How to Stop QuickTime Screen Recording? Use the Best Alternative!

June 24, 2020Amanda Brown
Q: Can't stop "screen record" from menu bar. Bug?
When you begin a "screen record" in Quicktime X, there is supposed to be "stop recording" option next to the Help menu in the menu bar.. However, mine does not...
Anyone else experience or resolve this bug?

How to stop QuickTime screen recording? It seems to be a simple question, but lots of Mac users get stuck like the user above. Here in this article we will share solutions to solve the issue and recommend the best alternative to QuickTime Player for you to record screen on Mac computer.

Stop QuickTime Screen Recording

Part 1. How to Stop QuickTime Screen Recording

Firstly, we will introduce the normal procedure to record screen in QuickTime Player.

Step 1.
Open QuickTime Player on your Mac, go to File > New Screen Recording.
New Screen Recording
Step 2.
A Screen Recording window will pop up. You can make proper recording setup by clicking the down arrow next to the red record button to customize your recording.
Screen Recording

Microphone Options: If you need to record your own voice, you need to select the microphone device you prefer.

Options: If you want your mouse clicks to be emphasized in recording, you need to choose "Show Mouse Clicks in Recording".

Step 3.
When you are ready, click the red record button. Then a popup will appear in the center of your computer screen.
Select Area

Single-click anywhere on the screen to record in full screen or click and drag your mouse to select the area you want to record, then click "Start Recording".

Step 4.
To stop QuickTime Recording, click the Stop icon in the top menu bar to finish recording.
Step 5.
The recorded content will pop up on your screen for you to preview. If the duration of the recorded video is long, the popup may not happen immediately.
Step 6.
If you are satisfied with the recording, click File > Save to name the recorded video and select a location to save it.

How to stop QuickTime screen recording if there is no "stop recording" icon in my menu bar?

Many Mac users who are using QuickTime X said that there is no "stop recording" option in their menu bar, so they don't know how to stop recording. Here are two solutions to solve this problem.

1. When you want to stop QuickTime recording, press Esc on your keyboard to show the recording bar. Then you will see the red record icon has changed to the pause icon. Just click on the pause icon to stop recording and the record video will pop up for you to preview and save.


2. The shortcut keys Command + Control + Escape also enables you to stop screen recording in QuickTime.

Part 2. The Best Screen Recorder for Mac Computer

If you find it's inconvenient to record screen on Mac computer with QuickTime Player, here we recommend you to use the best alternative Aiseesoft Mac Screen Recorder to record Mac screen without any problem of stopping recording. It's even more professional and powerful than QuickTime Player.

Mac Screen Recorder


Aiseesoft Mac Screen Recorder

  • Record any on-screen activities on your Mac computer, including online and streaming videos, audio, gameplay, webinars, webcam videos, presentations, etc.
  • Record Mac screen in full size or selected area as you like.
  • Output excellent image and sound quality with the "Blue-light" real-time HD video encoding technology.
  • Take snapshots to save some important information and add personal labels like rectangle, arrow, line and text to the output image.
  • Add arrow, text, line, rectangle, ellipse and more while recording to edit the recorded video, clip or trim recorded video/audio file freely to only save the useful part.
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How to record Mac screen with Aiseesoft Mac Screen Recorder?

Step 1.
Free download this Mac screen recording tool and launch on your computer.
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Step 2.
Click "Video Recorder" option to start the screen recording. You can click the "Custom" button to set the recording area as per your need.
Step 3.
If you need to record your face, you need to turn on the Webcam option. If you just need to record the computer sound, you should turn on System sound option. If you want to record your own voice, you need to turn on Microphone option.
Audio Input
Step 4.
You can also make setup to Recording, Mouse, Hotkeys, Output to customize your recording habit.
Step 5.
After you are ready, click REC button to start recording.
Step 6.
If you want to pause recording temporarily, you can easily click the Pause button on the menu bar directly. Or if you want to stop screen recording, just click the red square icon to stop it, then a window will pop up to let you preview the recorded video.

It also allows you to clip the recording to save the necessary part you need. If you are not satisfied with the recording, you can choose to Re-record. And if you are happy with the recording, you can click Save button to name the recorded file as you like and choose a location to save it.


Part 3. FAQs about Screen Recording on Mac Computer

1. How do I record video on Mac?

You can record video on Mac with QuickTime Player, we have introduced the detailed steps in Part 1. Or you can also use Aiseesoft Mac Screen Recorder if you find QuickTime Player is not easy to use.

2. How to stop QuickTime screen recording with shortcut?

If you see no "stop recording" option in your QuickTime Player, you can stop QuickTime screen recording with shortcut keys Command + Control + Escape.

3. Can you pause screen recording using QuickTime Player?

Yes, you can. Just click on QuickTime in the dock to make it active, then press Esc on keybord to bring up the Recording bar. Hold down Alt (option) key to reveal Pause button. Then click on the Pause button to pause screen recording. And you can resume recording by clicking on the red button.

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