Factual Review about the TinyPNG That You Must Know [Complete]

Do you need an online compressor? Well, TinyPNG is here to help you to make your image optimization without making your image look distorted. This article will focus on the said image compressor and other websites that do the same job on the web. So, if you are interested in this compressor, then you must read the review we did on it without having a biased review!

TinyPNG Review

Part 1. TinyPNG Review | All-Inclusive Information You Must Know!

Tiny PNG

TinyPng is a well-known web app you can use to do a smart lossy compression on your images without compromising their original quality. It can downsize any image up to 70% of the original size. Also, it can optimize images that are in the format of WebP, PNG, and JPEG. When you compress your PNG here, the transparency of it will remain the same even though you optimize its size. You can access this tool on computers and your mobile web browsers if you want to try it. Due to its flexibility, more users use this as their image optimizer.

Do you want to know more about its advantages or its disadvantages? Well, we list the other things you can get in here if you use it that we didn't mention earlier. After you've read the information below, you can have sites like TinyPNG to the next part if you want to know them.


  • It can compress upto 20 images simultaneously with a 5 MB maximum size.
  • This web tool does support AI technology to optimize the image.
  • It works fast and efficiently for everyone who wants to use the tool.
  • You can learn how to use the software quickly because of its interactive GU
  • Safe to use, and it doesn't require you to download an installer before using it.
  • You can download all images simultaneously or save them on your DropBox.


  • Maximum file size.
  • Sometimes optimizing the images takes time
  • Often the image you upload wouldn't be compressed here, especially if it is small.

Part 2. 2 of the Favorable Sites like TinyPNG You Must Know to Compress Images Easily!

If you are reading this part, we will introduce you to the best TinyPNG alternatives you can use. All of the tools we mention next do the same things with your image as the tool we first reviewed. Let's not waste any more time and proceed to the tools below.

Aiseesoft Free Image Compressor Online

Aiseesoft Image Compressor Online

Aiseesoft Free Image Compressor Online is a top-notch image optimizer you must use. It is one of the best we found on the market that does the same job as the online compressor above but better. Why do we call it better? Because of the ultimate AI power tech this tool supports. The effectiveness of this became possible because of the AI technology Aiseesoft added to this web tool. What we like about this tool is that you can upload images up to 40 times and process them simultaneously. It is twice or quadruple times more than the other image optimizers you can access on the web. As easy as that, we can say it is the best alternative to TinyPNG that you can use on the web for free.


  • It is an AI-powered optimizer app you can access on the web for free.
  • This app supports drag and drops features for uploading the image quickly.
  • It can simultaneously compress PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG, WebP, and more.
  • After downsizing the image, the images you upload here will be instantly deleted on the server.
  • There is no need for installation and logging in before you can use the app on the web.


  • There aren't cons to using it other than you will need internet.

JPEG-Optimizer (Beta Version)

JPEG Optimizer

JPEG-Optimizer can be your ideal TinyPNG alternative online because of its effectivity. It is a known JPEG solution you can use on the web for free to compress and resize every JPG if needed. Unlike the first mentioned tool, here, you will need to add the exact levels of the compression that you want to be applied to your images. Its default compression level is 65. Though you will need to do additional steps on compressing the image, its effectiveness is good, as well as the other image optimizers you can access on the web.


  • It has an intuitive interface to make the users easily interact with the app.
  • There is an instruction presented to help you compress the image.
  • It can process your JPEG images individually.
  • You can easily manipulate its compression level by indicating the box numbers.


  • It doesn't support AI technology like the TinyPNG and the Aiseesoft Free Image Compressor Online.
  • There are ads presented on the website.
  • Your connection isn't secured when you access the tool's official website.
  • It needs you to add a compression level before compressing it.

Part 3. FAQs on TinyPNG Review

Does TinyPNG support a pro version?

Though it is a known cost-free image optimizer on the web, it does support a pro version that allows you to do more than what it can provide on the free version of this app. If you want to know what things you can get if you purchase its pro version, then you can visit its official website and see it yourself!

Who is the developer of TinyPNG?

The founder of the official TinyPNG is unknown up to this day. But it was established in 2011 as an image compressor that users can use on platforms such as Cloud, SaaS, and Web.

How to know the best image optimizer?

Choosing the right optimizers for your needs could be difficult in some cases. Before you use the tool to shrink the file size of the image you have, we highly suggest that you will need to read a review about the tool to see if it fits your needs or not, like what we add here.

Can Photoshop compress the image?

You can change the output size into a smaller file size before you export the image to Photoshop. But the quality of the image will be a bit blurry, especially if you select the smallest quality. You can avoid this scenario if you choose set the slider at the mid-part to have a good quality in a small size.


So now, you have insights into the TinyPNG after reading this article we add. What do you think about the optimizer online? Do you still prefer it? Or want to try something new? If you want other options to optimize the image you have, then we highly suggest that you choose from the tool we select in part 2. These are the best alternatives we found on the market that could suffice your needs on compression that could be better than the tool we reviewed. Are you having thoughts about this article? You can share that thought in the comment section, and let's discuss that!

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