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How to Transfer Android SMS Messages to iPhone

"I just bought my wife an iPhone 6s, but she wanted to transfer text messages from old Android to the new iPhone 6s. Is this possible? If so, how to back up Android SMS to iPhone?" - Jeff
Transfer Android SMS to iPhone

In daily life, many of you give up Android to iPhone for some reasons. Switching Android to iPhone is very easy with money. However, what about the data on Android? Also give it up? Many may say no. Especially for those special romantic messages from lovers, warm or encouraging text messages from friends, important messages from customer or colleague, most of you will not leave them behind on your old Android. Since you do not want to give up those text messages, then how to sync text messages to your new iPhone from Android? Read this post to get the easy way to transfer your Android SMS messages to iPhone.

How to back up text messages on Android to iPhone

In the following description of syncing Android text messages to iPhone, you are required to make it with four parts: export text messages from Android to PC, backup iPhone SMS messages to PC, merge iPhone and Android messages in one file, restore text messages on iPhone.

1. Back up Android text messages to computer

For saving text messages from Android to computer, you need to download an Android text message app to help you.

Step 1 Install and launch this program on your computer.


Step 2 Scan your Android on PC

Plug your Android to PC with USB cable, wait seconds for this program to detect your device automatically. Then click "Messages" for scanning the SMS messages on Android.

Scan Android SMS

Step 3 Back up Android messages

After finishing the scanning process, click "Messages" on the left side to preview the details on the right. Choose those you want to back up, and click "Recover" to download messages to PC for backup.

Recover Android Messages

You will find you have exported the text messages on Android to PC in the formats of CSV and HTML.

2. Export text messages from iPhone to PC with iTools

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable

Use USB cable to connect your iPhone to PC, and iTools will detect your iPhone automatically.


Step 2 Click "Toolbox" > "iTunes Backup/Restore" > "Backup" to choose your iPhone from the drop-down list of "Please select a Device to Backup" > Choose "New Backup" to save your iPhone SMS messages backup on your PC > Click "OK" to save the changes.

iTunes Backup/Restore

iTunes Backup/Restore



New Backup

New Backup

Step 3 Wait seconds for the SMS messages backup. Double-click your iPhone name in the pop-up window to enter the backup interface. Click "Messages" > Double click "sms.db" to view the iPhone SMS messages > Choose those messages you want to keep in your iPhone > Click "Export" to save the iPhone SMS messages on your PC in the format of CSV.

Find your iPhone backup

Find your iPhone backup

Doube-click "sms.db"


Export iPhone SMS messages

Export iPhone SMS messages

3. Merge iPhone and Android SMS into one file

By now, both your iPhone and Android SMS messages have been transferred to your computer, and they both share the CSV format. Navigate both SMS CSV file, open them, copy the Android messages from the CSV file. And paste them to the CSV file of iPhone SMS messages. You need to pay attention to the following points:

1. When you copy Android SMS messages to iPhone CSV file, you need to paste the Android SMS messages under the iPhone SMS messages without redundant lines.

2. After the copying process, click "Save as " and rename the merged file in CSV file. This is the important point for transferring Android messages to iPhone.

4. Transfer SMS messages from PC to iPhone

Back to iTools interface, click "Toolbox" > "iTunes Backup/Restore" > Find your iPhone and double-clcik it > "Messages" Double click "sms.db" > Tick "Phone Number" to choose all the text messages on iPhone > Click "Deleted" in the menu bar to clear all your existing iPhone SMS messages > Click "Import" in the same menu bar > "Import from CSV" to find your renamed merged CSV file with both Android and iPhone SMS messages > Click "Open" to transfer the SMS messages from Android and iPhone to your iPhone > Click "Synchronize to Device" to choose your iPhone > Click "Yes" in the prompt window to continue to restore SMS messages to your iPhone. Then your iPhone will restart automatically, and you will find Android messages are moved into your iPhone. And your iPhone messages are still safe in your iPhone.

Locate iPhone SMS

Locate iPhone SMS

Delete iPhone SMS

Delete iPhone SMS

Import new SMS backup

Import new SMS backup

This way seems a little complicated, but it is an efficient and cheap way. When you follow the way to transfer Android messages to iPhone, you need to be careful. But practice makes perfect. Try several times, and you will be skilled to teach your friends to transfer Android SMS to iPhone easily.

But when you buy a new Android phone, and sync Android contacts to Android, you will follow simple steps.

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