How to Reduce Photo File Size (Online, Desktop, & Mobile)

You may want to free up some memory space on your device to reduce the file consumption and for a better performance of your device. Meanwhile, you do not have to delete your precious photos because you can significantly reduce space consumption by resizing them. You read it right. Freeing up space will not cost you your valuable photos. If you wish to learn how to reduce a photo's file size, look at the programs below.

Here, we will break down the list of the best programs for resizing photos. There is an app for online, desktop, and mobile users. Continue reading and discover their capabilities.

Reduce Photo File Size

Part 1. How to Reduce Photo Size Online for Free

First, we have Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online. It is a web-based program that helps users directly shrink or reduce photos' file size from the web page. That means there is nothing to install on your device using this tool. It helps constrict pictures without affecting the quality of the photo. That is possible because a different algorithm is applied when processing pictures. It makes compression fast with excellent quality.

Aside from that, you can also shrink photos in bulk, which is helpful if you are dealing with multiple photos. Not to mention, you can upload and process up to 40 images simultaneously. Additionally, the compression will be done in seconds. Know how to reduce a photo file size by reading the tutorial below.

Key Features:

Step 1:
Go to the program's main page with a browser you commonly use. Type the tool's link on the address bar to enter the home page. Next, click the Add Images button and upload your target photo using the double-click action.
Add Photo to Resize
Step 2:
After uploading photos, the tool will automatically resize them within seconds. The existing and new file sizes of the pictures will be shown here.
Resize Photo
Step 3:
When your photo is resized, save and download it on your computer. You can download it individually by clicking the Download button associated with the photo. Or save in bulk by hitting the Download All button.
Download Resize Photo

Part 2. How to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

JPEG Compressor is a great program that will help you easily reduce photo file size on Windows 10. The program features automatic compression. There is less human intervention when compressing photos. It is pretty challenging to optimize photos with large file sizes. Thankfully, the program comes with a Graphic Detail Quality Equalizer. The five bands in the equalizer allow you to tune the compression level to gain better results in changing the image details with different sizes. Discover how to reduce the photo file size by reading below.

Step 1:
Obtain the tool from its official webpage. After successfully downloading the program, launch it on your computer.
Step 2:
Next, upload a photo by navigating to File > Open. Once your file folder is opened, select the photos you wish to resize.
Import Picture
Step 3:
The photo then will be resized automatically to a smaller file size. You can adjust the Compression Levels at the bottom or customize the Detail Quality Equalizer to gain your desired output.
Adjust Compression Level
Step 4:
To save the shrunk photo, go to File and choose Save As. Set a file destination to save it where you can quickly locate it.
Save Reduced Photo Size

Part 3. How to Reduce Photo Size on Mac

Perhaps you want to reduce the photo size on Mac. There is no need for you to download a third-party tool because macOS comes with a Preview that enables you to resize photos. In other words, Preview is an inbuilt photo viewer on Mac. It supports famous formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD. Moreover, this program works with Google photos to reduce file size. That is possible because you can save your photo to JPEG, PNG, or PSD files. Otherwise speaking, it operates like an image converter. Now, here is a simplified guide on how to reduce photo size on Mac using this tool.

Step 1:
Boot up your Mac computer and launch the Preview app.
Step 2:
Navigate to File > Open. Then, select your target photo from the Finder.
Step 3:
After that, go to Tools and select Adjust Size. A dialog box will then appear.
Open Resize Option
Step 4:
From the drop-down menu next to the Width and Height fields, select Percent to resize the image by percentage. Then adjust the Width and Height fields afterward.
Adjust Photo Dimension
Step 5:
After resizing the photo at the bottom of the dialog box, you will see the resulting dimension and file size. Hit OK to finish the process.
Save Resized Photo

Part 4. How to Reduce Photo Size on iPhone

Image Resize is an iOS mobile app that allows you to reduce photo size on your iPhone. You can change the size of your photos by pixel, millimeter, centimeter, and inch. Furthermore, you could adjust basic settings, including filter, effect, blur & focus, etc. On top of that, the tool lets you quickly share your reduced photos to different media platforms. In addition, it is great for printing or sharing with your peers. The only comment we have is the ads loaded in the program. If it is not a deal-breaker, then you can use this program. Follow the steps below to learn how to reduce photo size on iPhone.

Step 1:
Install the program from the App Store. Right after, run the program on your iOS device.
Step 2:
From the home screen, tap on the Image icon and all the access to your phone album. Then, select your desired photo to resize.
Step 3:
Choose a parameter for how you want to resize the photo. Then, set the value for the required field. Then, you will see the new photo size at the bottom of your screen. That is how to reduce the file size of photos on the iPhone.
Image Resize iPhone

Part 5. How to Reduce Photo Size on Android

From the name itself, Photo Compress shrinks the photo's size. You may also adjust the compression level to your desired rate. Using its slider, you can easily do it, and there is an indicator attached to it, allowing you to be informed regarding the photo's quality. Over and above, the photo offers batch compression to process multiple photos at once. On the other hand, here is how to reduce photo file size on an Android phone.

Step 1:
Get the tool from the Play Store on your Android phone. Launch the tool afterward.
Step 2:
Then, hit Gallery from the home screen and choose your target photo.
Step 3:
Next, select Compress Image and adjust the slider on the next window. Finally, press the Compress button to start the process.
Photo Compress Android

Part 6. FAQs About Resizing Photo File Size

How do you reduce the MB size of a photo?

If you've been meaning to learn how to reduce the MB size of a photo, you can use Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online to make the file smaller. What is excellent about this tool is that a different algorithm is applied so the photo's original quality is retained.

Can I convert a photo from MB size to KB?

Yes. Numerous programs enable you to reduce the file size from MB size to KB. On some tools, you can set the value for the compression level and change the image format, resulting in a smaller file size.

Does the compression process reduce the quality of the photo?

Unfortunately, yes. Compressing a photo has an impact on its quality. However, you can prevent any further quality reduction when using a tool with the latest AI technology, like Aiseesoft image compression.


If you wish to free up more space on your device. Whether on your desktop or touch-enabled device, the tools discussed above will help you reduce photo's file size. Meanwhile, you can choose the right program according to your preferences. You can use an online tool to process without downloading anything. Yet, you could switch to desktop apps if the internet connection is an issue. Now, for those who are accustomed to handheld devices, you can use mobile software to shrink the file size of a photo from the comfort of your smartphone.

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