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ipad Black Screen, How to Fix It

If your iPad screen is black, how to fix it? Read this article to solve iPad black screen of death in 3 ways and get your iPad to normal.

23.02.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Fix Mail Error: iPhone/iPad That Won't Download Emails

What will you do when iPhone/iPad won't download email, only displaying 'This message has not been downloaded from the server'? You can check this article and find solutions.

21.02.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Viber App - How to Transfer Viber iPhone Data to PC/Mac

Want to transfer Viber free calls and messages from iPhone to computer? You can learn to download Viber for iPhone and transfer Viber iPhone data in this post.

20.02.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Reboot iPhone 6 and Fix iPhone 7/6/6 Plus Reboot Randomly

How to Reboot iPhone 6/6 Plus? What to do to fix iPhone stuck in reboot loop? This article would give you the answer.

16.02.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
TinyUmbrella - How to Use TinyUmbrella to Downgrade iOS

Want to use TinyUmbrella downgrade iOS version? We will give you a basic introduction of TinyUmbrella and simple way to upgrade iOS version via TinyUmbrella.

16.02.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Top 10 Best Contacts Apps for Android and iPhone

Read this article to find best contacts apps for Android and iPhone. And you can use these address book apps to manage your contacts list easily and freely.

10.02.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Fix iPad Screen: Solution to iPad White Screen of Death

Encounter iPad white screen of death? Explore this article and find the best fix of iOS system recovery to get your iPad back to normal.

07.02.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Audiobook Player for iPhone/Android/Windows

Want to find the best audiobook player? You can learn how to play audiobooks on iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android device with audiobook player in this post.

06.02.2017 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
How to Download/Transfer/Change iPhone Wallpaper

Want to download awesome iPhone Wallpaper online and transfer or change iPhone wallpaper instead of default one? This article will give you some tips.

06.02.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Apple Music Player for iPhone/Android and Alternative Music Apps

This article gives you an introduction about Apple Music for Apple devices/Android, and lists several better alternatives to Apple Music Player.

04.02.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Transfer Solutions

Here is a rollup of methods about how to transfer data between an iOS device and computer, between two different iOS devices or between iOS devices and iTunes.

22.01.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
What did iOS 7 New Design Encounter

After the unveiling of iOS 7 at Apple's WWDC, there were many mixed reviews about the look of the new operating system. What did iOS 7 design encounter? Just see this article.

20.01.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Take A Overview for WWDC 2013

Here you will see what surprises Apple brought to us this year.

20.01.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Released Products at WWDC in Past 10 Years

Here you will learn about products unveiled at Apple's WWDC ever for the last 10 years.

20.01.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
The Design Style of iOS 7

The design of iOS 7 is in gloss-less flat look, similar to Android and functions carried in Apple upgraded so as not to install the third-party app. See the overview of WWDC 2013 if you missed the live broadcast.

20.01.2017 | Posted by Louisa White