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Aiseesoft Video Editor is the best free video editing software to edit your video files on your Windows and Mac computer. With this tool, you are able to rotate, crop, cut, watermark video with ease, and enjoy more video effects according to your needs.

Part 1. Three-step guide to use this video editor

Step 1 Select the editing feature of for your video.


Step 2 Click Add File to add media files to this program.

Add File

Step 3Use editing features to start to Save this video with editing effects. Output File

Part 2. Powerful editing features

Rotate video

Click Rotate to add your sideways video into this software. Then you can rotate videos in 90 clockwise or 90 counterclockwise. Based on your habit, you can also flip the video files vertically or horizontally.

Flip Video

Crop video

When you want to get rid of annoyed letterbox or want to get the close-up for your favorite video, you can try this crop feature.

Crop Video


Here you can use effects to adjust video or audio volume. For video, you can set the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue. For audio, you can drop the audio volume to get what you exactly need.

Edit Video Effects

Basic Clip

Basic Clip is the free feature which lets you trim video. But you can only choose to remain or remove the selected part for one video.

Basic Clip Video

Advanced Clip

Advanced clip is the feature better than basic clip. Here you can clip one more video or audio files, and put the video or audio files into one in different order.

Advance Clip Video

Enhance video

Enhancement feature will enable you to improve your video quality in four ways.

◆ Upscale resolution: This function will let you get a higher resolution video from your lower resolution video.

Upscale Resolution

◆ Optimize brightness and contrast: This function is superior to effect feature, because it can adjust your video effects automatically.

Optimize Brightness

◆ Remove video noise: For the dirt-like nose on your video, you can use this feature to remove them.

Remove Viedo Noise

◆ Reduce video shaking: For the shaky video, this feature will reduce video shaking with whole frame moves.

Reduce Video Shaking

Video/Audio Joiner

Like merge feature, you can load more than one video or audio file to merge the media files.

Join Video

Add Watermark

Want to add your special mark on your video? Just add the text or image to your video to watermark video.

Watermark Video
Video Editor

How to Use Aiseesoft Video Editor

Powerful video editing software to trim, crop, rotate your videos, add watermarks to your videos, etc.

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Upgrade Now

30-Day Money Back GuaranteeIf there is a quality problem within 30 days after purchasing, we can promise you a refund.

Free Download

Mac OS X 10.7 or higher