Comprehensive Review about the Photo Size Reducers You Must Use This 2024

One killer feature many brands brag about their smartphone is the camera. Internet influencers often shoot many photos to post on the web; even people like us love to capture images, especially if you have the latest phone version. Everyone does snap images like it was no tomorrow and tends to fill up the camera roll and storage. It could be a problem for many, but it is fixable. Want to know how to deal with it? Here, we will provide the top-notch photo size reducers you can use to downsize the image without affecting the high definition quality it has.

Photo Size Reducer

Part 1. Why Do We Need to Use Photo Size Reducers?

Everyone does have a limited capacity of space to save millions and millions of images on their phone. If you need to free up some space on your storage, you will need to delete some applications, documents, or photography you took. Luckily, that is not the only solution you can use to free up some space in your storage. With the photo data size reducers, we add here. We can help you compress the image file size to free up some space without deleting the image and capturing more.

Part 2. Top 5 Photo Size Reducers You Must Have This 2022

1. Aiseesoft Free Image Compressor Online

Aiseesoft free Image Compressor Online

Aiseesoft Free Image Compressor Online is our recommended online photo size reducer you must use. It can downsize the image you capture with the AI tech this tool supports. Another advantage of this tool is that you wouldn't need to go into trouble downloading it because it is accessible to us, and no installer is needed. Also, because it is a web service, this tool is compatible with any device. It compresses fast, is reliable, and is safe to use. Though the online tool looks simple, don't be deceived by it, because it can handle the task of compressing unexpectedly excellent.

Furthermore, this online jpg photo size reducer became superior because of what Aiseesoft added: the advanced AI-tech. You wouldn't need to do the tweaking because the advanced AI tech this tool supports will do the work for you. Suppose you are thinking of using this software to your advantage. In that case, we can assure you that it does the job effectively while retaining the high-quality image you import.


  • It supports compressing JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP, and other image formats.
  • It has advanced AI technology to compress imported images.
  • It is suitable for advanced and beginners who need to compress images.
  • Shrink the image file size with a single click.
  • Accessible on the web for free and without any limitations.

2. Caesium Image Compressor

Caesium Image Compressor

On Windows, Caesium Image Compressor is a small, reduced photo size app you can get on your desktop for free. With its minimal GUI, you will not have any trouble with how this tool works. This app has three sections, allowing you to do the compression, resizing, and see the output folder. Also, you can upload images here with the extension of .jpg, .png, and .bmp. Before exporting the image, you can view the compressed version by clicking the Preview. Additional options are available to help you reduce the file size of the image you import here even more. However, there are things that this app needs to improve, like the GUI of it. So, if you want to try this out, you can download it now on your Windows desktop to use it.


  • It allows you to compress bulk image format simultaneously.
  • It supports a preview to view the compressed version of the image.
  • You can customize the compression options here.
  • It supports JPG, PNG, WMF, and BMP image formats.
  • It has a Windows and Mac version you can download on.

3. Preview App

Doesn't want to download an app to reduce photo size on Mac? If so, you must try using the built-in image viewer, the Preview App. This app allows every Mac user to view the image in different types of formats easily and it also supports editing features to help you improve the image. Despite of being a built-in app, it still can do other things that you usually can't have on other built-in apps. Unlike other compressors we mention here, you will need to change the resolution of your image to downsize. It could cause the quality of the image, but the file size will be lower than the original version. If you are about to use this app, you will need to be careful using it to avoid having a lousy image quality. Overall, the tool is excellent to be used by any Mac user.


  • It is pre-built on Mac operating system.
  • You can use this software on macOS for free.
  • It supports additional features that you can use for free.
  • Maneuvering the compression isn't hard if you use this.

4. Photo Compressor and Resizer

Photo Compressor Resizer

To reduce photo size on Android, you must use the Photo Compressor and Resizer. Visit this app on your Google Play Store to download the software to start shrinking the image's file size. With this app, you can do multiple other things to your photos, such as resizing images, converting, cropping, color picking, and material design color. Also, you can process the files simultaneously. After processing them, you can replace the photo with the compressed version. However, the app does contain ads, and there are still other issues with this app. But in general, the app is excellent and reliable if you need one.


  • You can download this app at no cost.
  • It can process multiple image files at the same time.
  • It does have a Replace feature.
  • Additional image editing features are available here.

5. Photo Compress – Shrink Pics 4+

Photo Compressor Shrink

Need to reduce the photo size on iPhone 11? Well, you can download the Photo Compress – Shrink Pics 4+. Free up some disk space on your iOS with this app. It is a solution you must get on App Store for free, but it does additional purchasable items if you need one. It is a dedicated JPG compressor that can compress multiple files at the same time. With it, you can customize the compression strength that applies to your selected image. You will not have much trouble handling this app because it is simple and intuitive.

Also, it supports a preview to check out the compressed version of the JPG before exporting it. Though it says it supports batch compressing, there are times that it fails to compress multiple files, and it only supports .jpg or .jpeg extension. Even though this app has complications, it is still a great app you can download for free on your iOS 8 version or up.


  • This app can shrink the image you have on your Camera Roll.
  • Adjustable JPG compressor.
  • It supports Preview to view the image quality.
  • This app does have a simple and intuitive interface to maneuver it easily.

Part 3. Which Is the Photo Size Reducer Less than 10KB Among the Top 5

Now that we have the software to reduce the photo file size, which one do you think is the best? Suppose the information above isn't enough to compare and contrast each tool. In that case, the chart below will enlist several features you can have on each software we mention before using them. Read the information below carefully to grasp the whole idea.

Feature/s Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online Caesium Image Compressor Preview App Photo Compressor and Resizer Photo Compress – Shrink Pics 4+
Supports AI Technology YES NO NO NO NO
Supports a Wide Range Formats YES YES YES YES NO
Batch Compressing YES YES NO YES YES
Drag & Drop Feature Supported YES YES YES NO NO
In-App Purchase NO NO NO YES YES
Supported Operating System Accessible on Any Web Browsers Windows & Mac Version Mac Version Android Version iOS Version

Part 4. FAQs about the Photo Size Reducers

Why does compressing an image lower the quality?

Before you compress an image, you'll need to know that this process doesn't just cut out the file size of your image. But it digitally removes some of the resolution, bitrate, sample rate, and such to make the image you have digitally shrink.

Why does the image format change after compressing?

Most compressors support importing different image format types, but not all can export the same format. You can avoid this by going to the tool's setting or output, changing the format there, and saving the settings. With that, you can export the image format with the format you select earlier.

Are there any limitations on compressing images?

There is! If you overdo the compression to your image, the final output will become blurry. Compression is easy, but you can't revert what happens, especially if the compressed image is replaced. Take compressing seriously to evade this problem.


Indeed the software, app, and online photo kb reducer we include in this article can take up the job of compressing the image size without compromising the quality. You can select which tool you think fits you the best, and use it now on your device. Suppose you have additional queries, recommendations, suggestions, or comments about this topic; you can leave a comment below, and let's discuss it there!

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