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How to Fix iPod is Disabled Connect to iTunes

"iPod is disabled connect to iTunes" happens to many iPod users. If your iPod says disabled and connect to iTunes, it means that iPod is completely locked down. This can be caused by many reasons. Mostly, your iPod touch is disabled by your kid or some snoopers who try to unlock your iPod and see what's going on, after guessing your iPod passwords six times in a row, iPod will be disabled and says "connect to iTunes" to you.

"So how can I unlock my disabled iPod?" Unfortunately, you can't. Once iPod says "iPod is disabled, Connect to iTunes", there is no way to unlock or bypass it. The only way you are able to fix this disabled iPod/iPod touch is to erase all data and settings, restore your iPod as a new one. In order to do this, you could restore iPod connecting to iTunes or without iTunes. If none of that works for you, you could also try to fix "iPod is disabled" issue with the "Fix iOS to normal" feature on FoneTrans. Continue to read and the learn how to fix "iPod is disabled, Connect to iTunes" in detail.

iPod is Disabled Connect to iTunes

Part 1. iPod is disabled? Connect to iTunes!

When iPod/iPod touch is disabled, iPod says connect to iTunes, which is an effective way to restore iTunes. You can follow the guide below:

Restore Disabled iPod with iTunes

Step 1Connect your disabled iPod/iPod touch to your computer.

Step 2Open iTunes and select your iPod

Step 3Click "Restore iPod" to begin the reset process. Wait for a few minutes, then you'll be taken through iPod setup process.

After this, your disabled iPod will be fixed as a new one. You could also choose to "Restore from iTunes backup" during the setup process if you have one.

Note: In order to connect to iTunes and fix iPod disabled, make sure that you've synced this disabled iPod with iTunes before, otherwise, you may get an error that says iPod cannot connect to iTunes because the iPod is locked with a passcode and end up in a loop. In that case, you may want to consider fix iPod is disabled issue without iTunes.

Solution 2. Restore disabled iPod via iCloud

iCloud enables you to restore iPod without access to computer. You can reset iPod with Find My iPod feature, as long as your disabled iPod was registered with your Apple ID and Find My iPod was enabled in the iCloud menu.


Step 1Visit on another computer or device, log in the same Apple ID associated with the disabled iPod, then Click "Find My iPod/iPhone".

Check the All Devices button

Step 2Check the "All Devices" button at the top of the window, and select your iPod that's disabled from the list.

Click Erase button

Step 3Click the "Erase" button and confirm, this will send a signal to your iPod to begin the reset process. After this, you can setup your iPod like new.

Note: To fix iPod disabled issue via iCloud will only work if the iPod is currently connected to wireless network. If your disabled iPod cannot be contacted by Find My iPod, you can try the other methods.

Solution 3. Fix my disabled iPod to normal

If you can't unlock iPod touch disabled using iTunes or iCloud, you could try to the fix function from the iOS recovery tool. FoneLab, a very useful iOS tool, recently prompts the "Fix iOS to normal" function, which can help you easily fix "iPod is disabled, Connect to iTunes". Firstly, download and run this software on your PC/Mac.

Step 1Find "Fix iOS to normal" and Connect iPod

After you launch FoneLab, click "More Tools" from the left menu, then "Fix iOS to normal" on the main interface. Click "Start" to fix the disabled iPod/iPod touch. You'll be told to connect iOS device to the computer via USB cable.

Fix Disabled iPod to Normal

Step 2Enter recovery mode

FoneLab will recognize the "iPod is disabled connect to iTunes" situation automatically. Click "Confirm", then you'll be lead into iPod Recovery Mode.

Fix iPod is Disabled through Recovery Mode

Step 3Restore disabled iPod

When your iPod enters recovery mode, you'll be asked to confirm iPod information, then click "Repair" button to download the repaired plug-in and restore iPod. Wait until it's finished, your iPod will boot up. You unlock the disabled iPod successfully.

Repair Disabled iPod

Note: With this method, you could solve not only iPod disabled issue, but also iPhone disabled or iPad disabled issue easily. Moreover, if you run into other problems with iOS device, such as iPhone stuck on Apple logo or iPad stuck in Recovery mode, you could also find solutions here.

Remember, there is no way to fix a disabled iPod without restore. If you want to disable iPod, I'm sure the solutions motioned above can help you. Of course, here I recommend you to fix iPod disabled with FoneLab, since it's convenient yet avoid "iTunes cannot connect to iPod" problem. Have more questions about "iPod is disabled connect to iTunes"? Leave your thoughts below.

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