GIMP Resize Images Without Losing Quality: Step by Step Tutorial

The size of an image is essential, especially when posting them on a website or sending them via email. It will determine how much time will be spent on sending your pictures. If your photos are too large, expect the process to take ages when you send them via email. The same goes with when trying to view pictures on a website. Usually, the images with a large file size take so much time to load, which is inconvenient.

Therefore, many users want to resize their photos to smaller sizes. You might be thinking of Photoshop. Yet, this program comes with a price to use its full service. If you prefer a free program that works like Photoshop, look no further than GIMP. We will demonstrate how to resize images without losing quality in GIMP. Read on to get the necessary information.

GIMP Resize Image

Part 1. How to Use GIMP to Resize Images

GIMP is the most famous open-source photo editing tool globally. It is jam-packed with a comprehensive array of features to amend professional-quality photos. You can find here customizable brushes, layers of images, and filters for fine-tuning pictures. On top of that, it comes with image-enhancement tools to improve photos with less human intervention. Not to mention, the program is expandable, meaning users may install plugins to the program, making it more functional. On the other hand, follow the procedure below to learn how GIMP resizes images.

Step 1:
Firstly, get the program from its official website and install it. After that, launch it on your computer to see its working interface.
Step 2:
Next, add the photo you wish to resize to a small file size. Hit the File menu and select Open. Then, browse through your target photo. Alternatively, you can drag the image to the program's interface to add it.
Add An Image
Step 3:
Now, go to Image > Scale Image. From the Scale Image dialog box, you can modify the image size, quality, etc. Enter the new dimension of the photo and change the resolution as necessary to reduce the file size. Select Cubic under the Interpolation option to resize without losing quality.
Scale Image Dialog
Step 4:
Lastly, hit the File menu and select Save As. Then, select a file folder where you wish to save the edited photo.
Save Edited Photo

Part 2. Alternative Tools to GIMP to Resize an Image

1. Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online

If you do not want to compromise your picture quality, reducing the size of your photo with Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online is your best option. That is feasible because the program is equipped with AI technology that shrinks photos while keeping its quality. Moreover, it enables you to constrict multiple photos at once because the program supports batch processing. In fact, you can upload and resize up to 40 images at the same time.

As for the uploading capability, you can directly drag your photos to the tool's interface for your convenience. Also, you can process any image format using the program without any problem at all. Beyond all these, the file size reduction can reach 80-90%. Here are the steps to learn more about how the program works and use it as an alternative to GIMP to resize images.

Key Features:

Step 1:
isit the program's website using your favorite browser. Once you get to the home page, hit the Add Images button and select the pictures you wish to resize.
Add Images
Step 2:
Then, the photos will be automatically resized to smaller file sizes. In the result section, you will see the new size of the picture and the file percentage reduction.
Result Section
Step 3:
To download photos one by one, hit the Download button associated with your target photo. To save all the compressed images, tick the Download All button.
Download Resized Photos

2. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is another alternative to GIMP. Likewise, it comes with a wide array of tools and features for editing images. The program offers an image viewer, batch editing, and an inbuilt screen capture tool. More importantly, it hosts an extensive collection of filters and effects you may apply to enhance and improve photos. The program is dedicated to beginners due to its simple interface, making it easy to navigate. That is important because not everyone is an expert in photo editing. On the other hand, here is how to resize images without losing quality in the GIMP alternative.

Step 1:
Download and install PhotoScape on your computer. Then, open it to see its running interface. You will see the computer folder navigation from the main interface, where you can directly add your photos to the program.
Photoscape Main Interface
Step 2:
After selecting your photo, click on your chosen picture, and it will appear in the editing area. Below the image is its current size.
Work Area
Step 3:
On the right-side panel, you will see the editing options. Select the Resize option from here, and the resizing tools will appear. Now, enter the new dimension and resolution. If you are delighted with the resulting size, hit Apply.
Resize Photo

Part 3. FAQs About GIMP

How do I reduce file size on my Mac?

GIMP is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Hence, you can use GIMP to resize a photo on your Mac. On the other hand, Mac comes with a preview tool and offers a resizing option. The program is called Preview.

Does resizing have an effect on the file size of the image?

es. When you decrease an image's size, the photo's pixels also decrease. However, the decrease is very considerable. The same goes when you resize to a large file size. The number of pixels is increased.

Can I resize photos in a batch?

s. Most photo resizers offer bulk processing. You can use Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online to resize photos in batches without downloading anything. On the other hand, PhotoScape can handle multiple images.


We do not consider the file size sometimes, but it plays an integral part when posting photos online or sending them via email. Hence, it is vital to have a photo resizer, like GIMP, handy. On that note, we prepared a GIMP to resize image tutorial to help you operate the tool well. Yet, if you wish to use excellent alternatives, you can opt for the latter solutions.

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