Top 11 Best Text Message Readers for Android/iPhone - Listen & Reply My Text Messages Hands-Free

September 14, 2023Amanda Brown

It is a common sense to people that reading text messages or texting back while driving is very dangerous, yet still a lot of people are getting accidents on account of this. Phone developers are trying their best to avoid this kind of situation. If you are using iPhone, Siri can read your last text messages with the command like "read my text messages" or "Read my messages". Similar with Siri, Google Now also supports reading text messages. Besides, many apps are provided to help your read text out loud, which is even better than Siri or Google Now.

In this article, I have collected 11 best text messages readers that enable you to read text message hands-free on iPhone/Android.

Apps Read Text Message

Part 1. 11 Apps to Read My Text Messages Hands-free

No. Hands-free text app Screenshot Features

ping - Read Aloud Text to Speech TTS

Ping Read Text
  • Read the text, SMS messages, Facebook Messenger, email, Instagram, and other messages with the volume you like.
    Equip with over 100 languages.
    Can run automatically when driving and turning on Bluetooth.

Text reader - text and voice

Ping Read Text
  • Read text messages and let you listen to them when locking your phone.
    Change the voice and speed of text reading.
    Languages are selectable.

Speechify Text to Speech Audio

Speechify Text to Speech Audio
  • Read any type of text, including images with text.
    Adjust the reading and listening speed with its AI feature.
    The voice of text reading is human-like.


Read It to Me
  • Read the incoming SMS/callers name/notification from other apps like WhatsApp and Hangouts.
    Send voice reply for SMS/WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/Gmail, etc.
    Text reading only when a Bluetooth device or a head phone is on.

Drive Safe
  • A safe texting while driving app that reads text messages (SMS) and emails in real time and automatically responds (auto-responder).
    Support 28 text-to-speech languages and has support for even celebrity voices.
    This app to read text messages is fully customizable and allows you to read things you want.

messageLOUD: Texts + Email aLOUD

  • Total eyes-free experience: Read Android SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook messages and Email out loud so you can drive safer.
    Auto start when you get behind the wheel.
    Three distinct modes for you when you are driving, exercising or working.


Text And Drive
  • A free text app to read the messages/emails to you while driving
    Works well with iPhone, Android and Blackberry and all hands-free devices like the amplifier of your gadget, Bluetooth headset.
    Easy to install and to use.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Drive Mobile Assistant
  • Using Nuance's accurate voice recognition technology, send and receive text messages/emails, post Facebook and Twitter updates all hands free.
    Set reminders, make appointments and search the internet without lifting a finger.
    Turn on Attentive Mode to wake up your assistant at any time.

SMS, my car and me

SMS My Car and Me
  • Widget to activate with one touch, perfect solution for frequent drivers to read out messages.
    Voice commands for easy SMS speaking and writing back (online and offline, Bluetooth support)
    Use any language for TTS (text-to-speech)

Drivemode: Driving Interface

  • Handsfree voice reply to messages from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more.
    Control your music with simple swipes and taps, no more tiny buttons.
    Any your favorite apps and shortcuts at easy reach.

vBoxHandsFree Messaging

vBox Handsfree Messaging
  • A hands-free message reader: Listen to your text messages while driving and respond with voice command by talking.
    Convert text to speech and speech into text that works with Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/AOL, etc.
    Works with any hands-free device: speakerphone, Bluetooth, in-car system.

Part 2. Recommendation: Best Deleted Text Message Recovery Software

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Part 3. FAQs about Reading Text Messages

How do I know if my text message has been read?

If you use the iMessage app, you can see a Read notice next to your text messages when they are read by your contacts.

When a text says delivered does that mean read?

When you see your text saying delivered, it doesn't mean that your text is read. The delivered status means that your sent text is received by other devices.

How do I turn on read messages?

If you want to enable read messages on your iPhone, please go to Settings, find Messages, and turn on Send Read Receipts. If you need to turn on read receipts on your Android phone, run the Messages app and tap your profile > PCS chats > Send read receipts.


When reading here, you have the best 11 text messages reading apps for your iPhone or Android. These apps can help you read text messages while driving, making your driving safer. Moreover, if you carelessly remove your texts, you can get an amazing deleted messages recovery app for your iPhone, Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery.

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