How to Record AnyMeeting Events on Computer and Phone

September 09, 2020Andrew Miller

It is a smart decision to record the AnyMeeting conferences and webinar for playback to avoid any point miss. Take Aiseesoft Screen Recorder and complete the easiest recording task in simple 3 steps, even the free signup users.

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When you attend or host a web conference and webinar, AnyMeeting is the web provider you will use frequently. AnyMeeting does not let you host or attend the video conferencing, share screen or applications, it also lets you record the events with unlimited recording storage and sharing capacities, so no one ever has to miss a meeting.

How to record AnyMeeting conferences and webinars?

Can I get the AnyMeeting recording on phone?

Continue reading and you will find the answers below.

Record AnyMeeting Events

Part 1. How to Record AnyMeeting on Computer (Pro Users)

Recording is one of the services provided by AnyMeeting. AnyMeeting is the web-based software application accessed by users via a web browser, therefore, you can only record the events from AnyMeeting on computer.

Step 1.
Record AnyMeeting
Whether you are hosting or attending the meeting, just click the Record button in the top menu, and then you will be prompted to begin by clicking START RECORD. For stopping the recording, just click the Record button again.
For recording the AnyMeeting webinars, the steps are similar and you need to click Go On Air from the Green Room.
Step 2.
Download or share AnyMeeting recording
After recording the AnyMeeting event, you can download it. Navigate to the My Meetings page, click the Recordings tab, click Recording to save an MP4 video or Audio Only to download the MP3 recording file.

It is not hard to record AnyMeeting from its built-in recording feature, however, there are the following tips you should keep to record AnyMeeting successfully.

1. It is not yet available to recording AnyMeeting for the mobile app.

2. Only the users who upgrade to the Pro Plans can use the recording feature.

3. The recordings will be deleted automatically once you downgrade your plan.

4. It will take some time (typically less than 1 hour) to view the recording file.

Part 2. How to Record AnyMeeting on Computer (Any Users)

Considering the drawbacks of recording AnyMeeting via the built-in recorder, here we recommend you another way to record AnyMeeting conferences and webinars on computer with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.

Aiseesoft Sccapture reen Recorder is the professional web conference recording software, which can any video, audio and screen on AnyMeeting and export the video or/and audio files on computer for easy playback. Even if you are the free sign-up users, you could also start recording AnyMeeting.

Screen Recorder


Aiseesoft Screen Recorder- AnyMeeting Recorder

  • Record screen sharing, PowerPoint, PDF documents, polls, etc., from AnyMeeting.
  • Record audio from computer system and microphone from AnyMeeting.
  • Edit the recording during AnyMeeting like draw, text, screenshot, etc.
  • Record and download the AnyMeeting immediately as MP4, MP3, MOV, etc.
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Now, let's check how to use the AnyMeeting recorder to capture web meeting and webinars on computer.

Step 1.
Download AnyMeeting recorder
Free download and install the AnyMeeting screen recorder on your computer. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computer. Just download which version you will need.
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Initiate the window and select Video Recorder.

Video Recorder
Step 2.
Make AnyMeeting recording settings
In the Video Recorder window, you should select the recording region for the AnyScreen screen. Choose Full or Custom to use the fixed region or freehand region to capture the Instagram screen.

Toggle on both System Sound and Microphone, which can record both voices from others and yourself.

For customizing the output recording format, you need to click the settings icon above the microphone image to set the hotkeys, the output destination, output format/quality, mouse, etc.

Step 3.
Record AnyMeeting
Navigate the AnyMeeting on your computer, and click the REC button in this software to start recording the meeting immediately. It also lets you use the edit tools to add a line, shape, or add your text, etc., to edit the AnyMeeting recording while capturing the screen.
Once completing the recording, just click the stop button and you can preview the screen video recording. Here, you can also use the clip feature to cut down unwanted parts of the video recording.
Click Save to save the Instagram screen video recording on your computer.

Part 3. How to Record AnyMeeting on Phone (Any Users)

Though AnyMeeting does not offer you the recording button on mobile phones, you could still record the web meeting on your iPhone and Android.

For iOS users, there is the built-in screen recording feature on iPhone/iPad running in iOS 11 and later. You just need to run the AnyMeeting and enable Screen Mirroring on your iOS device.

Step 1.
Swipe from down to up of screen on iPhone to open Screen Mirroring.
Do not see it? Just go to Settings, tap Control Center, select Customize Controls, then tap the Add icon next to Screen Recording. You can see the Screen Recording will move to the top.
Screen Recording
Step 2.
Tap Screen Recording icon and then it will start record anything on your iPhone screen, After a 3-second countdown. You can also press and hold the Screen Recording icon on and choose to turn on Microphone Audio.

Then you just go to AnyMeeting and it will record the whole meeting or webinar. For stopping the recording task, just tap the Screen Mirroring icon again.

The recording file will be saved as MOV on Camera Roll.

Android users, you will need to download the professional screen recorders for Android to record AnyMeeting on your phone.

Part 4. FAQs of Recording AnyMeeting

Can I use either phone or computer audio in the same meeting?

Yes, you can switch to telephone from computer for audio and vice versa. Just click the Switch to Phone button in the top menu, then you can record audio from your phone, instead of computer.

How long can the recording be downloaded from AnyMeeting?

The time of downloading an AnyMeeting recording will depend on the Internet connection and the recording file size. However, some web browsers will automatically begin the download and download it to the folder you have set in your web browser for downloads.

Is AnyMeeting free for anyone?

Yes. You just need to sign up and use its free version to launch a web meeting or webinar. However, Intermedia is offering our AnyMeeting Pro video conferencing service for FREE through the end of 2020. Besides, the recording feature is not included in the free trial version.


AnyMeeting is the great service to provide the web conferencing and webinars. Moreover, it also lets you record the whole meeting and miss no points of meeting. However, the recording feature is not free for the free trial users and mobile apps. This post shows the detailed guide to record AnyMeeting on computer and mobile phone, even the free trial users can make it.

Now, it comes to your turn.

Do you have any question about recording AnyMeeting?

Do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

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