Mac PDF to Excel Converter

Convert a PDF file/folder or selected pages of PDF file to Microsoft Excel on Mac freely and keep original formats and content lossless.

Convert PDF to Excel on Mac

Maybe you say "I love PDF, I often use PDF to finish my homework". However, PDF is not popular as Excel in workplace. Sometimes you need to convert PDF into Excel. This Mac PDF to Excel Converter enables you to convert PDF documents to Excel format in an easy and free way, which helps you make information and data trapped in the PDF document editable. As you know, the Excel spreadsheet is quick, adaptable, and performs electronic calculations easily. Also, as a PDF editor, it allows you to edit PDF on Mac.

Convert one page or selected pages of PDF to Excel

How to convert one PDF to Excel? You should use this PDF converter. It allows you to select the page range of PDF file/folder. For example, if you want to change 1-30 pages of your PDF file, you can just choose the page range "1-30", and then start to convert PDF to .xlsx Excel, and also you can choose slected pages like Page 1, Page 3, or Page 3-10, etc. to convert. This PDF to Excel converting software intelligently detects the tables in your PDF files and automatically converts them into easy-to-edit Excel files. In addition, it keeps original content and formats when converting PDF to Excel.

Convert one page or selected pages of PDF to Excel

OCR and multiple language

This PDF to Excel Converter for Mac works smarter and faster than all others with the advanced OCR technology. Mac PDF to Excel Converter supports recognition of more than 100 national languages, like English, Russian, French or German. And, it supports artificial languages: Esperanto, Interlingua, Ido, Occidental and programming Languages: Basic, C/C++, Fortran, Java, Simple chemical formulas.

Simple operation and high converting speed

If you want to convert from PDF to Excel quickly and with perfect output quality, use this PDF to Excel converter. The intuitive interface makes it simple to convert PDF files to Excel format on Mac. With its excellent encoding and decoding technology, this Mac PDF to Excel Converter provides you with super fast conversion speed and perfect output quality.

Simple operation and high converting speed
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  • Aidan


    Loaded fine on my Mac computer. Appeared be totally accurate. I converted PDF to an Excel worksheet (.xls).

  • Kathy


    I installed it and converted a PDF file to Excel. The conversion was flawless. Converted all 78 pages and columns were correct in Excel!

  • Fancy


    First, I found one free PDF to Excel converter to convert my PDF file to Excel, but it worked terribly. And then I found Aiseesoft Mac PDF to Excel Converter, it converted a large PDF file for less than 30 seconds! I really recommend this app for you.

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