How to Remove BG of Photos and Videos without Quality Loss

February 22, 2022Ashley Mae

Removing BG, also known as removing background, is not a new word for us. It means to delete the unwanted background of any image while keeping the main object or using it in another place. In the digital world, we can do it in many ways easily.

However, there are a lot of BG remover tools on market. It is a waste of time to research the popular tools for average people and beginners. Therefore, this guide identifies the easiest ways to remove background from photos and videos on computers and mobile devices.

Remove bg

Part 1: What Does BG Stand for?

What does BG stand for? BG is short for background. In the visual industry, it is the area behind the main object in a photo or a video. Sometimes, it includes foreground, middle-ground, and background. The elements closest to the main object make up the foreground and the furthest element away from the main object is the background.

When taking a photo or recording a video, you can decide the background and deploy the background. If you want to get the main object and use it in other environments, you have to remove the original background with a photo or video editor.

Part 2: How to Remove Photo BG on PC and Mobile

Way 1: Remove BG from a Photo Online for Free

The easiest way to remove BG of HD photos is Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online. It allows you to upload an image and detect and remove the background using AI. More importantly, it does not ask you to install any software on your disk. With it, you can enjoy the benefits like:

How to Remove BG from a Photo Online

Step 1.
Fire up your web browser, copy and paste into the address bar, and hit the Enter key to access the free BG remover.
Home Page
Step 2.
Click the Upload Portrait button, find the photo that you want to process, and click Open. There is no file size limitation, but it takes a while to upload a large photo.
BG Remover
Step 3.
By default, the web BG remover detects the main object and transparent BG automatically using AI technology. You can refine the edge with a brush.
Step 4.
Click the Download button until you get the desired result. Then follow the instructions to download the image in PNG, which can keep the transparent background.

Note: Besides, you can crop the photo, add a new background, rotate, or flip the photo online with the BG remover. Moreover, the web tool won't add watermarks to your images.

Way 2: How to Remove Photo BG with GIMP

GIMP is an open-source photo editor program for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It includes a lot of photo editing features that you can find in Photoshop or other professional photo editing software. To be honest, it is not very difficult to remove BG in GIMP.

Step 1.
Fire up your web browser, copy and paste into the address bar, and hit the Enter key to access the free BG remover.Open an image in free BG remover. If you want to transparent BG, add an Alpha Channel. Go to the Layer menu, select Transparency, and Add Alpha Channel.
Step 2.
Go to the Tools panel on the left side and choose the Fuzzy Select Tool. Or head to the Tools menu, choose Selection Tools, and pick Fuzzy Select.
Select Fuzzy Select Tool Gimp
Step 3.
Now, click any area on the background that you want to remove. You can adjust the Threshold parameter to completely select the unwanted background.
Step 4.
Press the Delete key on your keyboard to get BG removal. After that, either right-click anywhere on the image or click on the Select tab and choose None to release selection.
Delete BG Gimp
Step 5.
Finally, export the image in PNG if you intend to keep the transparent background.

Note: The Fuzzy Select tool does selection according to colors. If a photo background includes several colors, you can repeat the selection and deletion until all of them are deleted.

Way 3: How to Transparent Photo BG on iPhone/Android

For mobile-first, a BG remover app is the fast way to get rid of the unwanted background from photos without a computer. TouchRetouch app, for example, is a BG remover available to both iPhone and Android devices. It can remove any area on your photo with a brush. Bear in mind that this app cannot make the photo background transparent.

Touch Retouch
Step 1.
Install the BG remover app from Play Store or App Store. It is free on Android but paid on iOS.
Step 2.
Run the app and open the image that you want to edit.
Step 3.
Select the Brush tool at the bottom, and draw on the area that you want to delete. You can adjust the brush size using the Settings option.
Step 4.
When you are done, tap the Go button to confirm it and remove BG immediately.

Note: This app also includes a Clone Stampb tool. It helps you to replace unwanted objects in the background with the appearance of the surroundings.

