How to Convert MP4 to DivX with the Best Quality on Windows and Mac

MP4 to Divx

"I wish to play a video file on my TV (PAL), it seems that it can only recognize the DivX format. My source file is .mp4. What should I do?"

In order to play the MP4 file on DivX devices, such as TV or DVD Players, you need to convert MP4 to DivX. The DivX codec is famous for its compression method to provide high visual quality with small size. If you want to convert MP4 to Divx with the best quality, Aiseesoft MP4 Video Converter should be the program for you.

When converting MP4 to DivX, you can convert file to DivX codec video format. If you have some 4K MP4 files, and you want to convert to DivX HD for TV, HD DVD player, Blu-Ray DVD player or 3D DVD player, just make sure that the program supports 4K video and can provide the best quality for you.


Aiseesoft MP4 Video Converter uses the latest kernel. The MP4 to DivX converter is capable of converting MP4 video to DivX HD file. The program also provides presets with the optimal output when you convert MP4 to DivX.

How to convert 4K MP4 to DivX HD on Windows

Download and launch MP4 to DivX Converter

Download MP4 to DivX Converter Windows version, If you are using Mac, you can download MP4 to DivX Converter Mac version.


Load 4K MP4 file to the program

Drag-n-drop all the 4K MP4 files or click "Add File" to load all the 4K MP4 files for DivX HD to the program accordingly.

Load 4K MP4 Files

Edit MP4 file with best effect

You can adjust the MP4 files with the best effect and adjust the parameters according to your requirement.

Choose the output preference

Enter the "DivX" into the search column, search for the format related to DivX. You can find the optimal presets providing when you convert MP4 to DivX, choose the device type and convert MP4 to DivX HD (AVI).

Output Preference

Convert 4K MP4 to DivX HD

Click "Convert" button to convert 4K MP4 to DivX HD. You can customize the video output and audio output by click the "Settings" button.

For the DivX is closely related to AVI, which means that you can also convert MP4 to AVI DivX in this post.

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