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May 26, 2022Ashley Mae

Amongst the best image editor, Pixlr belongs to the top 10 best image editors according to the most articles. This editor has nothing to argue with its professional, full-featured image editing. Also, you wouldn't need to download the Pixlr because it is available online. Still, it has a mobile version for users who want to edit the image on their mobile devices. No matter how hard you try to make the image beautiful, using the tool to add a watermark will be part of the image you've created. Fortunate enough, you can remove the watermark you add using the Pixlr leaves on the image you created. Do you want to know how to remove the Pixlr watermark on the image? If so, continue reading this article to learn how to perform it efficiently.

PIXLR Remove Watermark

Part 1. Why Should I Choose Pixlr for Photo Editing

Pixlr supports an AI-tech advanced image editor power that allows anyone to turn their imagination into reality. With a few clicks, you can create a professional output, backgrounds, logos, and more. The good thing about this web tool is that it is free to use and can be used on the web, so you will save some space on your desktop drive by using it. Also, it is known as the first-ever Cloud-based photo editor that supports the premium image and design editing you will need. You can also use it to remove a watermark with Pixlr if needed. Overall, it is one of the best editors next to Photoshop, GIMP, Lightroom, etc.

Part 2. How to Remove Pixlr Watermark Using Easier & Professional Ways

Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online – Easier Way to Remover Pixlr Watermark

Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online is a top-notch and AI-powered watermark remover you can use to cancel out the watermark in your image. Same as the Pixlr, this tool is free to use, and it is available on the web. It works efficiently to remove the watermark in your image without leaving a mark of the removed watermark. Though it is a basic remover, you can see that the final output it provides is like professionally done by a pro tool. With this tool, you can enjoy removing the watermark on images unlimited and free. So, do you want to know how efficient this tool works? You can follow the step-by-step tutorial we add to remove Pixlr watermark in your image.

Step 1:
To access the watermark remover, you can click this link, and a new tab will open on your web browser.
Step 2:
Click the Upload Image to add the image with a watermark on it, or you can also drag and drop the image file here.
Open Watermark Remover Online
Step 3:
Then highlight the area with a watermark and cover all of the watermarks in your image. So that when you export, it will not include a trace of a watermark on it.
Highlight Area with Watermark
Step 4:
After highlighting the area with a watermark, click the Remove and wait for the processing. Then you won't see the watermark in your image.
Click Remove Watermark
Step 5:
To export the image without the watermark, click the Download button. Now you can enjoy the image you edit on Pixlr without its watermark.
Download Image No Watermark

This online watermark remover also has a desktop version, AI Photo Editor, for you to remove the Pixlr watermark on Windows and Mac. Do not hesitate and have a free download via the buttons here.

Free DownloadFor Windows

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Free DownloadFor macOS

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Photoshop – Professional Way to Remove Pixlr Watermark

To professionally Pixlr remove the watermark, you must use most people's all-time favorite image editor, Photoshop. Adobe manufactures this software to provide heavy-duty editing features used for professionally editing. Unlike several editors you can find on the market, this tool is flawless and effective for image editing and removing the watermark on the image you have. Though the software is an expert choice, its price is too much to handle, so not everyone does have the software on their device. Also, it is too expensive to use, especially if you do a simple task, like removing the watermark. But suppose you have the software on your desktop and want a tutorial on removing a watermark with Photoshop. In that case, you must read the following steps below.

Step 1:
Download the software on your device, upload the image you want to remove the watermark by pressing File, then Open.
Add Image with Watermark
Step 2:
Click the Magic Wand Tool on the left part, then click the watermark to trace it automatically.
Highlight Watermark On Image
Step 3:
On the section, click Select; under it, click the Modify, then open the Expand. Set the Expand By five and click OK to save your updated changes.
Change Expand
Step 4:
On the upper section again, this time click Edit then Fill.
Step 5:
On the dialogue box that will show on your screen, change the Contents into Content-Aware, and un-check the Color Adaption. Change the mode into Normal and the Opacity to 100% on blending. To save the changes, click OK.
Edit and Change Fill
Step 6:
To deselect the selection, hit the Ctrl + D on your keyboard; then, you wouldn't see the watermark on your image; you can now export it by pressing Ctrl + S.

Part 3. FAQs on Removing Pixlr Watermark

Can I edit the video on Pixlr?

You can edit videos on Pixlr if you want to, but its primary purpose is editing the image. Though it can edit videos, it is not enough, especially for professional purposes. But overall, it is great to use for doing basic editing on videos.

What are the different types of Pixlr editors?

Pixlr does have multiple types of editing features you can use; these are the Pixlr X, E, and the newly Photobox Studio. They have different purposes for each other; one is for basic editing, the other is for advanced editing, and the last will be for branding. So, before you use it, you will need to know if you are about to use the right tool for the proper purpose.

Can I remove the watermark using Pixlr?

You can remove the watermark of an image using the Pixlr. To do it, open the Pixlr using the web browser of your choice, and upload the image. Click Retouch, then go to the Clone Stamp, click the watermark one at a time, then after you cover up the watermark, click the Download button. As easy as that, you have now removed the watermark on your image with the Pixlr.


With all the information in this article, you can remove the Pixlr watermark in two ways, using the free online tool and the professional editor. So, which do you prefer the most? Suppose you have Adobe Photoshop on your desktop. Why don't you try using its potential to remove the watermark on any images at ease? But if you are on a tight budget, you must choose the free online tool, which is also available on the web. Want to share some thoughts regarding this article? Then you must leave a comment below, and we will reply to you as soon as possible and let's discuss it!

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