How to Record Voicemail on Nextiva Phone

November 12, 2020Ashley Mae

Nextiva is a VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) company that focuses on cloud-based business phone service. Many people use Nextiva phone but don't know how to change the voicemail. Updating voicemail greetings is necessary to enhance your credential. In this post, you will find quick solutions to record a custom voicemail and voicemail greeting on your Nextiva phone.

Record Voicemail on Nextiva

Part 1. How to Record Voicemail on Nextiva Phone

With Nextiva phone, you can set up a voicemail and access voicemail messages. From this part, you will get simple ways to record voicemail greetings.

1. Record voicemail on Nextiva phone

Step 1.
Dial *86 on your Nextiva phone, and enter your PIN (the default PIN is 0000).
Step 2.
You can update the PIN to a 4-digit number. Then record your name and press #.
Step 3.
Confirm by pressing *. Next, press 3 to change the mailbox No Answer Greeting.
Step 4.
Press 1 to set up a new voicemail greeting and press # to stop recording. You can listen to the voicemail greeting and update it until you are satisfied.

With Nextiva phone, you can set up different types of voicemail greetings, such as No Answer greeting, Busy greeting or Extended Away Greeting.

The No Answer greeting will play when there the call is not answered. You can press 1 > 3 > 1 to start recording the voicemail greeting and press # to stop the recording.

The Busy greeting will play when the user is on a call. You can press 1 > 2 > 1 to start recording the voicemail greeting and press # to stop the recording.

The Extended Away Greeting is designed for when you are away for a long period. You can press 1 > 4 > 1 to start the recording and press # to pause the recording.

2. Record voicemail from external phone

Step 1.
Dial your Nextiva phone number and press * after you get the voicemail greeting. Enter your voicemail PIN and press #.
Step 2.
Press 3 and change your mailbox No Answer Greeting. Then press 1 to record your voicemail greeting for Nextiva.
Step 3.
When you finish recording the voicemail, press # to confirm the voicemail. To check if the voicemail greeting is okay, you can call your Nextiva phone number and listen to the new voicemail greeting. (Find solutions to fix iPhone voicemail not working)

3. Record an auto attendant announcement

Step 1.
Dial into the auto attendant, and press the * key until the voice mailbox answers.
Step 2.
Enter your voicemail PIN and press #. You can select 3 to update your No Answer Greeting.
Step 3.
Press 1 and record a new No Answer Greeting for your Nextiva phone. Then press # to finish the voicemail greeting.

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Part 2. How to Record Nextiva Voicemail via Email

Voicemail to email lets Nextiva users get notified by email when they receive a voicemail massage. Generally, the voicemail recording will be saved as .wav file. You can follow the steps to record a Nextiva voicemail via email.

Step 1.
Open the official website of Nextiva in your browser, and click Login to log into your Nextiva account.
Step 2.
From the Voice User Dashboard, you can click Features > Voicemail and Notification, and hit Voicemail.
Step 3.
There are two options: Alert Me of Voicemail or Send Attachment of Message. Alert Me of Voicemail will send a notification to your email. Send Attachment of Message will send you both notification and voicemail recordings. (See what to do if you forgot voicemail password)
Send Attachment of Message

Part 3. FAQs of Recording Voicemail on Nextiva

1. How to set up voicemail on Nextiva?

To set up a voicemail on your Nextiva, you can dial *86 to enter your PIN and press #. Then press 3 to change the mailbox No Answer Greeting. Press 1 to start setting up a new voicemail greeting and press # to stop the recording.

2. How to say when you record a voicemail?

The voicemail greeting example can be: "Hello, you've reached [name] at [company]. I'm unable to come to the phone right now. Leave your name and number and I'll call you back as soon as I'm free. Thank you."

3. How do you record a voicemail on Skype?

Open Skype and choose Tools > Options > Calls > Voicemail from the top menu. Then put a chekmark in front of Send unanswered calls to voicemail. Click the Record button and record the voicemail greeting. Then click the Stop button when you want to finish the recording.


We mainly shared 3 ways to record voicemail greetings on Nextiva phones. You can pick your favorite one to record voicemail on Nextiva phone. To record voicemail and calls on your computer, you can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder instead. If you have any problems, please leave your comment below.

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