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Retrieve Files for Different Scenarios with GetData Recover My Files and Alternatives

When you deleted some files by accident, you might search for "get my data" or "get my files" from searching engines. GetData Recover My Files should be the first result, which is versatile data recovery software to retrieve files from hard drive, camera card, USB, ZIP, floppy disk, iPod and other media in different scenarios.

Recover My Files Software

Is GetData Recover My Files a worthwhile data recovery tool? If you are looking for some solutions to get back the deleted files, lost formats, removed files by virus, Trojan infection and more, you can find the review for GetData Recover My Files and two best alternatives from the article.

GetData Recover My Files Review

GetData has a series of Data Recovery tools on Windows to restore photos, Emails, Word, Excel, CRW, ZIP, X3F and more. GetData Recover My File is the ultimate version, which is able to recover all documents, photos, video, music and emails. It was first released in 2002 for non-technicians to recover data with ease.

Recover My Files

Key Features of Recover My Files

How to use Recover My Files

Step 1 Download and install Recover My Files

Once you free download Recover My Files with the latest version, you can launch the program and run a wizard screen with two data recovery option, "Recover Files" and "Recover a Drive".

Download and install Recover My Files

Step 2 Choose "Recover Files" search

When the files are deleted by accident or formatted, you can select the "Recover Files" and choose the drive to search for and recover files from Hard driver, external driver for the deleted files.

Choose drive

Step 3 Select File Recovery options

After that you can choose Search for deleted files, or Search for deleted files, then search for selected "Lost File" types. It is recommended to use the Search for deleted files first if the files are accidently deleted.

Retrieve files

Step 4 Recover the deleted files

Click the files recovered from Recover My Files; you can preview the files if you are using the trial version. In order to get back the file, you have to purchase and activate the program beforehand.


2 Best GetData Recovery Files Alternative

What should be the alternative program to recover my data? Whether you are not satisfied with the Recover My Files price (US$69.95) or find a Recover My Files for Mac, you can find the alternative programs from the following list.

Aiseesoft Data Recovery

In order to recover almost all the deleted or lost files from computer, Aiseesoft Data Recovery should be the best Recover My Files alternative. It is more powerful in scanning deleted, lost or formatted files with fast speed. What is more, you can access to both Recovery My Files Mac and Windows version with less than half of the price.

How to retrieve deleted files with Data Recovery

Step 1 Download and install the latest version of Recover My Files alternative on your computer. Launch the program on your computer as the following screenshot.

Data Recovery

Step 2 Choose the file types and hard disk drives to retrieve files from computer or external hard drive. The data recovery supports image, document, email, audio, video and more.

Step 3 Scan and recover my data. There are two options, "Quick Scan" and "Deep Scan" that help you retrieve the deleted files or lost files in different scenarios.

Scan image type

Step 4 After scanning, you can get all the files listed in the interface. Just use the Filter feature to locate the deleted files with ease. If it does not work, you can try the "Deep Scan" to make sure you can get the file.

Deleted images

Once you get the desired files from the program, you can click on the "Recover" button to download the files from the data recovery to your computer.

Is there a Recovery My Files online alternative?

Whether you free download Recover My Files or other alternatives, it might replace the original track for the deleted files. Is there an online alternative to retrieve the deleted files?

Actually the online data recover of salvaging data from damage, corrupted or inaccessible storage media is not available. But the cloud storage service is able to backup data, which prevents any damage for the original data. When you take it into consideration, Google Drive is the Recover My File online alternative.

Google Drive is able to backup data in Android devices, iOS devices, Windows and Mac automatically. Even if you have some files on USB drive, HDD, or external hard drive, you can also save a backup on Google Drive. When the files are deleted by accident, you can use the online Recover My Files alternative to get them back. What is more important, Google Drive support a wide range of file formats, including image files, video files, audio files, text files, mark/code, Office files, PDF files, Adobe files, Autodesk AutoCad, Scalable Vector Graphics, PostScript, TTF, XML and RAW image files.

Google drive


Recover My Files is a data recovery to get back deleted and reformatted files on Windows. Whether you delete the files on your hard driver, or iPod device, the program is able to scan and retrieve the files. If you are looking for a Recover My Files alternative with a competitive price, or even a Mac version, Aiseesoft Data Recovery should be the best choice. There is no Recover My Files online alternative to recover deleted files, but you can backup the files on Cloud. If you have any other query about Recover My Files, you can feel free to inform more detailed information in the article.

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