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How to Permanently Delete Kik Messages from iPhone

How to permanently delete Kik? Read this article to delete Kik messages permanently from iPhone and you can remove all or selected Kik messages from iPhone.

10.02.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Instagram Direct – How to Recover Instagram Direct Messages

You must hear of Instagram Direct. Now, read this article to recover Instagram Direct messages and check deleted Instagram messages on PC freely.

11.01.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Kik Messenger – Recover Deleted Kik Messages on iPhone Freely

We all know Kik messenger app, but how to recover Kik messages? Read this article to restore Kik messages from iPhone freely and get old Kik messages back.

10.01.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
4504 Message Not Found? How to Fix It

4504 message not found on S7/S6/S5/S4 or LG G3? You can learn how to fix 4504 message not found issue in this post.

09.01.2017 | Posted by Iris Walker
Text from Computer: Send SMS from PC/Mac to Phone

How to send text messages from computer to mobile phone? This article will show you several ways on text from PC or Mac to your cell phone.

06.01.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Snapchat Recovery - Recover Lost Snapchat Messages

How to recover deleted or lost Snapchat Messages? Read this article and find responding solution to retrieve Snapchat messages on iPhone or Android phone.

06.01.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
How to Recover or Back up Line Free Calls & Messages

Want to know how to recover or back up Line free calls and messages? This article tells you what to do when you delete Line free call logs or text messages.

05.01.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
iMessage for iOS 8

Among all the improvements and changes in iOS 8, the message function gets most attention. And the iMessage part has the biggest improvement.

03.01.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone/Computer/Android/Mac

iPhone SMS Transfer – Transfer text messages from iPhone to new iPhone, copy from Android to iPhone, back up from iPhone to computer and sync iPhone to Mac.

29.12.2016 | Posted by Louisa White
How to Check YouTube Messages

Want to check YouTube messages or send YouTube private messages? You can learn how to send and check messages on YouTube in this post.

19.12.2016 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
Text Messages/iMessages Not Sending? How to Fix It

Message not sent or iMessages not sending? You can learn how to fix text messages not sending issue in this post.

15.11.2016 | Posted by Louisa White
Top 5 Apps to Hide Text Messages in 2016

Want to know how to hide text messages and protect your privacy from Android Phone or iPhone? This article recommends to you five best apps to hide your messages.

15.11.2016 | Posted by Louisa White
iPhone Won't Send Pictures? Fix It Now

iPhone won't send pictures via text messages or iMessages? You can fix the problem after you read this post.

15.11.2016 | Posted by Louisa White
5 Best Facebook Messenger Alternative Apps - Review and Download

If Facebook Messenger does not satisfy you, you can chat with a Facebook Messenger alternative for PC/Mac/Mobile freely.

15.11.2016 | Posted by Louisa White
Emoji and Sticker Messages and in iOS 10

iOS 10 update brings messages emojis and stickers. This post will show you the hand-on experiences and how to use iOS 10 messages emojis in details.

14.11.2016 | Posted by Louisa White