Imagify Review - High-Profile and Low-Cost Image Optimization Tool

A lot of times, it is necessary for us to optimize photos, especially when building a website. It is always recommended to keep your images at a small file size yet with good quality. This action will help your website perform better when the photos load faster. Most websites have images or photos on their pages to transform them into a piece of art, providing a better user experience.

However, images with a bunch of elements make it difficult for the website to load them. The performance can be affected. Therefore, you need an optimizing tool, like Imagify, to help you with this issue. This image optimization tool will help you optimize photos contributing to the short website loading times. On the other hand, we will deeply review this program. Continue reading to learn more.

Imagify Review

Part 1. What is Imagify

Brief Introduction to Imagify

It is detrimental to attracting and retaining web visitors when your site is slow in loading its content. When the site has media content or pictures, these can really slow down to load. Imagify is one of those tools that are fundamental for optimizing photos. This program can significantly reduce the size of the photo, which is associated with the speed of loading times of your website.

Imagify is a web-based image optimization app that can help you make your images lighter without sacrificing their quality. Your photos will maintain their beautiful appearance while speeding up your website's loading times. Thus, when you need to optimize programs for impressive and fast-loading content, Imagify can be a helpful tool for you. Find out this Imagify plugin review pricing by reading below.

Imagify Interface

Imagify Pricing

Imagify comes with three plans, including Starter, Infinite, and Growth. Their starter is what they call their free version of the program. Approximately 200 images can be optimized using this plan or 20 MB every month. Although there is no payment associated with this plan, the size optimization is limited to 20 MB per month. The Infinite plan comes with an unlimited file size you can optimize. This plan costs you $9.99 monthly, but it is $99.9 yearly.

However, if you do not use the tool regularly, you can subscribe to their Growth plan. It is $4.16 monthly and $46.9 yearly. It allows you to optimize photos limited to 500 MB or approximately 5 000 images. For every additional GB, users will have to pay $5. Overall, Imagify is worth the investment for resizing photos without losing the image quality.

Pricing Plans Imagify

Platform Supported

Imagify runs on a web browser. Therefore, any user can utilize it no matter their operating system. The program supports Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc. In other words, you may use this tool provided you can access the internet and a browser. Then, you can optimize photos for the web without any issue.

Key Features of Imagify

Imagify comes with useful and practical features an image optimization tool should possess. Please take a look at its key features below.

Part 2. Imagify In-Depth Review

Users Review

From a perspective of a user, our verdict is Imagify is a prominent program living its claim, or it walks the talk. The program comes with an intuitive interface for smooth and not complicated navigation. This web app is the go-to solution for optimizing web pictures and content for an excellent user experience and website better performance. As soon as your photo is uploaded, the program optimizes them to smaller file sizes while keeping the quality. Most of all, the tool shares the tool's original and optimized file size for the user's reference.

What we also love about the program is that it does not compress photos much. There is no impact on the quality of the photo. There are also output options for resizing images, keeping exifs, and converting PNG to JPG, making the program functional and valuable.

Optimize Photos


  • It offers practical output options.
  • Resize images by entering new values for dimension.
  • Choose between lossless and smart optimization options.
  • You can conduct single and batch processing.
  • Optimize web pages via a CDN or URL.
  • Download optimizes individually or compiles them in a ZIP file.
  • It can display your optimization history.


  • Auto convert PNG to JPEG feature is exclusive to Pro accounts.
  • Occasional errors when optimizing photos.

Part 3. Excellent Imagify Alternative

You will agree with us when we say that Imagify cannot offer a complete ability for its users. There may be some flaws that become the reason for you to look for an Imagify alternative. That said, allow us to introduce Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online. This program is long-running and thus, proves its efficiency and effectiveness.

Likewise, the program is a web-based tool that can compress up to 90% of the original size of your photos. The program is infused with an AI technology that is not present in most image optimization tools. Not to mention, it can compress multiple pictures at once while keeping their quality. And yes, it can also download compressed images in bulk. Indeed, Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online is an excellent Imagify alternative.

Image Alternative Interface

Part 4. FAQs About Imagify

Is Imagify safe to use?

Imagify optimization program is safe to use and secure. It is built to be safe on all devices for the privacy and security purposes of the users.

Is Imagify free?

Yes, but not entirely. You can use the free program of the tool. However, there are some limitations. On the other hand, you may check out their plans if you are serious about using this tool for optimizing your photos and page content.

What is Imagify in WordPress?

Imagify can be integrated directly into WordPress to optimize the images and reduce the weight of the photos you add to your website. It has the top-notch optimization options for resizing and compressing images. It means you can use its features directly in WordPress when adding photos.


There you have it! Immerse yourself in the Imagify review by reading the discussion above. We can all admit that Imagify is an excellent program for compressing and optimizing photos on your site. We also have Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online as the best alternative. Share your experience using these tools with us, and feel free to voice your opinions.

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