3 Free Ways to Remove Logo from Picture

August 27, 2021Ashley Mae

You may notice that, many pictures downloaded from internet come with logos or watermarks. They can easily reveal the copyrights, brand logos, or the downloading sources. But under most circumstances, we like to remove logo from picture, for different reasons.

Considering this logo removing need, this post will introduce you with 3 picture logo remover tools to remove logo from photo online and free. You can learn 3 free ways to remove logo watermark from image files. But you should realize that, it is illegal to remove logo from picture for commercial or criminal usages.

Remove Logo from Picture

Part 1. How to Remove Logo from Picture Online

To quickly remove logo or watermark from picture, you can try the popular picture logo remover, Free Watermark Remover Online. It has the capability to remove logo from picture in any commonly-used image format like JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and more. It enables you to easily select the logo region and remove it accurately. Now you can take the following guide to remove logo from picture online.

Step 1.
Open your web browser like Chrome, IE, Firefox or Safari, go to this picture logo remover site. You can click on the link above to directly locate the online picture logo removing page.
Step 2.
When you get there, click on the Upload Photo button to upload the picture you want to remove its logo. After that, you can use Lasso or Brush tool to highlight the logo or watermark place. Then simply click the Remove button to start erasing the logo from image.
Upload Photo
Step 3.
For some logo that added on the edge of picture, you can use its Crop feature to delete the logo watermark with ease. If you are satisfied with the logo removing effect, just click on Save button to save it on your computer.

To remove a watermark from an image, just follow the steps.

Part 2. Logo Watermark Remover Online - Inpaint

Inpaint is an easy-to-use logo watermark remover that can help you easily remove logo from picture directly online. It supports JPG, PNG and WebP. Also, Inpaint offers a desktop version for you to remove photo watermark on Windows PC or Mac.

Step 1.
Go to Inpaint on your web browser and then click Upload Image button to add your image file to this picture logo remover. The maximum image size of your uploaded picture is limited to 10MB. What's more, the maximum image resolution is 4.2 megapixels.
Upload Image
Step 2.
After uploading, you will be taken to the main picture logo removing page. Here you can directly highlight the logo region. After that, just click on the Erase button to remove logo from picture. In some cases, you need to repeat this erasing operation several times to get a good effect.
Step 3.
Click the Download button in the top right corner to save the edited picture on your computer.

Part 3. Online Image Watermark Remover to Delete Logo

Apowersoft Online Image Watermark Remover is another popular watermark remover tool that can help you erase logo or mark on your picture. It is compatible with image files in JPG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP format. You can use it on all frequently-used web browsers.

Step 1.
Search for and open Online Image Watermark Remover site on your browser. Click on the blue part, Remove Watermark from Image to upload your picture. Here you can also choose to download its software for the logo removing.
Step 2.
Use your mouse to select the logo part. This online picture logo remover will automatically select one region for you. You should close the part. Then click on the Erase button to remove logo watermark from picture.
Step 3.
When the removing process is finished, you can click Download button to save it on your computer. One thing quite annoying is that, you are not allowed to preview the editing effect until you download it. So, in some cases, you have to edit the downloaded picture and remove the logo watermark on it again.

Part 4. FAQs of How to Remove Logo Watermark from Picture

Question 1. Is a watermark a copyright?

Watermark can be added to pictures with a copyright notice. It can be the name of the photographer and prevents others from being able to claim that they did not know the work was copyrighted. While there are also many other cases that will use a watermark. For instance, the watermark just shows the device model, brand, download source, or other information.

Question 2. Can I remove watermark from PDF?

To remove watermark from PDF, you can use the official PDF editing tool, Adobe Acrobat to remove PDF watermark based on your need. Also, there are some third-party watermark removers can help you erase the watermark on your PDF document.

Question 3. How to remove watermark from Shutterstock?

To remove watermark from Shutterstock picture, you can rely on the recommended Free Watermark Remover Online above. For more information, you can check how to remove watermark from Shutterstock.


After reading this post, you can learn 3 free ways to remove logo from picture. You can get a detailed guide about how to use each picture logo remover. When you need to get rid of watermarks on your photos, you can select your preferred tool to do that. Note that, all recommended picture watermark removers can only deal with some simple logo.

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