Part 3: How to Remove Video BG on PC and Mobile

Way 1: How to Remove BG from a Video Online

When it comes to removing BG from a video, it sounds more complicated than photo BG removal. In fact, you can also do it using a web-based tool. Unscreen, for instance, is a free BG remover online for videos. The cost is you have to pay for watermark removal. If you do not mind, follow the steps below to get what you want.

Step 1.
Visit in any browser on your computer.
Unscreen App Upload
Step 2.
Click the Upload Clip button, find the target video on the popup dialog, and hit Open. If you want to remove BG from a GIF, click Search GIF instead.
Step 3.
Wait for the online BG remover to complete the process. You will get the main object with transparent background. Of course, the result might be not very good.
Unscreen App
Step 4.
Optionally, you can upload a new background or use the background library.
Step 5.
At last, click the Download button to get the result. If you do not like the watermark, try the Pro version, which costs at least $9.00 per month.

Note: This tool does not allow you to select the main object or remove the background manually.

Way 2: How to Remove Video BG with OpenShot

Another way to remove BG from videos on a desktop is the video editing software. There is a video effect called Chromakey OpenShot, for example, which removes the background and replaces it with the new background. However, the premise is that your video must be recorded with the green screen.

Step 1.
Create a new video project in the open-source BG remover, import the video that you want to edit as well as the new background video.
Step 2.
Put the greenscreen video above the background video. Make sure that they start at the same time and the duration is the same. You can trim the long video.
OpenShot Effect
Step 3.
Go to the Effects tab on the right panel, and scroll down to find the Chroma Key effect. Select and drag the effect onto the top video on the timeline.
Step 4.
Now, you will see a star icon on the top video. Plus, the panel on the left side of the timeline shows you the property. You can adjust the Fuzz to refine the BG removal of video.

If your video use non-greenscreen, click the Key Color option. Then you can reselect the background color on the palette or select the eyedropper tool and click on the background to pick the color. Click the Apply button to confirm it.

OpenShot Chromakey
Step 5.
If you are satisfied, export the video with a new background.

Note: To make your video background transparent in OpenShot, you can just apply the ChromaKey effect too. All you need to do is to set the opacity of the background video to zero.

Way 3: How to Transparent Video BG on iPhone

On iPhone, the green screen effect in iMovie is the easiest way to transparent video background. Firstly, you have to record a video with the green screen background on your iPhone. Then follow the guide below to get it.

iMovie Timeline Green Screen
Step 1.
Create a video project or open an existing project in the iMovie app. Import the background video clip or image, and put it on the timeline.
Step 2.
Scroll the timeline to display the play-head over the background.
Step 3.
Tap the Add Mediab button, and select the green screen video that you just recorded.
Step 4.
Press the More button, and choose Green/Blue Screen. The green screen video will be added to the timeline above the background. Tap Auto to remove BG from the video.

Way 4: How to Remove Video BG on Android

The iMovie app is not available to Android devices. Therefore, you need a third-party BG remover app for an Android phone or tablet. Chromavid is just an app to replace your video background with an image when recording it.

Remove Video BG Android
Step 1.
Launch the video BG remover app. You can download it from Google Play Store.
Step 2.
Press the Images icon and select one as the new background of your video. It allows you to use a video background too.
Step 3.
Tap the Continue button to move on. Then you will be prompted to select the background color. If you take a video with a green background, for example, check Green Background.
Step 4.
Next, press the Record button to begin capturing a video. The app will remove the background while recording automatically.

Part 4: FAQs about Remove BG

Can I change the video background without a green screen?

It is possible to change the video background without a green screen, but it is very difficult. So, we suggest you record a green screen video if you hope to replace the background later.

What can you do if you do not have a green screen?

The green screen is just a solid color background. If you do not have the green color, just use a black background, blue background, or even a white wall. Most BG removers can recognize the solid color background.

How do I blur my video background?

It is hard to blur the video background. You can remove the original background and replace it with a still image or new video background quickly.


Now, you should learn what is BG removing, how to remove a photo background or video background on any device. Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online can help you make photo backgrounds transparent easily. When it comes to video BG removal, you'd better use the green screen. If you have other questions about this topic, please feel free to leave your message below this post and we will reply with it as soon as possible.

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