A Complete PicResize Review You Must Know This 2024

An image editing platform that allows us to add and edit the image is what we need most of the time, mainly for posting, linking, copying and pasting, and uploading. One tool you can use to edit or resize an image is the PicResize. This tool has the things you might need for image editing, but what makes this tool likely be needed by you? It is time for you to spend a little of your time reading this article up to the end. And also, we will provide an alternative if you need to resize the image you have effectively and completely free.

Picresize Review

Part 1. What Is PicResize?

Pic Resize

PicResize.com is a reliable image editor that allows you to convert, crop, compress, resize and edit your image on the web for free. It became a well-known image editor since its first launch, and it has already processed 250 000 000 pictures and is still growing from time to time.

Even though the software is free online, its performance is somewhat similar to the other professional image editor you may have used or known for ages. So, if you don't like downloading a tool and want to edit the image you have for free, then you must include this tool in your choice.

Part 2. Complete Key Features, Pros, & Cons of the PicResize

Still not believing this tool is one of the best free image editors you can use on the web? To ease the doubt, we add the main features you will have once you use the tool and the pros & cons of the tool. So, to give you a factual review of its features, you must continue reading the information below.

Key Features of the PicResize Image Editor:


  • The tool is completely free of charge and has multifunctional features and functions.
  • It doesn't deduce the quality of the image once you resize, crop, compress, etc.
  • Even though you aren't professional in image editing, this tool can help you do it.
  • No downloading is needed before using it.


  • It has a lot of pop-up advertisements once you access the official website.
  • It needs an internet connection to process, import, and export the image.
  • Some features are a bit stiff to use because of the inconvenience of the web interface.

Part 3. Best PicResize Alternative for Resizing Images on the Web for Free

Though PicResize image online can give you a helping hand, the Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online is the best to use in terms of resizing JPG, PNG, and other photos online. This online tool is incomparable in terms of resizing the photos you have. Because it has more to offer and is more effective to use compared to the first-mentioned tool. In comparison, this image upscaler can give much better options on resizing than the PicResize because that is what this tool is known for.


  • This web tool is free to use on any web browser you have.
  • It doesn't add a product watermark once exported.
  • It supports AI technology to upscale or resizes images without leaving a blurry section.
  • It supports previewing the upscale or resizes version before exporting.


  • It doesn't support an offline version.

Steps on How to Resize Image with the Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online:

Step 1:
ou can directly click its name, and it will open a new tab on your web browser. This link will automatically lead you to the image upscaler online.
Step 2:
Click the Upload Photo on the middle part of it, select the image file you want to upscale or resize, then press Open to import the file here.
Upload Image To Resize
Step 3:
Select the Magnification you want to achieve on the image file you have; you can try all of the options to see which fits your image the best.
Select Magnification
Step 4:
To save the final output of the image, click Save and wait for the downloading process to take place. Once it is finished, a file folder will pop up on your screen, and the final product will show on your display. Click it twice to see the upscaled version of the image.
Export Resized Image

Part 4. FAQs about the PicResize Review

Does PicResize leave a product watermark on the exported image?

It won't - so there is no need to worry about using this software. Even though you are using the free version of this tool, no watermark will be embedded on the image file once you export the image here. Enjoy the image you edit here without any watermark for free.

Is it necessary to purchase the PicResize pro version?

It is not, especially if you don't have a budget. The free version of the tool will do the job of cropping, resizing, converting, and more. But if you want to use its other fancy features and functions, you can purchase the tool for $ 30 per year. The price of it will depend on the region of your country.

Does the PicResize pro version have a free trial?

It doesn't have a free trial – so if you want to use the pro version of this tool, you will need to purchase it. You can go to its official website to make the payment and use the amazing features and function the premium provide that aren't available on the online free version of it.


Things are considered about the PicResize; with the information, we include in this article, you now have an overview of the information about this image editor. Also, we include the pros and cons of the tool to find out what are the advantage and disadvantages of using this tool. If you think of using the tool to resize your image, then you can go to its official website and use the resize feature this tool provides. Suppose you want a tool that has the upper hand in resizing the image without losing quality. In that case, it is a must to use the Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online because of the AI technology that it brings to the table. Do you have questions regarding this topic? Then you can leave your comments below, and let's discuss it!

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