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How to Use Mac Video Converter Ultimate

As the best Mac video software ever, Video Convert Ultimate enables you to easily convert and edit videos including 4K/5K/8K videos as well as homemade DVDs on Mac. Follow the tutorials below to learn how to use Aiseesoft Mac Video Converter Ultimate.

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We will tell you how to use Aiseesoft Mac Video Converter Ultimate from following three parts:

Part 1: Convert DVD/video to other video formats

This Mac Video Converter Ultimate can easily help users enjoy any DVD and video file on Mac and portable devices. With its powerful converting features, it can convert DVD/video to MP4, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV, etc.

Step 1. Free download, install and open Mac Video Converter Ultimate. You can register with the email address and registration code.


Step 2. Click "Add Files" button to add video files from computer, or click the drop-down arrow next to "Add Files" to add video/audio files or a file folder. You can also drag the video you want to convert into the main interface of Mac Video Converter Ultimate.


Step 3. After adding source file, you can choose to edit the source video effect by clicking the "Edit" or "Cut" icon. You can trim video length, crop video, add watermark, adjust video brightness/saturation/contrast/hue/volume, and so on.

Edit Video

Step 4. Click on the Format icon or the drop-down arrow besides "Convert All to" to open the output format window. Here you can search in the quick search box and find the video format you want.

You can also click the Gear icon at the right side to customize the profile settings, including quality, encoder, resolution, frame rate and bitrate.

Set Output Format

Step 5. If you have several videos to be combined, you can tick "Merge into one file" option at the bottom. Then click the "Convert All" button to start converting the video file on your computer.

Convert All

Part 2: Rip DVD to MPG/ISO File/Folder

Step 1. Insert a DVD disc to the DVD drive and load source DVD. To rip DVD, you need to click "Ripper" at the top. Then click "Load DVD" button to load the DVD disc, ISO file or DVD folder.


Step 2. The default output format for the DVD ripper is MPG which will preserve the lossless quality output. If you want to rip the DVD to other digital format, you can click "Rip All to" option to set the output format.

Select Output Ripper

If you want to edit the videos on your Mac, you can click the "Edit" or "Cut" icon to edit the DVD video.

Step 3. Select a path for the output file. Then click "Rip All" button to start ripping DVD on your Mac.

Part 3: Edit Video Effects and Enhance Video Quality

Trim & Split Video

Step 1. Select a video clip and click the "Cut" icon.

Cut Video

Step 2. Drag the sliders in the progress bar to set the duration, or enter the start and end time to clip an accurate segment.

Cut Set Duration

Step 3. With the above buttons, you can also split one video to two parts, delete one selected segment, add segment to the left list, or copy and create a new segment.

Split Buttons

Step 4. You can rearrange the video segments in the left list and tick "Merge into one" option to combine these video clips. After that, you can click "Save" button to save the videos.

Rotate & Crop Video

Step 1. Select the video and click "Edit" icon. In the "Rotate & Crop" tab, you can rotate 90 degrees to the right or left, flip the video horizontally or vertically.

Rotate Video

Step 2. The Crop function can remove the black edges of the video. You can set the crop area, select aspect ratio from 16:9, 4:3, 1:1 or 9:16. You can also select the Zoom mode from Letter Box, Pan & Scan or Full to get the best effect.

Crop Video

Add Filter & Effects

Step 1. Locate to "Effect & Filter" in the Edit window. Here you can adjust basic effects like contrast, saturation, brightness and hue.

Step 2. This Mac Video Converter Ultimate provides filters like Warm, Gray, Sketch, Hong Kong Movie, Orange Dots, Purple, Plain, Coordinates, Stars, etc. You can click on one filter and preview the effect. Then click "OK" button to apply the effect.

Adjust Effects Filter

Add Watermark

Step 1. Select "Watermark" tab in the Editing window. Select "Text" option and enter the text in the blank space. You can change the text font, size, font style, color, position and writing system. Besides, you can drag the slider to rotate the text watermark to any angles or adjust the opacity from 1% to 100%.

Add Text Watermark

Step 2. If you want to add a logo to your video, you can select "Image" option and click "Add Picture" to add the picture logo. You can adjust the photo watermark size, position, rotation and transparency.

Add Picture Logo

Adjust Audio

Step 1. Find "Audio" tab in Edit window. You can click "Add Audio" icon to add the audio track. If the audio not sync with video, you can adjust the volume and delay time to make them match.

Step 2. Click "OK" button to apply the changes.

Adjust Audio

Add Subtitle

Step 1. Find "Subtitle" tab in the editing window. Click "Add Subtitle(s)" to add the (*.srt, *.ssa, *.ass) from your computer. You can adjust the font size, font style, color and outline.

Step 2. Click "OK" button to save the changes.

Add Subtitle

Part 4: Tool 1 - Media Metadata Editor

Step 1. Click "Toolbox" at the top and you can view all the popular tools. Click "Media Metadata Editor" to use this tool.


Step 2. Click the big plus button to add the media file you want to edit. Here, you can rename the media file, change media metadata like title, artist, album, composer, genre, year, track and comment.

Step 3. Click "Save" button to save the changes.

Edit Media Metadata

Part 5: Tool 2 - Video Compressor

Step 1. Click "Video Compressor" from the Toolbox interface. You can upload the video by clicking the big plus button.

Step 2. You can change video name, adjust compression rate, select output format, resolution, bitrate and preview the compression effect.

Step 3. Click "Compress" button to compress your large video to small size.

Compress Video

Part 6: Tool 3 - GIF Maker

Step 1. Find "GIF Maker" from the Toolbox interface. You can add the video to the rectangle area.

Step 2. Check "Loop Animation" and click "Generate GIF" button to create your own GIF file.

Make GIF

Part 7: Tool 4 - 3D Maker

Step 1. Find "3D Maker" in Toolbox. Click the big plus icon to add the video to 3D Maker.

Step 2. You can choose Anaglyph 3D effect, or Split Screen 3D effect like Side by Side (Full/Half-Width) or Top and Bottom (Full/Half-Height).

Step 3. Click "Generate 3D" button to add 3D effect.

3D Maker

Part 8: Tool 5 - Video Enhancer

Step 1. Click "Video Enhancer" in Toolbox. Click the big plus icon to add the video to Video Enhancer.

Step 2. There are 4 options you can choose to enhance the video quality, like Upscale resolution, Optimize brightness and contrast, remove video noise, or reduce video shaking.

Step 3. Click "Enhance" button to enhance your video right now.

Video Enhancer

Part 9. More preference settings for Mac Video Converter Ultimate

Apart from the best converting, editing and enhancingfeature, there are also more preference settings for Mac Video Converter Ultimate, including:


For checking the new feature of this software, you need to make settings to get the update reminder. Click "Menu" > "Help" > Tick "Check Update...".

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