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The Best iMovie Effects for Animating Your Own Movie

When you have multiple video files and want to create your own movie with iMovie, you need to learn more iMovie effects to make everything different. You can click the "Effect" menu to customize.

iMovie Effect

iMovie Effects

Nine kinds of iMovie effect

You can follow the tutorials below to have an iMovie picture in picture effect on Mac.

1. Ken Burns of iMovie Effect

Have you found the pan and zoom effect used for the drama? It is named as Ken Burns effect. The iMovie effect can make a still image a near-broadcast quality show. The feeling of motion can be provided to a still image as well as a transition between clips.

2. Green Screens of iMovie Effect

Drama recorded the subject in front of a green (blue) screen, and then cut the subject out from the green screen to superimpose it over another video. It is another important iMovie Effect as Green/Blue Screen. The movie "Jurassic Park" uses lots of Green screen iMovie Effect.

3. Steadycam of iMovie Effect

The effect is used to stabilize your shots and make the movie as professional as drama. The iMovie Effect just smooth out those shaky videos, you can control over the process. But Steadycam effect does not work on some over-shaky video now.

4. Day to night of iMovie Effect

It is a simple effect, which turns the video shot you take during the daytime to an effect as shot at night. The iMovie Effect darkens the whole video file with hub effect. It can help you adjust the hub to make the video seems to be more professional.

5. Old Film of iMovie Effect

If you are looking for a vintage effect for your video file, the effect is the right one for you. The iMovie Effect adjust the parameters of the colors and hub, which provides a vintage effect to the whole video.

6. Dolly Zoom of iMovie Effect

Usually the effect is used when taking the video, the foreground stays the same size while the background grows to shrink. The iMovie effect is used frequently with the "Ken Burns" to focus on the subject.

7. Cutaway Shots of iMovie Effect

How to create a Montage drama? It is recommended that you can use cutaway shots. The iMovie effect is the interruption to a continuously or long shot with another screen, usually it will back to the original shot.

8. Enhancement of Battery life

iOS 9 strengthen the daily-used apps and functions. Including the basic apps, multitasking function, optimized searching function, lasting time of the battery and its security. For example, the iPhone 6 with iOS 9 will have another one hour's using time under the normal condition.

9. Movie Trailer of iMovie Effect

Once you want to create a film, you might need to create a movie trailer to attract others. The iMovie Effect provides the functions to pick the music and video clips to introduce the main film.

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