1. How to Make a Picture Clearer Online via Image Upscale [Recommended]

Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online is the image upscaler online you can use to make the image look even better than before. This tool can convert a blurry image into a clearer one with a few clicks. Also, you wouldn't need to be professional to use this software because even a beginner in image editing can handle the tool easily. Suppose you are considering using our recommended tool right now. In that case, we will present a written guide on how to make a picture clearer online that you can follow completely free.

Step 1:
Instead of searching the domain of this image upscaler, you can click this link, which will directly lead you to its official website.
Step 2:
Now that you are on its official website, click the Upload Photo to import the image you want to upscale in this tool.
Import Image to Resize
Step 3:
You can use four options to upscale your image; choose which Magnification you prefer the most. If you haven't decided on what Magnification to use, you can test them all to see the difference between them. There is a sample preview screen on the left side to see the difference between the upscaled one.
Choose Magnification
Step 4:
Now that you have chosen the Magnification you want, click Save to export the image you upscale here. After the process, it will directly save the image file on your local drive, and you can now check out the clearer image you upscale here.
Download Resized Image

Part 2. How to Make a Picture Clearer on iPhone and Android [Mobile Version]

Fotor for iOS

Fotor on iOS

To start, Fotor is an iOS-based application that could help you fix blurry images into better ones. This app offers many image editing features that could produce a professional output even if you use a mobile device. Before you can use the other features of this tool, you will need to purchase the in-app product. Still, if you want to unblur the image, you wouldn't need to avail one, and you can proceed on following how to make a picture clearer on iPhone.

Step 1:
Download and open the Fotor app on your iOS device. Click the + icon to upload the photo that has an unclear quality.
Step 2:
Tap the Adjust at the bottom of the toolbar, then swipe to the right to see the photo enhancement tool this app supports.
Step 3:
Choose one, then improve the image by dragging the slider. Adjust the other enhancement you can do with this tool if necessary.
Step 4:
To export the image you enhance here, tap Save.

Remini App for Android

Remini on Android

Remini App is an Android-based image editor you can download on your device to enhance the image you capture and improve it. It is a known photo enhancer you can download that supports an in-app purchase. Because of its ability to enhance the photo to make them look vivid, many Android users download this app. Even though it is free to download, you will need to use an account to log in here to use the free version of it. If this tool becomes a good fit for your needs, you can purchase the pro version to have the advanced unblurring this tool provides. So, if you decide to use the tool and look for a guide on making a picture clearer, you can copy the steps below.

Step 1:
Download the application on your Android, then open it.
Step 2:
Tap Enhance, which is on the home screen of the app.
Step 3:
After you click the Enhance, a description will show you can read it to know more, then click Use It.
Step 4:
Choose the image you want to make more precise, then click the red button to create a task.
Step 5:
Tap the save icon to download the image.

Part 3. How to Make a Picture Clearer on Windows and Mac [Desktop Version]

inPixio Photo Studio Pro 11 [Windows]

In Pixio

inPixio Studio Pro 11 is a dependable software you can use to modify the images according to your preferences. This tool supports more features and can work heavier than the app of the mobile device we introduce. It also offers other editing features you can master within a short period. So, if you are about to use this software, you will need to download it on the official web. After you've downloaded the software, you can start to follow the tutorial on how to make a picture clearer.

Step 1:
Launch the image editor, click Select a Photo to Edit, and upload the image you want to enhance.
Step 2:
Click the Effects tab and the Creative Blur tool.
Step 3:
To fix the blurring, you must choose the options you can use: the Linear, Radial, and Custom Blur. Change the settings according to your preferences.
Step 4:
Export the final output to enjoy seeing the final product.

Open In- External Editor for Photos. App [Mac]

Open in on Photos App

Doesn't want to download an entire software on your Mac, you can try to use the Open in. This tool is an extension app you can use only on the Photos; that app is available on Mac only. If you are about to use this tool, you will need to open your Mac App Store, search its name, and download the plug-in. If everything is settled, you can follow the tutorial on how to make a picture bigger and clearer.

Step 1:
Click the image you want to fix and open it on the Photos. You will need to click the Edit button to enhance the image you view here.
Step 2:
Click the Extension button, and click the extension you downloaded.
Step 3:
Edit the images by tweaking the Perfect Clear and press Save to apply the changes.

Part 4. FAQs on How to Make Image Clearer

Does making the image clearer increases the file size?

The file size of the blurry images is small because of the pixel it has on the image. Once you fix the blurriness on the image, the file size will go up, but you can enjoy a much clearer image than before.

Why are there watermarks after enhancing images?

The reseason behind it is that you aren't using the pro version that doesn't add a watermark once you export the image. You will need to purchase the tool or subscribe to avoid this problem. But if you don't want to pay up, you can use the free upscaler tool we introduced. It won't embed a watermark once you export the image upscale. Or you can use a watermark remvoer to help you get rid of watermarks.

Can I enhance the BMP image?

Yes, you can follow the tutorial we add above on the online tool. It supports JPG, PNG, and BMP to enhance the quality of the image easily without affecting the original quality and save it after a few clicks.


Now that you know how to make a picture clearer on different platforms, you can enjoy the image you capture at a higher level. Do you have questions about the tools we introduce? You can share your thought below in the comment section and explain them to us.

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