Split Screen Videos – 4 Ways to Put Two Videos Side by Side on Windows and Mac

April 15, 2021Ashley Mae

When you want to share a video story for your proposal on YouTube with your family, which needs to put two videos side by side, what are the best apps to combine the videos into one file? The side-by-side video is also known as a split-screen video that enables you to play it in a synchronized style. To combine the videos side-by-side exactly as your requirement, you should learn more about the 5 best ways on Windows and Mac from the article.

Put Two Videos Side by Side

Part 1: The Easy and Professional Way to Put Two Videos Side by Side

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is more than a video collage maker that enables you to put two videos side by side. You can also make an MV, apply different video filters, and trim the desired video clips. Moreover, there are dozens of templates, border options, aspect ratio settings, and even apply 3D video filters.

Video Converter Ultimate


Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

  • Choose side-by-side video effects from dozens of video collage templates.
  • Customize the border, screen layout, subtitle, audio track, and more others.
  • Apply split video effects, 3D effects, and even text/image watermark.
  • Offer audio settings and configuration, such as loop play, fade in/out, etc.
Step 1:
Once you have installed Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, you can launch the program on your computer and click the Collage menu to create a split-screen video. You can go to the Template tab to choose a split-screen layout.
Step 2:
Click the Plus button to add the two videos and adjust the position onto the one video screen. Just preview the videos within the split-screen layout. You can also drag the split line to put two videos side by side in a reasonable ratio.
Change Layout
Step 3:
You can edit the video clips, such as crop, rotate, add watermark, add subtitle, and more. Moreover, you can click the Filter option to choose the desired video filter. It also offers different audio settings and configurations to tweak the background music.
Step 4:
Click the Export tab to name the project file, select the output video format, tweak the resolution, and even turn on the hardware acceleration. If you are ready, you can click the Start Export button to save the two videos side by side to social media sites.

Part 2: How to Put Two Videos Side by Side with iMovie on Mac

When you are using a MacBook Pro or iPhone, you can simply use the free iMovie to put two videos side by side. It enables you to choose the place to combine the videos with some basic video editing features. But it is difficult to sync the videos, or select more collage templates.

Step 1:
Once you have launched iMovie, you can import two video clips into the program. Then go to the iMovie icon in the upper right corner and choose the Preferences option. Make sure the Show advanced tool option is checked.
Step 2:
Drop the base video clip into the timeline of iMovie. Then you can drag the second video clip over the base one. There is a little plus sign on your cursor appear, simply release your mouse button to combine two videos into one file.
Step 3:
Choose the Side-by-Side option to find the second video clip above the base one in a timeline. After that, you can add clip transitions and more other effects to put two videos side by side with iMovie according to your requirement.
With iMovie

Part 3: How to Put Two Videos Side by Side via Premiere on Windows

Different from the above ways, to put two videos side by side with Premiere Pro is much complicated. It not only enables you to create a split-screen effect, but also adds borders and animates to the video. But the whole process takes a long time to create a satisfactory video.

Step 1:
Add all the video clips into Premiere on Windows, you can find the imported videos are stacked in the sequence. Make sure the two videos side by side are in the same length, or even use the trim tool to extract the desired part only.
Step 2:
Select the desired video clip and go to the Effects panel and add the Crop effect. Moreover, you can also adjust the crop, position, and scale of the clip. It enables you to change the values with the crop function to get the desired part.
Step 3:
Go to the Preview window and check whether you are satisfied with the position to put two videos side by side, or even the audio files go with the video. Then you can share the video to the social media website according to your requirement.
Via Premiere

Part 4: How to Put Two Videos Side by Side through VideoPad

Whether you need to create videos with a Picture in Picture effect, or put two videos side by side, VideoPad is another frequently used program to create split-screen videos. Go to the Motion option to make the desired video effect with the following steps.

Step 1:
Launch the program on your computer and select the desired videos you want to use. Once you have imported the videos to the timeline, you can click the arrow next to the Effects option to choose the Motion option from the More Video Effect window.
Step 2:
Adjust the exact position of the video, such as the Position X to 26.00 and the control of Scale to 0.50. You can also use the Scale Control to adjust the size of videos to make sure the video files fit into the frames side-by-side as your requirement.
Step 3:
Select the second video and choose the Motion option. Apply similar adjustments. Then in the Sequence Preview option, you can check the two videos side by side, or even share the output video to the social media website directly.
Through VideoPad

Part 5: FAQs about Putting Two Videos Side by Side

1. What are the Best Apps to Put Two Videos Side by Side on iPhone?

Besides the above-mentioned iMovie, you can also use PhotoGrid, Unfold, Video Collage and Photo Grid, or even Instagram directly. But it should be difficult to manage the videos, especially when you need to put two videos side by side in synchronized style on iPhone.

2. Where Can I Get More Inspiration for Putting Two Videos Side by Side?

If you are not satisfied with the basic effect to put two videos side by side, you can also search for more collage templates, such as split transition, camera frame effect, glitch split-screen, 3D perspective transition, multi-frame split-screen, and more other video effects.

3. Is There an Alternative Way to Put Two Videos Side by Side?

There are multiple ways to make two videos side by side, such as TikTok and YouTube. But it only provides some basic templates to create videos in a fixed frame. Of course, you can also use the video codec to create a split-screen video on your website.


When you need to create a story in a video by putting two videos side by side, you can learn more about the 4 most recommended programs on Windows and Mac from the article. To combine the two videos easily as a profession, you can simply free download Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to create a video with the split-screen feature.

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