Fix 100% Disk Usage via Troubleshooting & Downloading Third-party Apps

Does your computer suddenly slows down, freeze, or is unresponsive to your command and notice that the disk is 100%? For sure, it is a frustrating experience for any user to happen since it can affect the overall performance of your desktop. When this happens, even opening files or browsing the internet takes more time to load up. This problem occurs due to various factor majority on your disk drive. So, in this article, we will discuss what 100% disk usage is, what causes it, and ways to fix the problem to solve the problem immediately.

100 Percent Disk Usage

Part 1. What Does 100% Disk Usage Mean and Its Consequences

When your computer is in 100% disk usage, it means that the full storage of your device is fully utilized, and there is no available capacity to do other operations. It only occurs when your computer performs multiple tasks that require reading or writing data, such as running multiple programs simultaneously, performing intensive operations, and viruses.

With that being said, having a 100% can result in slow performance, high response time, unresponsiveness, difficulty in multitasking, and increasing boot time. That is not a good thing to happen to your computer, especially if you need a well-performing device. When this happens, you must troubleshoot your computer to see the underlying hardware or software problems.

Part 2. How to Fix 100% Disk Usage on Windows and Linux Using Different Process

100 disk usage on Windows 10 and Linux does happen compared to Mac since many users do multiple tasks on the said operating system. So, if you are experiencing this problem, we better start troubleshooting it by following the steps we have added here.

1. Startup Programs

Some application automatically launches and run into the background, which consumes disk resources. That is why you must open the Task Manager on your device by pressing the Control + Alt + Delete on Windows or Control Shift Esc on Linux. Afterward, go to Startup, right-click all the unnecessary programs to start, and press Disable.

2. Malware/Viruses

Malware and viruses consume a large part of your disk resource that can cause disk usage on Linux and Windows. You can detect and remove any malicious programs downloaded to your computer that might cause the problem by performing a scan using a reliable antivirus.

3. Windows Search-Indexing

Indexing files on your computer can result in high disk usage. You can stop or disable the services to at least reduce the disk activity and the strain on your computer disk. Go to the Task Manager, open the Services tab, select Windows Search or Indexing Services, right-click on it, and select Stop or Disable, depending on the icon that may appear.

4. Virtual Memory

Virtual Memory is page files that consume a portion of your hard drive used as a physical extension on RAM. Due to needing to be optimized, it can cause excessive disk usage that can add strain to your disk.

5. Disk Driver

An outdated driver can contribute to high usage, so you must update or upgrade it to the latest one. You can go to the manufacturers' website and download the storage-related drivers.

6. Windows Update Delivery Optimization

Thru Windows Update Delivery Optimization, you can download the updates from PCs on your local network or the internet. With it, disk resources consume more which affects disk usage. Disabling this feature can minimize disk activity related to Windows updates.

7. Disk I/O

By monitoring the disk activity thru applications, you can identify which causes the high usage. If disk usage on Linux happens, you can use an app such as iotop or dstat.

Part 3. Best Windows Data Cleaner and Manager to Free Up Space on Your Computer

1. CCleaner

CCleaner is a 100 percent disk usage Windows 10 solution you can download to remove temporary files, cache, cookies, and other unnecessary data gathered from different sources on apps and browsers. It also includes a registry cleaner to optimize the Windows registry whenever needed. Aside from that, you can also use the customization option available here and the additional features such as uninstallation and startup management.


2. Clean Master

Clean Master is an Android application to clean your system, but now you can download it on your computer to clean unnecessary files from your system. It helps users to remove junk files, temporary, and other data so that you can free up their storage and avoid the high disk usage happening again. Even though it can be downloaded on Windows, its feature is limited compared to Android. That is another reason why users choose this last.

Bleach Bit

3. BleachBit

BleachBit is an open-source data cleaner you can download when high disk usage on Windows 10 happens. Plus, this app will fit your needs if you prioritize security and privacy. Like the previous one, it can delete additional files and data saved on your computer entirely free. It offers many cleanup options, but the UI of it could be more transparent and more manageable to non-advanced users. But if you master using it, you will have a great tool to clean up your Windows device.

Clean Master

Bonus: How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Data on PC & macOS

Aiseesoft Data Recovery can be used to recover those mistakenly deleted data. This application can thoroughly scan all your system and load up all the data that can be recovered. Since your hard drive is connected to your PC or macOS, scanning and recovering the files here is a piece-of-a-cake task.

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Aside from doing multiple quick and deep scans, all recoverable files can be previewed before exporting. Want to have this data recovery on Windows or Mac? If so, click the download button below and recover all the data on your desktop.

Aiseesoft Data Recovery

Part 4. FAQs about 100% Disk Usage

Will changing my hard drive to SSD helps with the 100% disk usage?

You can improve your PC's overall performance with the upgraded hard drive version. Knowingly, SSDs are faster and more efficient than traditional hard drives, and since they can read and write data faster, many users love this. However, changing the drive is a complex task, and specifications are needed, so it is better to ask for professional assistance.

Can I check disk storage on Mac?

You can use About This Mac since it is the built-in program to access and display your macOS storage on screen. Additionally, you can see which files consume more based on their legends with different colors. Checking disk storage on Mac is essential, allowing you to see the activity of your macOS and what action you can take to free it up.

Does restarting the PC reduce the 100% disk usage?

When you restart a PC, you can reduce the disk usage; however, if there are many startup applications, the 100% disk usage will happen again. Though restarting does not contribute much to speeding up your PC, it is still a good option if you want to at least speed it up since it closes other running software automatically.


100 disk storage is a problem that can be solved with the tutorial and the different approaches we have mentioned. Here, we hope your PC or Linux works faster after doing the steps we teach you. If you have deleted your files accidentally and have no way to retrieve then we suggest you use the app we have mentioned here to retrieve deleted files.

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