2 Ways to Get Rid of Documents and Data on iPhone

Larger storage capacity is quite a big need for smart phones. iPhone 12 starts at 64GB, and iPhone 12 Pro Max offers 128GB, 256GB, and 512 GB options available for users who want more space. Even so, while the daily usage of your iPhone, you still need to free up space on it.

Are you surprised by something called Documents & Data which takes a lot of storage on your iPhone? Want to know more about how to delete documents and data on iPhone?

This post will mainly talk about how to get rid of these documents and data on iPhone. You can learn more useful information about Documents and Data iPhone. In addition, we like to guide you remove and clear these files from your iPhone to get more storage space.

Delete Documents and Data on iPhone

Part 1. Documents and Data on iPhone

While the using of your iOS device like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, some extra data like downloaded images, audio tracks and videos, cookies, caches, logs info, and more will be collected by app and stored in its Documents and Data folder.

Documents and Data

In general, there are two types of Documents & Data on iPhone. One document and data is the app caches, saved files, login details, and related data. The other one is the iCloud created files for the app. Both of them will take up space of your iOS device.

For better user experience or other reasons, apps will collect various data. In that case, many apps may have a large Documents & Data storage consumption. So, you can see these data tends to be very heavy on caches. Because of that, many iOS users like to clear documents and data to free up storage space on iPhone.

Part 2. Common Way to Delete Document and Data on iPhone

It can be frustrating to find that you're running low on storage, or you get the prompt that Storage Almost Full or iPhone Storage Full. In that case, you need to manage apps and delete unwanted document and data on iPhone.

Step 1.
Go to Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down to locate the General option. Tap on it and then choose the iPhone Storage.

When you get there, you can see clearly about how much of your iPhone storage you're currently using, and how much each app running out of storage space. Apple will list some storage-saving recommendations, ordered from largest to smallest.

Step 2.
Tap the specific app and you can see how much storage it is using. To remove document and data on iPhone, you should tap on Delete App option.
Delete App

With the same method, you can delete large apps one by one. After that, you can go to App Store to re-install them back. You can enable the Offload Unused Apps feature to automatically free up your iPhone storage.

To manually delete some document and data on iPhone, you can also remove caches, histories, cookies, site data, and more from Safari, manage and delete useless messages, emails, pictures, videos, and songs, and so on.

Part 3. Better Solution to Remove Document and Data from iPhone

To better manage your iPhone storage and remove unwanted files, you can rely on the powerful iPhone data eraser, FoneEraser. It provides you with many erasing solutions to delete document and data on iPhone, remove junk files, erase large files, clean up photos, uninstall apps, and more.




  • Easy delete documents and data on iPhone, iPad or iPod safely.
  • Erase a variety of iPhone contents and settings permanently.
  • Support messages, call logs, calendars, notes, media files, apps, documents and settings.
  • Offer three erasing levels to delete various iOS data selectively.
  • Clean up hidden files, large files, gathered app data, and more to free up more space.
  • Support multiple iOS devices like iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/X/8, iPad Pro/Air/mini, and all iOS versions including iOS 17/16/15/14/13.
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Step 1.
To clear documents and data on iPhone, you should first free download, install and run this iPhone data eraser on your computer. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows 10/8/7 PC.
Step 2.
Now you can connect your iPhone to it with a USB cable. You need to tap Trust on iPhone and enter passcode to trust the computer.
Step 3.
After connecting successfully, you can see your iPhone appears on the left panel. You are provided with 3 erasing levels to erase your iPhone data, Low, Middle, and High.
Erasing Level
Step 4.
Choose the Free up Space tab from the left panel to get rid of documents and data on iPhone. Some information about your iPhone storage info will be displayed, including used space, available space and capacity. During this step, you can click More Info to get more detailed information. Click Quick Scan button to move on.
Quick Scan
Step 5.
When the iPhone scanning is finished, you can view the total storage of the junk files, applications, large files and photos. Click the Erase button to remove them from your iOS device.

With its help, you can easily manage your iPhone storage and delete caches, junk files, large files, and more. You don't need to delete app to free up iPhone space.

Part 4. FAQs of Documents and Data iPhone

Question 1. What happens if I delete documents and data from iCloud?

You are allowed to directly remove documents and data from your iCloud account. But it only deletes documents and data stored on iCloud. Nothing will change on your iPhone. It won't free up space on your iPhone.

Question 2. How to reset all content and settings on iPhone?

To free up your iPhone storage, you can also choose to reset all content and settings. Open Settings app, tap General and scroll down to locate the Reset option. Tap on it and then choose the Erase All Content and Settings. During this step, you are required to enter your Apple ID password to confirm the resetting.

Question 3. How to clear Safari caches on an iPhone?

To remove Safari caches on your iPhone, you can go to Settings app, choose Safari, tap Clear History and Website Data option, and then tap it again to confirm your operation.


Hope you can learn more information about Document and Data on iPhone after reading this page. 2 methods are offered for you to remove these files and better manage your iPhone storage. When your iPhone is running out of space, you can select the recommended iPhone data eraser to erase useless files with ease.

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