Top 3 JPG Compressors You Must Have to Compress JPG Without Quality Loss

JPEG, or JPG, is best used for sharing and downloading photos across the world wide web because of its compatibility to the table and the internet users. User-friendly, isn't it? On the contrary, the file size became a problem in the said format, and sharing it on the web became a problem for many. The solution to it is by compressing. Yet, picking a compressor for JPG could be a problem because it is lossy, so every time you squeeze, the quality is reduced.

But you wouldn't have a bad image if you used the compressors we wrought down. Here, we found and added the best JPG file compressors you can use to reduce the file size even if it is a lossy format. Better to read the information we add and pick.

JPG File Compressor

Part 1. Top 3 JPG Compressors You Must Have to Optimize the File Size of JPEG

Aiseesoft Free Image Compressor Online [Most Picked Compressor]

Aiseesoft Free Image Compressor Online

Aiseesoft Free Image Compressor Online is our recommended JPG image compressor you can access on the web and fix the problem. It is a reliable tool that optimizes the image to the maximum potential without degrading the quality of the JPEG you upload. You can access this web tool on any web browser on your Windows or Mac for free. Unlike another compressor online, this tool stands out because of the AI technology that makes the altercation on your file size easily and efficiently. Also, we can't disregard its compression performance since it is the fastest among any compressor we have used. Are you interested in using this online tool? If so, you can click the name of it to directly send you to the new tab, where you can use the tool to downsize your JPEG quickly and effectively.


  • It has an AI that analyzes and compresses the JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, and many more formats you upload.
  • Learning curve isn't stiff for new users who want to use this image compressor online.
  • The drag and drop feature and batch compression are supported here.
  • Compress your image here without any limitations.
  • Access the web tool on any web browser you have on any device.

Image Recycle

Recycle Image Compressor

Image Recycle can be your JPG and PNG size reducer you can use on any web browsers you have on your device. It does support other image formats such as GIFs and PDFs for you to compress any time using this tool. If you visit its official website, you can see that the tool is built as simple as possible to lessen the trouble for the other users who want to compress. The free version of this tool allows you to compress multiple images at once if needed; you can change the image size and remove the metadata. This online tool is the other available option. However, there is a limitation about this compressor if you use it. If you want to remove the limitation, you will need to purchase the licensed version of it. But overall, the online tool is easy to use, and accessing it is safe. We can assure you that!


  • It supports images in JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF extensions.
  • It can reduce the file on multiple images simultaneously without trouble.
  • You can resize and clear the metadata on the image you compress for the registered version.
  • The drag and drop feature to optimize the image is supported here.


  • You will need to purchase it to remove its limitations.
  • Its compression isn't as fast as the other compressors you can use.


EZ GIF JPG Optimizer

EzGIF is a multipurpose web tool you can access on the web, and you can use this as your image shrinker online JPG to reduce the size of any JPG you have. Yet, the name of it doesn't say it all because it is a GIF solution. As problems arise, this web tool adds other features that its users can use that aren't related to GIFs, like compressing and converting other image formats. Expect that its compressing is different from the tool we list here for it reduces the image quality factor to lower the size. Hence, try using this web tool to downsize your image by visiting its official website on your browser.


  • Free to use, and it supports other functionalities.
  • It can process an unlimited number of JPEGs on your device.
  • Learning how to use it won't consume time because it is user-friendly.


  • It doesn't support batch compression.
  • Images must be less than 50 MB.

Part 2. Which One Is the Best JPG File Compressors for 200kb to Smaller

In this part, we will provide how much compression and percentage can be applied to the image you upload on the online compressor we include here. With the sample JPG/JPEG with a 200kb file size, look at the result we found below to see which has provided the best compression amongst the online tool we add.

Name of the JPEG Online Compressor Used: Compressed Percentage Applied to 200kb JPG File How Much Size Has Been Reduced on 200kb JPG File JPEG Compressed Version [Final Output of the Compressed 200kb JPG File Uploaded to the Tool]
Aiseesoft Free Image Compressor Online 62.12% 129.82 KB 79.16 KB
Imagerecycle 54.4% 115.75 KB 94.24KB
EzGIF 48.18 % (Adjustable) 100.69 KB 108.31 KB

The data we present here is based on the facts of the compressed 200kb JPEG file we uploaded here. Percentage and the compressed version of your JPG might become different from the result we achieve here, especially if the file size of the JPEG you uploaded is different. Even though they are compressors you can access on the web, the performance they have are different from one another. We hope this test helps you identify which JPG file compressor you should use!

Part 3. FAQs on JPEG Compressors

Why does JPEG become blurry after compressing?

JPEG or JPG file uses lossy compression. With the compression being applied, some contents on the images are lost to over-compressing the file, which could result in bad quality. Compression helps minimize the file size, but overdoing it could worsen the imagery.

Is JPG transparent?

JPG doesn't support 1-color transparency, which means there will be a background on every image in this format. So, if you want 1-color transparency, you must use the PNG and GIF for these formats to support the said transparency.

What is the disadvantage of compressing JPEG?

After compression, you could lose some of the data in your JPEG, leading to pixelated imagery. Unlike compressing PNG and GIF, the quality will remain, for they use a lossless compression type.


With the JPEG image compressors we include in this article, you can easily pick out the best based on your preferences and results. If you aren't sure what to use, we highly suggest using the product of Aisee, for it has the best compression amongs the three and the quality remains high. Do you have queries on your mind that you want to share with us? Leave a comment down and share it now with us!

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