2 Ways to Remove Adobe Premiere Watermark on Video with Detailed Steps

Watermark is placed deliberately on most visual media, whether downloaded without a license online or exported on the free version of the tools. Users tend to ask if Adobe Premier adds a watermark on the exported video edited here. A premium tool like this may or may not leave a watermark on the exported video. The following information will present the evidence if Adobe Premiere leaves a watermark and a tutorial on removing the Adobe Premiere watermark.

Adobe Premiere Remove Watermark

Part 1. Does Adobe Premiere Leaves Watermarks/Logo on Exported Videos

Luckily, Adobe Premiere Pro doesn't add a watermark on the video you export here. Even if you are on the trial period, the tool doesn't automatically add a watermark on the video edit here. But you can manually add your personalized watermark on the video and remove it if necessary. However, if you consumed the 7-days trial period, you wouldn't be able to remove the watermark on the video you edited here or the videos you want to remove the watermark from. What should you do to remove the watermark you add to your video on Adobe Premiere Pro if the trial period is done? The list below will teach you two ways how to remove watermark from video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Part 2. How to Remove the Adobe Premiere Watermark Using 2 Ways Available

1st Way. Activate the Adobe Premiere Pro

Instead of downloading a watermark remover, we will not go too far and activate the Adobe Premiere Pro on your desktop. This step would cost you cash because you will need to purchase the license key of this tool before you can activate it. So, if you want to know how to activate the software, you can read the steps thoroughly below.

Step 1.
Open the official website of Adobe and look for the Premiere pro under Creativity.
Open Creativity and Design
Step 2.
Press Buy Now to purchase the tool and see the available subscription in this tool.
Click Buy Now
Step 3.
Locate the PR logo and see its price; the price might vary on the country's currency where you at, then click Buy Now.
Press Buy Now on PR
Step 4.
Add the email account; if you are a new user, you will add a password to it before proceeding with the payment, but if not, you will proceed.
Step 5.
Pick the Payment Method you prefer, then fill in the needed information and click Place Secure Order to have the tool's license. Then you can start removing the watermark you edited here once the trial period expires.
Add Payment Info

2nd Way. Use the Ultimate Watermark Remover on Windows and Mac [Cheaper Version]

Expensive? The tools Adobe provides are expensive, but if you don't have that amount and want a tool that performs like it at a much lower price, you can download Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. With this tool, you can still remove the watermark in your video as professional as the Adobe Premiere Pro. Like the Premiere, you can take advantage of this tool's editing features, like adding effects, subtitles, crop, trim, merge, and such, in a lower price and more accessible version. If you are new to removing the watermark on videos, you can follow the steps below on how effective this tool is in removing the Adobe Premiere watermark.

Video Converter Ultimate


Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate:

  • Rid watermarks, stamps, logos, date, time, etc., on your video easily.
  • It includes a multitude of features and functions you can use.
  • It is user-friendly with an intuitive interface.
  • Ultra-fast process and hardware acceleration are supported.
  • A one-stop multipurpose tool you must have for editing or such
  • Download the version of this tool on Windows or Mac for free.
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Step 1.
You can have this software by clicking the download button presented; choose which OS you are currently using to have the version of it on your desktop. Install the software promptly after downloading. Then launch it to start removing the watermark that is in your video.
Step 2.
After that, go to Toolbox, and click Video Watermark Remover to use the watermark remover function of this tool.
Open Watermark Remover
Step 3.
Click + button to upload the video you edit on Premiere Pro with a watermark. Search it over on your local drive, then press Open to upload it here.
Add Video File
Step 4.
Press Add Watermark Removing Area to effectively trace the watermark in your video, as the Premiere Pro provides.
Add Watermark Removing Area
Step 5.
Place the removing area to the watermark and cover it entirely so that when you export the video, you wouldn't see the watermark on it.
Place Selection Box
Step 6.
You can now save the video without a watermark by pressing the Download button - no need to worry because it won't leave a product logo at the end of the video.
Export Video Files

Part 3. FAQs on How to Remove Adobe Premiere Watermark

1. What are the different plans Adobe Premiere Pro has?

Adobe Premiere Pro supports three types of plans; monthly, annual prepaid, and paid monthly. Don't be deceived by the low price of annual paid monthly, because it will charge your card the amount for a year every month; that is why it is cheaper than the per month.

2. Can I get a discount on availing Adobe Premiere Pro?

If you purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud, its price will be much lesser than the per month of Adobe Premiere. However, the price per month of the Adobe Creative Cloud is higher than the Adobe Premiere because it contains all of the tools Adobe has to offer.

3. Can I download a crack version of Adobe Premiere Pro?

We highly recommend downloading the Adobe Premiere Pro on its official website. There is news that other users download a crack version of it in the zipped files. Once an unzipped file is, there are multiple malicious detected on it. Avoid downloading it on other websites because it is illegal.

4. Why does Adobe Premiere Pro cost a lot?

Because of its compact editing features and functions, there is no doubt why its price is higher than the other video editor you can download on your desktop. Overall, its price is high, but expect that the video it produces is far better and amazing than the other video editor you can download and avail on your computers.


Now that we have an idea of how to remove the Adobe Premiere watermark you added to your video. Even though the software doesn't natively add a watermark on your video, you will still need a watermark remover that can help you solve the problem in no time. However, its price is high, and it is time-consuming to learn how to use it. So, if you want a cheaper version of this tool that does the same job but more easily, you must have the ultimate software to guide you on your task. You can follow the indicated steps above to download, install, and use the software. What do you think of this article? Did we miss something? You can leave a comment below, and let's talk about it and share your thoughts with us about the topic.

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