Does Amazon Photo Compress Photo or Does It Save the Original Quality

Are you having a problem because your hard drive is full and doesn't want to delete the images you have on your drive because they are essential to you? Cloud service could help you store the photos you cherish the most without expanding your hard drive. With it, you can easily back up your images alongside different platforms such as IDrive, Google Photos, Flickr, and Amazon Photos.

Does Amazon Photos compress photos? Typically this question still goes around the web several times. No wonder users ask these questions to ensure that the image they store is safe on the chosen service. Here, we will answer this question and help you figure out the answer if it does or not.

Does Amazon Photo Compress Photos

Part 1. Does Amazon Compress Your Photos When Uploading | The Answer You'll Ever Need

Amazon Photo allows its Prime member to store 5 GB of full-resolution images and videos, which is massive for some. Unlike the other cloud services you can use to store images, Amazon Photo offers you a lot that is an advantage once you become a member of it. Other than storing, you can order prints here with free shipping, sync the files, conveniently share, and organize it with different searches and filters. Now that you have become a member of it. You can now back up every image immediately to save more space or restore them if you accidentally deleted them.

Let's bring back to the original question, do Amazon Photos compress? The answer is no, for it retains the original resolution of the image you store. Even though you are a member or not, Amazon Photo will never add compression to the image you upload or sync here, even if the subscription is expired.

Part 2. How to Store More Images If You Don't Want to Compress Images [2 Methods]

Method 1. Pay for the Prime member

Most users want to expand their storage and don't like the idea of Amazon image compression to open up some space in this cloud service. Mainly, the quality of the compressed image will be affected after you compress it as it reduces the bitrate, sample rate, channel, pixels, etc. But did you know that you purchase storage on Amazon Photo so you can store more images and videos here? You can visit its official website to open your account and purchase Amazon's plan. Its starting price will be $1.99/monthly with 100GB, but there are other plans with a higher value with more monthly storage.

Method 2. Try Another Photo Storage Cloud Service

Considering that you don't like the idea of availing of an Amazon plan, what should you do to store more images? You can use numerous cloud services to store images, such as the table we add below. Please read them carefully and choose which you think fits your needs.

Cloud Services for Storing Images: Free Version Capacity Maximum Capacity of the Subscribed/Premium Version
Google Photos 15 GB 30 TB
Flickr 1,000 images Unlimited
iCloud 5 GB 2 TB
Dropbox 2 GB Unlimited
Microsoft OneDrive 5 GB 1 TB
IDrive 5 GB 5 TB

To access the maximum capacity of the said cloud storage services, you must purchase the plan. But if the free version capacity is sufficient for your needs, then you can create an account to store other images in the said services on the chart.

Bonus: Want to Compress Photos for Amazon for Free? Come & Read This Part!

Does Amazon Photo compress photos? It has already been answered here, but did you know that the smartest way to store more images on Amazon Photo is by compressing them? The tool we will introduce here can compress multiple images you want to store on Amazon Photo while preserving the original quality of it.

Aiseesoft Free Image Compressor Online allows any users to squeeze the images they have instantly without compromising the quality of the photos uploaded in here. It changes the size, but the quality will remain. You can upload the JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, and BMP and compress them simultaneously. With its AI technology, this is undoubtedly the best Amazon Photo compressor you must use. Want to try using this online tool for free? Copy the steps we add below as we guide you on compressing the images you have in here!

Step 1:
You can open the official image compressor online by clicking this link. No need to worry; this image compressor is safe and can be opened on different web browsers you have.
Step 2:
On the official web compressor, click the Upload Image to add the photos you want to compress. You can drag and drop the files if the images are two or more.
Add Image to Compress
Step 3:
Now that you have uploaded the images, the tool will automatically compress the image based on the algorithm of the images.
Compressing Process
Step 4:
After that process, click the download button to have the image you compressed here. You can easily upload compressed images on Amazon Photos with more space.
Download Compressed Image

Part 4. FAQs Does Amazon Photo Compress Photos

Do images I store on Amazon Prime delete after the membership?

When your subscription ends or you cancel it, you will still have 5 GB of free storage for the images you store here. You can access them freely as long as you have the account, even though it is not premium.

Why are images still syncing to Amazon Photos?

Because you activate the Auto-Save feature on the settings, every image on your device will be automatically backed up to Amazon Photos. You can open the Settings, find the Auto-Save option and turn it off to stop the syncing happening on your Amazon Photos.

Why do images become blurry after uploading them on Amazon Photos?

Amazon Photos doesn't apply compression to the images you upload here, no matter how big the file size. You can upscale the image if you want to make your images better. To upscale the image you have on your drive and upload the high-quality one on Amazon Photos, you can use the Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online for it is the solution you will ever need.


The question about does Amazon Photo compress photos is solved with the thorough research we add in this article! We hope that you have learned the important information you'll need about Amazon Photo and the ways you can use to downsize the file you have to free up some space. Do you have other questions regarding this topic or suggestions? Let's check that out by adding a comment below so that we can talk about it!

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