Step-by-step Guide of Transferring WhatsApp Messages between Android and iPhone

March 28, 2019Nicole Jones

iOS and Android are two major mobile operating systems around the world; however, they produce many problems. When switching between iPhone and Android phone, for example, you cannot transfer data from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone directly.

There are lots of data types on smartphones. We focus on how to transfer WhatsApp chats between iPhone and Android.

Transfer WhatsApp Chats

Part 1. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android via backup

The built-in backup functionality in WhatsApp has the capacity to transfer messages between iPhone and Android phone simply. It requires a good Wi-Fi network.

WhatsApp Backup
Step 1.
Get the WhatsApp app installed on both your iPhone and Android device. Turn on the source device, open WhatsApp, go to Settings, tap Chats Backup and then hit BACK UP Now to make a backup for messages.
Step 2.
Turn to the target device, run the WhatsApp and sign in your account and password.
Step 3.
Once the dialog said message backup found pops up, press the Restore option. Then the WhatsApp messages should go to the target device.

Note: If there are many attachments, like pictures, audio and videos, it will take longer time to complete the process.

Learn more about WhatsApp backup and restore here.

Part 2. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android with email

In addition to the native backup functionality, WhatsApp also allows you to transfer chats from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone via your email account.

Transfer WhatsApp via Email
Step 1.
Also go to the Settings screen in WhatsApp on the source device.
Step 2.
Tap Chat Settings and then select Email chat from the list.
Step 3.
When prompted, choose the WhatsApp history that you want to migrate. Then you will get the notification said Attaching Media will generate a larger email message. (Can't receive WhatsApp notifications?)
Step 4.
Select Without Media or Attach Media based on your demands. Then you will be presented the send email screen.
Step 5.
Enter your email account in the To field and tap Send.
Step 6.
Wait for a few seconds and turn to the target device. Open the email app and login the same account.
Step 7.
Now, you can access your WhatsApp chats on the other smartphone.

Note: Unfortunately, this way cannot transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone, but you cannot import the messages to the WhatsApp app on the target device.

Part 3. Copy WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android Safely and Entirely

iCloud and email are pretty good choices for migrating WhatsApp chat from your old iPhone to a new Android. But are they convenient enough to transfer across two different systems? To people who are tech-savvy, things could be much easier. For newbies like you and me, Aiseesoft WhatsSync is highly recommended for its efficiency and integrity. It migrates WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android and can also back up this data to online drives. If you are looking for a hassle-free way that is compatible with various systems, WhatsSync is a smart choice. Whether you are using the latest iOS 18/17 or Android 15, it supports all.

Whatssync Windows


Aiseesoft WhatsSync

  • Move WhatsApp messages, images, audio, stickers, and more across devices.
  • Sync data between Android, iOS, and online drive services.
  • Secure transfer during the process.
  • Restore your WhatsApp data from old iPhones or online backups.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 1.
Download, install, and launch WhatsSync. Use USB cables to connect your Android and iPhone to the computer. In the full-featured version, you can connect up to 5 devices.
Step 2.
Select WhatsApp and choose Android as the source device, while the iPhone is the target device. Continue transferring by following the on-screen guide to turn on/off encryption settings depending on your source device's status.
Choose Device
Step 3.
Afterward, let WhatsSync scan and analyze your WhatsApp data, and the backup will start shortly. Once it has transferred everything, click Complete to end.
Successful Transfer

Part 4. Migrate WhatsApp photos from iPhone to Android directly

Besides the native functionalities, you have more options to transfer WhatsApp chats between iPhone and Android. Aiseesoft FoneCopy is a professional transferring application for mobile devices.



Aiseesoft FoneCopy

  • Sync data between Android and iPhone, Android and Android, iPhone and iPhone directly.
  • Support contacts, messages, photos, music, videos and more.
  • Rely on physical connection to transfer data without requirement of the internet.
  • Keep the original conditions of SMS on both source and target devices.
  • Available to iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7 and Android phones from Samsung, LG, Sony, Google, Huawei, and more.
Free DownloadFor Windows

Secure100% Secure. No Ads.

In short, it is the best alternative solution to transfer WhatsApp chats between iPhone and Android.

How to download WhatsApp photos between iPhone and Android

Step 1. Install Aiseesoft FoneCopy on your computer
The WhatsApp transferring software is a desktop program, so you need to download and install it on your computer. Then connect both your iPhone and Android phone to the computer using USB cables. To help you understand the procedure, we use an iPhone as the source device and an Android phone as the target device.
Step 2. Set up correctly
Launch the program and it will recognize your smartphones automatically. Check and make sure that iPhone appears in the Source Device box and the Android phone shows in the Target Device area. If not, click the Switch button to correct it. Moreover, you can set them manually. Next, check the boxes next to Media, Photos and Contacts. Here, you are able to check Photos for transfer WhatsApp photos from iPhone to Android. To keep the existing WhatsApp chats the original conditions on Android, uncheck the box of Remove the chosen data on Target Device before copy.
Set Up
Step 3. Transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android
After setting, click the Start to copy button to start transferring WhatsApp messages and multimedia attachments from iPhone to Android. When it is done, remove your smartphones from your computer.
Start to Copy

Note: Unlike email attachments, this program is able to move WhatsApp chats as well as photos, videos, audio messages.

For transfer other WhatsApp data like messages, contacts, etc., you should turn to iPhone to Android tranfer tools for help.


Based on the tutorial above, you should understand how to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone. Generally speaking, you have three ways to achieve the task, WhatsApp backup, email and third-party software. WhatsApp's backup functionality is suitable to import messages on new devices. Email allows you to read WhatsApp messages on another phone rather than download messages to the app. That is why we recommended Aiseesoft FoneCopy. It is more efficient on WhatsApp messages migration between iPhone and Android.

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