3 Popular Methods You Can Use to Recover Encrypted Password for iTunes Backup

Apple is popular for its security patches, and one of the software applications developed you can use to encrypt passwords is iTunes. At first, setting up backup encryption is helpful to secure and prevent others from accessing your private backup data. It's common to forget this password, especially when you rarely need it, except for data restoration. But fret not! Since this article explores effective ways that you can use to retrieve the lost password to regain access to the forgotten password. Let’s cut to the chase and proceed with how to recover encrypted passwords for iTunes backup by reading part of this blog post.

Recover Encrypted Password for iTunes Backup

Part 1. Can I recover iTunes Backup Password in Default Way

Sadly, there is no free iTunes backup password recovery method that you can use by default because encryption iTunes ensures that the security and privacy of your data are safe. The passcode you set makes recovering or accessing the encrypted contents possible. Solemnly, the password acts as a key, and without it, the data will remain unlocked to all who want to try it.

Part 2. How to Do When I Can't Recover iTunes Backup Password [3 Methods]

1st Method. Create a New iTunes Backup

How to recover the iTunes backup password? If there is no way to recover it, why not create another one? This way, you will create a new iTunes backup with a new password that is easier to remember. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a newer backup file.

Create Newew iTunes Backup
Step 1:
Launch the iTunes you have on your computer, connect your device via a USB cable, and ensure it is unlocked and trust the computer you connect to.
Step 2:
Now that the device is launched click the device button on the upper corner of the Window to access the summary page.
Step 3:
Click Backup to open the backup section, and under the Manually Back Up and Restore, you will find two options, Back Up Now and Encrypt iPhone Backup. Here are the steps on how you can do it.

Use Back-Up Now:

To create an encrypted backup, you will need to click the Back Up Now button, and the process of backing up will take some time, depending on the size of the device and the data it has. This process will create a backup of all your data on your iOS device.

Use Encrypt iPhone Backup:

To create an encrypted one, tick the box Encrypt iPhone Back first, then click Back Up Now. After that, there will be a prompt wherein you will need to add a strong yet easy-to-remember password to access and restore the backup later quickly.

Step 4:
Do not remove the USB connection when the process takes occurs. You can monitor the process at the status bar in the Windows. Once complete, you can check the backup data and time under the Latest Backup section inside the Summary tab.

2nd Method. Use Keychain to Find Password on Mac

Keychain Access is a utility application on macOS that allows users to manage passwords, encryption keys, certificates, and other security-related info. It is a built-in feature on macOS, so you do not need to download it. Follow the steps below to make the iTunes encrypted backup password recovery with it.

Keychain Access
Step 1:
Launch the Keychain Access on Mac by going to the Utilities folder inside Applications.
Step 2:
In the search field, type the keyword related to the password you are trying to find. It will filter the result based on your search query as you type the password.
Step 3:
Click the item on the list twice to open a new window wherein you can open the information about it, such as account name and password. Tick the box of Show Password and enter the account you have signed on Mac.
Step 4:
After you successfully authenticate it, the password and other detailed information about the account will be displayed.

3rd Method. Remove iTunes Backup

How to recover a forgotten iTunes backup password in minutes? The best way to do it is to use the Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker. It is a dedicated app that can easily unlock any problems you encounter on your iOS device. Now, the app added a new feature wherein you can easily remove the encryption of the backup file saved on your iPhone. Even if this is your first time doing it, you would not need to have expert skills. You can follow the steps we have added here to perform and unlock the iTunes backup data easily.

Step 1:
Download, install, and set up the Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker on your desktop. After that, launch the app and proceed to the next steps.
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Step 2:
Now that you have opened the app click Remove iTunes Backup Password from the available options. Then, connect your iPhone to your desktop with the cable you use for charging into the port.
Connect iOS
Step 3:
Click the Trust that will appear on your screen, and turn off the Find My Phone feature by following the steps on your screen.
Turn Off Find My iPhone
Step 4:
After finishing the setup, click the Start button, and the app will automatically process the encrypted iTunes backup saved on your iOS.
Start Removing Encryption
Step 5:
When it is done, the device will restart soon after. Wait until it opens again, and you can now access the iTunes backup file without encryption.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Recover Encrypted Password for iTunes Backup

How do I unlock my iPhone backup from iTunes?

Connect your iPhone to your computer via a lightning cable and open the iTunes app. Inside the app, click the iPhone button and select Summary. After that, click Restore Backup to restore the backup data on iOS.

What to do when iPhone doesn’t connect to iTunes?

There are several factors why the iPhone can’t connect to iTunes, such as hardware issues, an old version of iTunes, and more. You can find related articles to read and know the solution to how to fix it.

Why is my iTunes backup password not set?

When you have selected the Backup Now option while you are in the process of backing up the file, there will be no encryption will be attached to it, which means anyone can access it. So, before creating a backup, you must select Encrypt iPhone Backup first and then click the Backup Now button.

What is error 9006?

Error 9006 is an error code that can occur in iTunes when attempting to update or restore an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It is accompanied by an error message that says, There was a problem downloading software for the iPhone. An unknown error occurred (9006). So, iTunes error 9006 can still be fixed using third-party apps and rebooting the OS.

How long does it take to reset your iTunes password?

The entire resetting your iTunes password typically takes a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the specific circumstances and potential delays. It’s important to note that these time frames are estimates and may vary depending on factors that may be required.


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