How to Get Rid of a Shadow in a Photo on Computer and Mobile Devices

Lighting is the most important element when taking photos. Good lighting can make your photos and selfies look nice, but bad lighting just creates unwanted shadows. Have you ever taken a perfect photo, except for some shadows that spoil everything? In the digital era, it is not very difficult to remove shadows from photos if you have the right editing tools. This guide will show you the easiest ways to get rid of unwanted shadows on a computer, a mobile device, and online.

Remove Shadow from Photo

Part 1: Remove Shadow from Photo Online

It makes sense that more and more people transform to online apps to retouch photos. They do not ask you to install anything on your hard disk. Moreover, some of them are as powerful as desktop photo editing software. Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online, for example, is one of the best shadow removal tools online. Compared to other web apps, users can enjoy several advantages, such as:

How to Remove Shadow from a Photo Online for Free

Step 1:
Open a browser, and visit Click the Upload Portrait button to upload the target photo.
Home Page
Step 2:
After uploading, you will be presented with the main page. Choose the Erase tool, adjust the Brush Size, and draw on the unwanted shadow in the Original panel. Then the result will appear in the Preview panel in real-time.
Remove Shadow
Step 3:
If you have the background image, go to the Edit tab, select Image, and upload it from your computer. Move the background to the right position.
Shadow Bg
Step 4:
At last, save the photo to your computer or mobile device by hitting the Download button.

Part 2: How to Remove Shadow from Photo with Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop equips a wide range of photo editing features and some of them are available to remove the shadow from the photo on Windows and Mac. According to our research, the Patch Tool is the easiest method to get the desired effect, and we demonstrate the basic steps below.

Step 1:
First of all, open the photo in your Photoshop. You can buy the photo editing software from the Adobe website.
Step 2:
Highlight the photo layer on the Layers panel, go to the Layer menu on the top ribbon, and choose Duplicate Layer. It makes a copy of your photo so that you can cancel the changes at any time. Click the Eye icon next to the original photo to hide it, and select the copy layer.
Remove Shadows in Phototshop Patch Tool
Step 3:
Click and expand the Healing Tool on the left toolbar, and choose Patch Tool. Then you will get the setting bar under the main menu bar. Pull down the Patch option, and choose Content-Aware. That will create new pixels when removing shadow from the photo.
Remove Shadows in Photoshop
Step 4:
Next, draw on the shadow on the photo, and move your cursor to the near area that you want to replace. Photoshop will do what you want and match the copied pixels. Once you release your cursor, you will see the result.

Note: The Clone Stamp Tool is more suitable to remove a small shadow from a photo, while Patch Tool is available for shadows of any size.

Part 3: FAQs about Removing Background around Hair

For mobile-first, the easiest way to get rid of shadow in a photo is a photo editor app. There are a lot of photo editing applications available in the App Store and Play Store, but only a part of them has the ability to remove the shadow. TouchRetouch, for example, equips the Clone tool and Selection tools to remove any objects from a photo quickly. The only downside is that TouchRetouch is not freeware. You can pay $3.99 or $2.00 to use it on iPhone or Android device.

Touch Retouch
Step 1:
Start the photo editor app, and load the photo that you want to edit from your Camera Roll or Photo Gallery.
Step 2:
Set the output resolution on the menu bar. By default, it keeps the original resolution.
Step 3:
Select the Brush tool at the bottom and draw on the shadow or any unwanted object on the photo. If you prefer to Lasso tool, select it and outline the shadow instead.
Step 4:
When you are done with the selection, tap the start button and the photo editor app will begin removing shadows from the photo and fill in blank pixels using the algorithm. Then you can save the result to your memory or share it on social media directly.

Note: Besides, there are several photo editing apps that you can use to get a similar effect on mobile devices, such as Pixelmator, Snapseed, Enlight Photofox, etc.

Part 4: FAQs about Removing Shadow from Photo

Can you remove a shadow from a photo for free?

Yes, there are free applications and software to remove the unwanted shadow from photos. GIMP, for instance, is an open-source photo editor that can do the job without paying a panel.

How can flash prevent shadows?

To prevent shadows with flash when taking photos, you can move your subject to get rid of shadows, use bounce the flash to get a large light source, and move your flash to different directions until all shadows disappear.

Is it possible to remove a shadow from a face?

Yes. With the photo retouching software, you can remove the shadow from faces on portraits and selfies. Therefore, getting a user-friendly photo retouching program is important for everyone.


This guide has demonstrated three ways to remove shadows from photos on a computer, a mobile device, or online. Photoshop allows you to erase shadows from an image with several tools. Moreover, you can get the desired effect using a proper photo editing application on mobile devices. Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online is the best free shadow removal tool online. If you have other questions about this topic, please contact us by leaving a message below this post.

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