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Best PDF Splitter for Mac to reduce the size of a large PDF document by splitting it into smaller, more manageable files safely and losslessly.

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Aiseesoft Mac PDF Splitter can help you split the PDF file by every page(s), bookmark and page ranges, split multi-page PDF file by page number or page range, and divide PDF file averagely.

Split PDF documents by n page(s)

This powerful PDF size splitter for Mac allows you to split a large PDF file into smaller ones each with n pages. Also, you can set a level number and then the imported PDF file will be split according to your selection. For instance, you are allowed to define specific range page like 1, 3, 4-6, 8, etc. to split PDF to multiple PDF files at one time to meet your demands respectively.

Split PDF pages by bookmarks

When you mark PDF document with different bookmarks for distinguishing, then you can use this PDF splitter to cut PDF into parts by bookmarks. It enables you to flexibly choose the split level and customize the settings to split PDF files more efficiently, so that you can read PDF files marked bookmarks, not all PDF files to save your time greatly.

Split multi-page PDF file by page number or page range

You can split PDF document by entering the page numbers or page ranges for those pages you want to extract and then all the selected pages will be combined into a new PDF file. Plus, this Mac PDF splitter is capable of splitting PDF files to multiple small ones by specified page ranges. You are allowed to define the output file name, specify page number or page range for the output file and even select the same page for different output files.

Divide PDF file averagely

This PDF divider Mac software can break a single PDF file into multiple PDF documents averagely. The number of output files can be set. If you are tired of separating pages in PDF, then you can try this mode to split PDF into files not pages with this PDF file cutter. You can handily split all PDF pages into half to 2 files or divide PDF file averagely to several PDF files with equal page numbers.

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