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How to Compress Audio File with the Best Audio Compression Software

I download many FLAC music files on my iPhone. But the file takes up too much space. I want to compress the audio file. Are there good audio compressors?
Audio Compressor

Audio Compressor

Compression is the word you can also meet when you want to put something in a smaller size. You can compress a MP4 video into a smaller size to save more space on your iPad. Also, you may wonder how to compress audio file to put more music on your ipod. Here we will introduce what is the audio compression, audio compressor software, and how to do with the audio compressor do for you.

Part 1: What is audio compression and compressor

According to Wikipedia, Audio compression (data), a type of lossy or lossless compression in which the amount of data in a recorded waveform is reduced to differing extents for transmission respectively with or without some loss of quality, used in CD and MP3 encoding, Internet radio, etc.

In signal processing, data compression, source coding, or bit-rate reduction involves encoding information using fewer bits than the original representation.

The tool that enables you to use to compress audio file is called compressor. There are different types of audio compressor in the market. Generally, they can be classified as a dedicated electronic hardware unit or audio software.

Part 2: Audio compressor

In this post, we only focus the audio compressor software, so that you can make the sound compression by yourself on your computer.

Video Converter Ultimate is the simple video and audio compressor. Free download this software here to start to learn how to make audio compression on your computer.

How to compress audio for the audio file

Step 1 After downloading this audio compressor, install, and run it on your computer. Click "Add File" to load your audio file.

Load Audio File

Step 2 Click "Settings" from "Profile" to make compression settings.

After making all settings, click "OK" to save the changes you made.


Step 3 Click "Convert" to start to compress the audio file you add.

Here three steps are enough for you to get the best audio compression.

What this audio compressor can do for you? Compress background audio in a video file.

How to compress background audio in a video file

The steps of making audio compression in a video file are similar to the above steps of audio compression. The difference can be the two points: Download the audio track of the video, and make the audio compression as mentioned before. And then add the compressed audio track to the video. Take the steps as below to add the compressed audio track to your video file.

Step 1 Add video file to Video Converter Ultimate

Load Movie File

Step 2 Click the plus button under the audio file to load the compressed audio file.

Add Audio Track

Step 3 Click "Convert" to start to put the compressed audio file into the video.

Conclusion: Audio compression can be as easy done by yourself with the software. For more ideas of compressing MP4 video file, please visit: How to compress MP4 file.

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