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Root Explorer and Alternatives to Manage File on Rooted Phone

This post will show you how to use Root Explorer APK to manage the file on rooted phone and get more free download Root Explorer APK replacements.

21.03.2017 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
Change/Reset MySQL Root Password on Linux//Unix/Windows/Ubuntu

Get the access denied for user root@localhost error? Get the way to change or reset MySQL root password on your Windows/Linux/Unix/Ubuntu/Mac.

21.03.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Best APK APPs Download and Review – Games, Music, Rooting, etc.

In this article, we make a conclusion of the most popular APK APPs for Android users, covering all possible area, including MP3 downloader, games, rooting tools, Wifi hacking, photo and video editor, etc.

20.03.2017 | Posted by Amanda Brown
Video Messaging - How to Send Video Messages (Skype/WhatsApp)

Want to make video messaging? You can learn how to send video messages with video chat apps and how to save Skype video messages in this post.

20.03.2017 | Posted by Jenny Ryan
Message Themes: Change SMS Text Message Bubbles

Tired of the monotonous message themes and want to change SMS text message bubbles for iPhone or Android phone? This article will give you some tips.

20.03.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
How to Send and Receive Google Text Messages

Google Messenger can help you send & get Google messages. You can learn how to use Android Messages, Google Now and Google Voice in this post.

17.03.2017 | Posted by Iris Walker
Top 10 Best Text Messaging Apps for iPhone/Android

Looking for the best text messaging apps on your Android or iPhone? This article introduces 10 best text messaging apps for you.

17.03.2017 | Posted by Iris Walker
How to Send a Hangouts Message & Hangouts Message Recovery

How to send a Google Hangouts message on your Android phone? What if you lost some important Hangouts messages? How to recover lost Hangouts messages? Read this article.

17.03.2017 | Posted by Iris Walker
Xbox Messages – How to View, Send, Delete Xbox Messages

Want to send Xbox messages to your Xbox friends? Read this article to view, send and delete Xbox Live messages (Xbox 360/Xbox One included).

17.03.2017 | Posted by Iris Walker
How to Open Messages on PC/Mac

How to open your text messages from phone on PC or Mac when phone is not at hand? Take open messaging app to view messages on computer in this post.

16.03.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
Top 10 Free Android Messenger Apps in 2017

Get to know the updated list of top 10 best messenger apps for Android in 2017 and find the suitable one for your mobile, read this article.

16.03.2017 | Posted by Iris Walker
2017 Best Android Tablet Apps

Looking for cool Android tablet apps? Check out our list of best Android tablet apps in 2017.

16.03.2017 | Posted by Iris Walker
How to Stop/Block Spam Text Messages on Android/iPhone

How to stop spam text messages? Read this article to block spam text messages on Android and iPhone with SMS blocker and other methods easily.

16.03.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
How to Logout of Facebook Messenger

How to logout of Facebook Messenger? It is so weird that Facebook Messenger app has no logout button like Facebook app. This article will show you how to sign out of Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android.

16.03.2017 | Posted by Louisa White
How to Block Text Messages on Android/iPhone

Want to find some text message blocking apps to block messages? You can learn how to block text messages on Android/iPhone in this post.

15.03.2017 | Posted by Louisa White