Overview of What is AirWatch, Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons, and More

June 28, 2023Ashley Mae

Gone are the days when an organization relies upon traditional desktops and laptops. Today, hand-held devices became essential for communication, collaboration, and accessing business information. Even if you have one, managing and securing this type of device is daunting, especially with the diversified operating system, multiple applications, and potential security threats. When you want to empower administration with robust configuration, you can pick AirWatch.

But what makes the app best? Here we have listed all the information you need and its critical aspect to helping you manage a fleet of devices in the ever-evolving mobile landscape.

AirWatch Review

Part 1. AirWatch Review - Description, Key Features, Best Used For, Price, & More


AirWatch, developed by VMware, is a mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution designed to simplify device management and enhance security. It streamlines the onboarding process for enrolled devices, whether employee-owned (BYOD) or corporate-issued (COBO), providing a seamless experience for administrators and users. Administrators can remotely configure device settings and enforce security policies from a centralized platform, ensuring consistent and unified management. With AirWatch MDM, organizations can harness the full power of mobile technology while ensuring efficient operations and robust security.


Key Features:

AirWatch Pricing:

The AirWatch app offers a flexible pricing option that caters to different needs and budgets. The starting price is $ 4.33 per device monthly, allowing you to access the entry-level package. But if you want access to its full-featured cloud, you can have it at $ 9.33. In addition to the monthly pricing, the app offers an annual plan that starts at $50 per device, but you can purchase the $ 130 per device yearly with the addition of maintenance help and more.


  • AirWatch offers a wide range of features and capabilities for managing mobile devices.
  • It can meet small and big enterprises' required needs with high-volume devices.
  • The app supports cross-platform so that you can operate it on different devices.


  • It is not too easy to set up and configure it.
  • The prices for each plan should be lower.
  • Integration challenges.

What Is AirWatch Used For:

In summary, AirWatch mobile device management (MDM) offers the best way to manage and secure mobile devices, supports BYOD programs, enforces security, and measures compliance while gaining valuable insights through reporting and analytics that a business needs.

How to Use AirWatch on iOS Devices:

Now that you have created a server for your mainstream organization follow the tutorial below as we teach you how to enroll your iOS device into MDM AirWatch easily.

Step 1:
Download the AirWatch agent app from the AppStore and enter the organization server details and your credentials.
Step 2:
Once the device is enrolled, you will be prompted to accept the device management profile. Review the critical details that will appear and tap Install to proceed.
Step 3:
Complete the configuration by following the instruction and providing the necessary details.
Step 4:
With the app, you can navigate to the application section to browse and download the needed application. In addition to downloading, you can also update and remove applications as per organization policies.
Step 5:
Now that you have enrolled the iOS device to AirWatch, the administrator can manage and secure your device. If you ever encounter problems, issues, or questions about the restriction that has been applied, you can consult IT support.

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Part 3. FAQs about the AirWatch

Intune vs. AirWatch? Which one is better?

If you are looking for an app greatly integrated with Microsoft applications and Azure Active Directory, then Microsoft Intune MDM is the best choice. On the other hand, AirWatch offers better cross-platform support in different OS and devices. That is why it is important to consider these things before picking which MDM tool you should use.

Is AirWatch the cheapest MDM app?

No, the plan that AirWatch supports is by far the most expensive MDM you can use for management and security.

Can I access AirWatch on Windows?

Yes, you can access AirWatch on Windows devices, and you can even enroll Windows devices in the organization server to allow the Administrator or IT department to modify it that fits into the organization's guidelines.

Is VMware AirWatch easy to use?

Compared to other MDM applications on the market, VMware AirWatch is harder to set up, and its UI is not very intuitive, which means you will need to click a lot of things to be able to enroll a device into the server and set up needed for the Administrator in creating the server.

Can I restrict a mobile on AirWatch MDM without enrolling it?

You can not apply the policy or security and even manage a device not connected to AirWatch. The information above explains how you can easily enroll an iOS device into the organization server.


At last, we hope that this article opens your eyes to the AirWatch MDM. In creating a server here, you will need an expert touch because it is challenging compared to its alternatives on the market. However, its security level and management feature differs from the other application, which is why this app is unique. It proved that the IT department or the organization that handles it could easily manage a fleet of devices worldwide.

On the other hand, for those with a problem with the restriction set on MDM and other lock-related iOS problems, it is best to use the Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker to solve the problem in seconds. Are there other related problems with your device, system, or file format? You can mention that below or read the articles we have written that can solve your problem.

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