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Everything You Care about iCloud Backup

If you are an iPhone user, you must be interested in the beautiful design of this great phone. The birth of iPhone changes people's traditional conception of phones. It makes it possible to communicate and share news with others more conveniently. iPhone is not just a phone, it can be considered as an art. Can you imagine that how many people are using iPhone in the world? 500 million! 100 million iPod users and 200 million iPad users.

iCloup Backups

People take photos and videos with their Apple products. However, one day, the internal storage is full, you are unable to take new photos and download music, or movies. How to solve this problem? Don't worry. Apple Company helps you solve this problem. Apply for an iCloud account, and back up all data from your iPhone to iCloud under Wi-Fi environment. If you are a new iPhone user, you should make clear the follow points:

What is iCloud backup?

What is iCloud Storage?

According to the explanation from Wikepedia, iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc. This service provides its users with means to store data such as document, photos, music or remote servers to iOS, Macintosh or Windows devices to share and send data to other users, and to manage their Apple devices if lost or stolen.

To be simple, iCloud aims to help iOS users back up the data from iPhone, iPad and iPod. Apple Company provides you 5 GB free iCloud storage, when you sign up an account for iCloud, you will automatically get 5 GB of free storage.

So what does iCloud Storage back up exactly?

iCloud can automatically back up the information on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch over Wi-Fi when your iOS device is turned on, locked or charged. What information could iCloud storage back up for you?

1. Photos, videos and ringtones on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
2. App data
3. iMessages, SMS, MMS messages
4. Health Data
5. App Data
6. Visual Voicemail
7. Homekit configuration
8. Home screen and app organization
9. Device Settings
10. Purchase history of music, movies, TV shows, books and apps

How to do when you are running out the free storage?

If you use iCloud backups in the long term, 5GB free iCloud storage is far from enough. If you want to continue using iCloud for backing up your data from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, you have to upgrade your storage.

10 GB more (15 GB total) for $20 per year
20 GB more (25 GB total) for $40 per year
50 GB more (55 GB total) for $100 per year

It is not cost-efficient for many iPhone users, and you have to clear iCloud bckup to free up more space.

How to extract iCloud backup data?

View and export iCloud photos and contacts with iCloud Control Panel/www.icloud.com

After you use iCloud to back up iPhone or iPad/ipod, you can view the backup files like photos or contacts with Apple' s helper, iCloud Control Panel and www.icloud.com.

You need to download iCloud Control Panel to check your photos backup location, photos and the storage of iCloud. For contact details, you need to log in www.icloud.com to export them.

Extract all iCloud backup data with FoneLab

If you want to extract all data apart from photos or contacts, then you have to turn to FoneLab for help. FoneLab is the professional iCloud data extractor tool to get messages, music, photos, video, contacts, music files, and other data like Safari history/bookmark and more to PC. Get the details to restore iPhone form iCloud backup.

FoneLab - iPhone Data Recovery For Mac

iCloud alternative

Form the above description, you can know that iCloud is not easy to make backup, and get some limitations to restore data. So here we recommend another easy to use bios backup sync tppl, FoneTrans, a convenient iPhone backup tool and does not cost you too much. You are able to enjoy the service for lifetime.

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