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4. Best HEIC Viewer to Open Your HEIC Files on Windows PC and Mac
5. 3 Ways Make You Open HEIC on Android Easily

3 Ways Make You Open HEIC on Android Easily

How do I open HEIC image on Android? I migrate the photos from my old iPhone 6 to new Samsung Galaxy S9, but Android phone do not detect my HEIC photos.

It seems that Apple always improves its using experience in all aspects, and photo is one of them.

Since iOS 11 upgrade, HEIF is the new photo format which provides high efficiency, and iOS 12 still continues to keep this photo format.

HEIC, developed by the MPEG group, is the container to store HEIF images and becomes the name of HEIF images.

It is glad to view the high efficiency photo, but it becomes a burden when HEIC/HEIF is not accepted by other mobile devices, like Android, etc.

Thus, for viewing HEIC photos on Android, you need to convert HIEC to Android compatible JPEG formats.

In this post, we will talk about 3 efficient methods of opening HEIC/HEIF on Android via converting.

Open HEIC on Android

Open HEIC on Android

Way 1. How to open HEIC on Android with HEIC converter (Easiest)

This is the easiest and most recommended way to convert HEIC to JPEG/PNG, with HEIC Converter.

Aiseesoft HEIC Converter

Step 1 Download HEIC Converter

Free download and install HEIC Converter on your Windows or Mac computer.

If you want to convert HEIC images on iPhone, you need to connect your iPhone with computer.

HEIC Converter

Step 2 Add HEIC photos

Click the "Add HEIC" button or directly drag HEIF/HEIC files to the program.

Choose HEIC files

Step 3 Convert HEIC to JPEG

Choose JPG/JPEG as the output format, select the quality you want to keep, and click "Convert" to start to change HEIC to JPEG.

Convert HEIC to JPEG


1. If you want to keep the picture information after conversion, just checkmark the box for "Keep Exif Data".

2. You are given the option to convert HEIC to lossless image format of PNG.

3. After changing HEIC to JPEG, you can use a USB cable to transfer converted photos to Android phone directly for viewing.

Way 2. How to view HEIC on Android through online HEIC converter

Apart from the converting software on computer, you are able to make the HEIC conversion online.

When you search online HEIC to JPEG converter, you will get many answers.

Here we only take one of them, https://heictojpg.com/, as the example to show you how to convert HEIC for opening on Android phone.

Note: The conversion only supports up to 50 photos, and the Internet connection is limited.

Step 1 Go to https://heictojpg.com/, click the ad button or drag the HEIC photos to this online site.

Step 2 After you upload the photos, it will convert HEIC to JPEG automatically.

You just need to click "Download all Photos" or "Download JPEG" separately.

Convert HEIC to JPEG

After downloading the photos to your computer, you just need to copy the converted photos to your Android phone for easy viewing.

Way 3. How to see HEIC on Android via Gmail transfer

Besides HEIC converter, you can also use the third-party transfer tools, which helps you convert HEIC automatically to be compatible with the target device. Gmail is one of them.

What you need is to prepare two Gmail address to send and receive HEIC pictures.

Now, let's check the steps one by one.

Step 1 On your iPhone, open Gmail app, and write the email and attach the HEIC photos to send them to one Gmail address.

Step 2 On your Android phone, log in your receiver Gmail address, and read the email with the HEIC attachments. You can directly open them on your Android phone.


1. If the picture is taken vertically, it will be rotated 90 counterclockwise automatically. You can download it from the email and rotate it correctly on your Android.

2. Gmail allows you to add attachments up to 25 MB at one time.

HEIC tips: Save photos as JPG/PNG instead of HEIC

The above three ways aim at helping you to open HEIC images on Android, and you can follow the guide to achieve the goal easily.

Moreover, you can save the photo as JPG directly or convert HEIC to JPEG while transferring to PC/Mac on iPhone by settings.

1. Save photo as JPEG directly.

Hit "Settings" > "Camera" > "Formats" and choose "Most Compatible".


2. Convert HEIC to JPEG automatically when transferring to PC or Mac.

When you save taken photos in HEIC on iPhone, you can also open them on Mac or PC as JPEG automatically.

Go to "Settings" > Tap "Photos" > Select "Automatic" under "Transfer to Mac or PC".

Transfer to Mac or PC

Here, we come to the end of this page.

This page tells three methods of opening HEIC images on Android, with HEIC Converter, online HEIC conversion tool and Gmail. You can select the best one based on your own needs.

If you think any idea useful, just leave your comments below.

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