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How to Clear Document and Data on iPhone and Free up Space

Every time your iPhone become so slow that you want to smash it, you can always try to clean up iPhone storage. When you check for the storage space taken by the apps on iPhone/iPad, you may be surprised by something called "Documents & Data" on iPhone, which takes a lot of storage on your devices, sometimes even bigger than the app itself. Do you know how to clear documents and data on iPhone?

So what is this mysterious "Documents and Data" on iPhone? How to delete documents and data on iPhone? Continue to read and find the answer.

Documents and Data on iPhone

Part 1. How to delete Documents and Data on iPhone/iPad

At the first part of this article, we will show you how to clear Documents & Data on iPhone. Whether the iPhone Documents and Data is stored on third-party apps or iCloud, you can find the suitable way to clear them and free up space.

How to delete iPhone Documents and Data stored by third-party apps

There are two simple methods to clear Documents and Data stored by third-party apps on iPhone. Choose your preferred one to delete the unnecessary iPhone Documents and Data.

Method 1. Delete and re-install app

One quick way of clearing "Documents and Data" on iPhone is to simply delete the app and re-install it back. This may not make a lot of sense. But Apple doesn't offer better solution to manually delete caches and app data. Here is how to clear "Documents & Data" on iPhone.

Reinstall App to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone

Step 1 Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Storage & iCloud Usage", look under "Storage" section and choose "Manage Storage". Here you can see all apps.

Step 2 Tab on the application that have "Document & Data" you want to delete, choose "Delete App" under "Documents & App" section.

Step 3 Now go to the App Store, and re-install the app you just deleted. Once it finishes downloading, return to the same Storage screen and you will find the documents and data has been cleared out.

Method 2. Delete data if possible

You can also consider deleting documents and data on iPhone app by app, as some applications provide the option to clear documents and data. In order to do this, open the applications one by one, and find the corresponding option in every app. For example, you can go to Facebook to remove browsing data, or login YouTube to delete watch history and search history.

How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone

But keep in mind that some data files cannot be deleted with this option. Also, if you have many applications on iPhone/iPad, the process can be very time consuming.

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How to delete Documents and Data on iPhone (from iCloud in iOS)

The other type of "Documents and Data" is stored in iCloud, and it's the type of Documents & Data that users can directly delete without having to remove the entire app first. With iCloud Documents and Data, the storage burden isn't really on the device itself, it's in iCloud, so most users won't need to manually delete Documents & Data from iCloud and apps storing that data there. Nonetheless, here is how you can delete Documents and Data from iCloud in iOS:

How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone

Step 1 Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Storage & iCloud Usage", look under "iCloud" section and choose "Manage Storage".

Step 2 Scroll down until you see "Documents & Data" section, then tap on the app you want to remove the "Documents & Data" from.

Step 3 Choose "Edit" then "Delete" or swipe left and choose "Delete" on the iCloud documents and data you want to remove from the specific app.

Part 2. What is "Documents & Data" on iPhone/iPad

What is documents and data on iPhone? There are two types of "Documents & Data" stored on iPhone and iPad, both of which can take up space on a device. One is usually app specific caches and related app data, the other is iCloud related files for an app.

Normally, when we talk about "Documents & Data", we refer to the first type. When you use third-party apps in iOS 10/9/8, some extra data such as logs info, cookies, caches or downloaded images and videos will be created by the app and stored in its "Documents and Data" folder on your iPhone/iPad. For example, when you run Snapchat on iPhone 6s and type your username and password to login Snapchat, the Snapchat icon and the texts you typed will be stored in the "Documents and Data" in your Snapchat app folder, which will take up space on your iPhone 6s.

Separately, the "Documents and Data" associated with iCloud are typically files and documents associated with stock apps such as Pages, Numbers, Mail, etc, but stored in iCloud. These are the same type of files you might see in browsing iCloud Drive, and these Documents and Data don't usually add up a lot unless you're a heavy user of iWork suite.

Now you may know what is iPhone "Documents and Data" and how to delete documents and data on iPhone now. But this is just one method of cleaning and organizing your iOS devices. If you want to free up iPhone storage and delete other files or junks, you are suggested to use some professional iOS cleaning tools like iPhone Eraser.

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