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January 10, 2024Andrew Miller

It is suggested to create a strong password to lock your iPad. The device will remain inaccessible, preventing others from using it without your permission. Its purpose is to protect the user’s information from prying eyes, especially if they have confidential files that are not for a showcase. On the other hand, you will need to learn how to unlock an iPad if you forget the passcode. This is a common problem for Apple users, mostly when you change it too often. In this case, here are some effective methods to help you.

Unlock iPad

Part 1. How to Unlock iPad without a Password

Unlocking an iPad without a passcode is possible using Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker. The desktop tool is programmed to help you unlock the latest iOS version by wiping the passcode and removing Face ID and Touch ID. In one click, the iPhone Unlocker wipes the 4 or 6-digit passcode, creating a quicker way to access the device features without limitations. Of course, you can use the tool if you forget your Apple ID and password, and it will easily remove the credentials so you can input new ones. Even with several failed attempts or a broken screen, this is the solution for unlocking iPads, iPhones, and iPods.

iPhone Unlocker


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Step 1.
Get Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker by clicking on the Free Download button. Follow the prompts until the installation is complete. Run the program to start unlocking the device. Click the Wipe Passcode mode from the main interface. Then, connect the device with a USB cable. Click the Start button to allow the tool to scan your iPad.
Aiseesoft Wipe Passcode
Step 2.
When a prompt shows up from the iPad, tap the Trust button. From the computer, confirm the information about the connected device. When you click the Start button, the tool will have to download the firmware package. It might take a while, so please wait patiently.
Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Start
Step 3.
Once done, click the Unlock button and enter 0000 to confirm the action. Wiping the passcode will erase all data on the iPad. If you are sure, click on the Unlock button. Make sure the device stays connected to your computer during the process. Then, in a minute, the iPad is already unlocked.
Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker Unlock 0000

Part 2. How to Unlock iPad by Default

Apple devices are tight in security by nature, but unlocking them is easier with the right choice of passcode method. Knowing iOS, it offers three options to lock an iPad: a 4 or 6-digit passcode, Face ID, and Touch ID. See the following steps to use these lock options to unlock your iPad.

How to Use the Passcode

Step 1.
The passcode is the most important tool on an iPad. Set it up on the device’s settings, then head to the Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode menu.
Step 2.
Tap the Turn Passcode On menu, then input the number combination as your passcode. Remember it, as it is most needed for most changes within the device.
Set a Passcode on iPad
Step 3.
After that, turn off your screen. When the dial pad appears, enter your passcode. The screen will be unlocked, and you can use the iPad’s features.

How to Use Face ID

Step 1.
If you haven’t set Face ID on your iPad, go to the Settings app and navigate to the Face ID & Passcode menu. Position the device close to your face, then follow the prompts to continue.
Face ID Passcode
Step 2.
Once done setting up, turn off your screen, and you will see that it will ask for Face ID. Allow the device to detect your face, and it will automatically unlock.

How to Use Touch ID

Step 1.
Touch ID will require a passcode before you can set it up. Follow the steps above on how to set up the passcode. Make sure the sensor and your finger are completely dry and clean.
Step 2.
From settings, tap the Touch ID & Passcode option. Enter your passcode before you can proceed. Press the Add a Fingerprint option and place your finger on the Touch ID sensor. Do not press the button; just allow the device to detect your fingerprints. Repeat the procedure until done.
Set a Touch ID Passcode
Step 3.
Whenever your screen is off, gently place your finger on the sensor. Then, the screen will be unlocked. You can also use the Touch ID to make online purchases.

Part 3. How to Use iCloud to Unlock iPad

Usually, you will find options to reset the iPad, one of which is via iCloud. It only requires you to turn on the Find My iPad feature to unlock it quickly. Of course, you will need the Apple ID and password to get through iCloud. If you don’t have the credentials, try the other methods in this article. For now, here are the steps you must follow:

Step 1.
Open a browser and visit the iCloud website. Enter the Apple ID and password. Once you have entered the main menu, choose the Find iPad option.
iCloud Find iPad
Step 2.
Go to the All Devices dropdown menu and select the iPad you want to work with. Click the Erase iPad button to reset the device to default settings. But before that, re-enter the Apple ID credentials and follow the prompts from there.
iCloud Erase iPad

Part 4. Use iTunes or Finder for iPad Unlocking

The method works well if the device is synced with iTunes on a computer; then, your iTunes backup can reset all the settings to default. Since it will put the device to a Recovery Mode, you can reset the passcode and unlock the iPad at your will. You will need a computer and the latest version of the iTunes app downloaded on it. Once you have secured the requirements, proceed to the steps below:

Step 1.
Launch the iTunes app on a computer and connect the iPad. If the device has Home and Power buttons, keep pressing them simultaneously. For an iPad without a Home button, press the Volume Up and Down buttons and then the Power button.
Step 2.
When iTunes detects the device, a prompt will appear on the screen. Choose the Restore option, then it will start the process automatically. Afterward, you can fully access the device and reset the password.
iTunes Unlock iPad Recovery Mode

Part 5. Use the Erase iPad Feature

The other methods mentioned above require a computer to unlock an iPad. What if you don’t have a Mac or PC? How will you reset the iPad to unlock it? Another option is to use Erase iPad, which shows up when you reach seven failed attempts. But this method requires more than the other solutions. The device must be an iPad OS 15.2 and later. Then, the Find My iPad is enabled, and you know your Apple ID credentials. Lastly, you must connect it to a stable WiFi network during the process. If you have all of these requirements, here are the steps on how to unlock an iPad without a passcode.

Step 1.
Ensure to back up your data before starting. Start to input wrong passcodes from the locked screen. Continue until other options appear.
Step 2.
Tap the Erase iPad button, and it will direct you to a new page. Input the required Apple ID credentials, then follow the other prompts until done. After restarting the device, it will be unlocked. Enter the new passcode and manage it so as not to forget it.
Erase iPad Enter Apple Password

Part 6. FAQs about Unlocking iPad without Passcode

How to unlock an iPad without an Apple ID?

Unlock an iPad without a passcode using the Recovery Mode via iTunes. You only have to keep pressing the Home and Volume Down buttons while the device is connected to a computer. When the prompt shows up, click the Restore button, then it will reset the device.

Can you override a locked iPad?

Bypassing an iPad is possible when it is signed in with your Apple account. What you need to do is to keep on inputting the wrong passcode on the locked screen. Then, tap the Erase iPad option and enter your Apple ID credentials. Remember that this option is only available on iPadOS 15.2 and later.

How do I manually reset my iPad?

If the device is glitching, which won’t allow you to enter the passcode, you can use force restart. To do it, press the Volume button near the top button, then quickly release it. Next, press the Volume button farther from the top button, then release. Lastly, hold the Top button, and the restart will begin.

How long will the iPad stay locked after a failed attempt?

The first six attempts will disable the device for a minute. For the seventh try, it will make a longer time limit of 15 minutes. When it appears, an option to erase the iPad is given. You can choose the option to unlock and restart the device to the default settings.

How do you change the passcode on an iPad?

Go to the Face ID & Passcode menu from the Settings app and tap the Change Passcode option. Input the new combination, then turn off the screen to try the new passcode.


Use every possibility to unlock your iPad without a passcode. This article showed the best options, which include the default ways: Recovery Mode, iTunes, and iCloud. If these options do not work, you can always rely on Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker, which will unlock iOS devices in one click. Try the best iPhone unlocker by downloading it on Mac or Windows.

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