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The Comprehensive Guide of iPhone UDID

Most people may not know the iPhone UDID before, and it seems useless in daily usage of iPhone. However, iPhone UDID numbers mean a lot, especially for app developers. UDID (Unique Device Identifier) is a 40-character long hex value of 20 bytes. Every iOS device has its unique UDID. So the third-party programs can track every activity your iPhone has made using registered iPhone UDID with the Apple Developer Program.

Guide of iPhone UDID

iPhone udid

It seems to be the hard sentence to understand what iPhone UDID number is. For instance, your iPhone can install apps approved by Apple only. So your iPhone UDID is the good parameters for developers to test their programs accurately. All in all, this post aims to introduce you some tips about why you need UDID and how to find iPhone UDID with ease.

Part 1. Why You Need iPhone UDID

Just as mentioned above, iPhone UDID can help developers to collect the users' statistics to test their applications. When you download any app from App Store, your iPhone UDID associated with your personal information will be collected in the database silently. Your iPhone UDID can serve as a social security number in some degree. Developers registered with Apple are able to list up to 100 different iDevices for testing. It means they can track and target all activities from those 100 iPhone users to analyze behaviors. But there is no need to worry about whether your personal information will be stolen or not. Apple start to deprecate apps that track iPhone UDIDs since iOS 5.1. In another word, you should not bypass every iOS update that contains bug fixes and features upgrading.

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Part 2. Pros and Cons of UDID for Developers

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Actually, the iPhone UDID does not mean anything. It is related activities and behaviors after using iPhone UDIDs that are useful for app developers. Moreover, each UDID is associated with the specific iOS device, and you cannot erase, decode or obscure it. You should be aware of both advantages and disadvantages of iPhone UDID code to figure out information you want deeply.

Pros of iPhone UDID:

Cons of iPhone UDID:

Some developers behind the app sell UDIDs to other advertisement network or services. So you may find that certain advertisements are really attractive for you. It is the method rejected by Apple, once Apple find out the UDID-tacking app, that app will be kicked out permanently. Therefore, app developers should be aware that importance to use iPhone UDIDs correctly.

Part 3. How to Find UDID with iTunes

It is not only developers that can access your UDID, your can also find iPhone UDID with iTunes. So if you are curious about what your UDID is, you can open iTunes to see what the UDID number of your iOS device is.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to computer

Use a lightning cable to connect iPhone to computer. After that iTunes will start and detect your iPhone automatically. Of course, you can run iTunes manually.

Connect iPhone to Computer

Connect iPhone to computer

Step 2 Locate Summary under your iPhone icon

Your iPhone icon will display in the top left corner of your iTunes menu. Tap iPhone icon and then click "Summary" button below.

Choose Summary

Choose summary

Step 3 Get iPhone UDID with iTunes

All your basic iPhone information display in iTunes. You need to click one category like "Serial Number" to check your iPhone UDID number.

Serial Number

Get iPhone UDID with iTunes

You can shortcut the interface of iTunes to duplicate or share iPhone UDID. Moreover, iTunes allows users to get more information about any Apple iPhone freely.

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Part 4. How to Access UDID without iTunes

If you do not want to take your USB cable to connect with iPhone, or you just do not use iTunes at all, then you can try other methods to find iPhone UDID without iTunes.

Section 1: Find iPhone UDID Number with UDID Plugin

GetUDID is the online iPhone UDID finder that enables everyone access UDID numbers without iTunes.

Step 1 Open your browser to pay a visit to getudid.io site

Step 2 Scan the provided QR code and then follow provided instructions to install UDID plugin

Step 3 After installed UDID plugin on your iPhone, you can see your UDIDs directly

Step 4 Click "Send UDID via Email" to make a copy of your iPhone UDID if necessary


Find iPhone udid number

Section 2: Use iPhone UDID APP to Find UDID on iPhone

Just as its name has shown, UDID Finder enables users to find UDID on phone without iTunes. you can copy and paste iPhone UDID numbers by sending an email to yourself. Moreover, UDID Finder app also allows users to see the version of operating system and device storage capacity in detail.

Step 1 Download and install UDID Finder app to your iPhone

Step 2 Launch the iOS UDID app to see iPhone UDID code

Step 3 Click "Send Email" to complete information of iPhone UDID sending

Send Email

Send email

Tips and Tricks about iPhone UDID

You can find iPhone UDID through iTunes or from above two iPhone UDID apps. If you do not want to install any third-party app or plugin, then using iTunes to access iOS UDID will be better. For people who do not have USB cable, find iPhone UDID offline without iTunes is the first choice. As for developers, be careful do not misuse UDID codes to track users. Or Apple will punish those app developers seriously. If you still have questions about finding iPhone UDID and other related information, leave your comments below and feel free to contact us.

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